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Season & Time
Spring Year 17
Jul. 11th - Aug. 22nd



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Spotlights: June/July '22

Cutest Kid & Most Memorable

[played by Kikimora]

[played by Avocado]
For Now I Am Free

M F O Total
Canines 68 62 04 134
Felines 80 70 07 157
Herbivores 10 05 00 18
Other Mammals 21 10 01 32
Birds 07 08 00 15
Reptiles 01 02 00 03
Other 18 06 00 24
Overall 192 162 12 366



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OC Updates
Staff would love for you to suggest some site-wide events here. We look forward to seeing all the fun and interestings ideas y'all come up with. <3

Congratulations to the Spotlight winners for June/July! Our voting round for Blessings ended in a tie, so please see here to vote for either Exposed or Hibiki!

Spotlight and Blessing voting rounds have begun! Furthermore, we'd like to congratulate Rage on becoming Yavania's newest aide. Thank you to everyone that applied! Much love. <3

Vitiligo has now been added to the Points & Buyables page and the Shop! It's 400AP, as voted by the site; please be sure to read its description before buying. Additionally, Spotlights and Blessings have been posted! Get your nominations in! :D

Staff has decided to open up another aide slot for anyone who wishes to try their hand at helping us maintain the site. Sign up here! We thank everyone who has auditioned already. <3

Litar's Hunter's Competition has been spoiled by Defros! Will you aid in stopping the undead from rising? Sign up here! Entries to participate close on the 7th of August, where hunts will then be posted on the 8th. <3

The colour codes for Mahogany Fur and Gray-Blue Fur have been added into the Points & Buyables page under their respective descriptions for easier access. <3

A poll/discussion has been posted regarding vitiligo and whether or not it should be allowed. Please see here to cast your votes and share opinions!

An announcement regarding what can/cannot be brought into Yavania has now been clarified! Please read here to learn more.

With the cold of Winter's grasp slowly fading away, Spring is reborn once again, welcoming a brand new year! Characters are to be aged by 0.25, and with new possibilities, comes our seasonal raffle. Please keep your eyes posted for upcoming site suggestions and discussions! We'd love for everyone to give us input. <3

IC updates have been made! Be sure to check them out! :D

Congratulations to the spotlights winners! Maata's Quest will soon begin, so join up! <3

It's here! Maata has hosted a Quest for all to participate and earn big prizes! Happy questing! <3

The seeason has now changed to winter, so your characters must be aged by 0.25! As always, we've got our Raffle and Spotlight events open to join. Happy posting! <3

Staff have decided to host an Advert Contest with huge prizes! Click the link for more details!

Please read our latest announcement regarding the AP fix, which contains important information about the resolve. And, we'd like for everyone to pop on over and claim their complimentary 100AP Reward in the link provided, for being so patient with us during these unforeseen times! Much love. <3

Thanks to our coder, Udo, and the Staff team's work, the AP bug has now been fixed! You may now request AP updates and purchase items from the shop again! Thanks everyone for being so patient. <3

The Feast of Knowledge is once again upon us! Post your character's participating for a chance to get AP, as well as enjoy the fun! Furthmore, we have an Activity Check currently ongoing; if your name is on the list, follow the steps to ensure account safety. <3

IMPORTANT READ: due to a glitch in the AP system, we would like to advise everyone not to make any AP updates or shop purchases until further notice. Staff are working on fixing it asap! Thank you. <3

We hope everyone enjoyed the easter events! Our raffle will be announced soon, and as usual, the Feast of Knowledge is now underway. Be sure to post your characters and earn AP for participating! <3

Happy Easter, Yavanian's! You know the drill; the season begins to icen as your character's age by 0.25, so be sure to do that. Aside from our seasonal raffle, spotlights are now open for voting, as well as our annual events Eggstravanganza and Bunny Chase! Don't miss out on some cool prizes. :D

Thanks to our coder, Udo, we were able to solve our technical issues! Updates and such will made as soon as possible, we appreciate your patience. <3

The season becomes warmer, and summer soon settles in across Yavania. Be sure to age your character's by 0.25! We've got our usual Raffle to win big prizes, including a Haiku Contest and an AP Lotto! Happy posting, roleplayers. :D

IC updates have been made! Check them out!

Play-Dates and Match-Ups have been posted! Syuna's feast for fesitivites has also begun; you can post your characters here to indulge and earn a diamond for participation. Now, thanks to the community's input in our recent banner voting, it's with great pleasure that we announce the winner of Yavania's newfound look -- YHAEL (clicky to preview)! The site, including colours, will be updated in the coming days. Please be patient will be work on making it look perfect! We'd like to take a moment and appreciate everyone's hardwork on their art, they were all so beautifully depicted. :D <3

Guess what time it is, Yavania? It's Syuna's month for festivities, fun and babies! Join our annual Syuna Match-Making services and/or Syuna Play-Dates to see more information. Furthermore, round 3 in voting for Yavania's next site banner is now live! See here to cast yours today. :D

Make sure to cast your votes for Blessings and Spotlights!

Sorry for the delay, but the season is now spring as Yavania rolls into year 16! Character's are to be aged by 0.25. Like always, we've got our usual raffle currently running, including blessing nominations and spotlights! Be sure to cast your votes. Don't forget the banner voting ends on the 18th of this month! <3

The banner voting was revoked once again for a few more tweaks -- it is now back to the original method, so everyone, please make your way over to it here. Every vote counts! You have until the 18th to make your choices. <3

We've had to repost the banner voting due to changing methods, so for those that had already voted in the last one, please revote here!

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful end to 2021, and achieve great things in 2022! To start us off, we've got the Banner Contest Voting open, where we'd like you to pick your favourite, top 3 banners. Hurry in, and thanks to all our entry participants! <3

Merry Christmas, Yavanian's! We hope you're having splendid holidays! <3

It's getting closer to Christmas, and as it does, Yavania goes into Winter Y15! Make sure you age your character's by 0.25, as well as join in on our seasonal raffle. Like every year, Cyfton hosts a tournament for all ages to participate in! Win prizes and more! See here to sign-up today. <3

Happy Holidays! As always, December is the month we dedicate to Christmas events and lots of opportunities. We've got Month of Magic, A Gift For All and Secret Santa currently running, so don't miss out!

An announcement regarding a new shop update, including explanations on mahogany and blue-grey fur, have been posted! See here for more information. <3

IC updates have been made! Go read all the juicy gossip! Furthermore, check out the current banner submissions from some of our members & staff here. They're super amazing! Voting won't begin until the 31st of December, so make sure to get your pieces in before then! And, starting on the 1st of December, we're going to be hosting a month of magic event, so keep your eyes peeled. <3

The season has rolled over into Fall, meaning all character's must be aged by 0.25! To enter our raffle, see here for a chance to win some awesome prizes; also, spotlights are once again upon us. Nominate here on who you think the most memorable and most terrifying character's are! :D

Staff have decided to host a Banner Contest for all to participte in! You may create one of your own, or commission an artist to do it for you; remember, though, that it must be a photomanipulation. Good luck! <3

Happy Halloween! Like every year, Yavania celebrates October with a bucket load of events, meaning there's lots of prizes to be won all-round! We've got Trick or Treat, the Corn Maze, spooky Undead Hunts, Defros' Zombie Curse and a few fun Halloween Linearts to colour in. Are you feeling lucky? Good luck and have fun, Yavanian's! <3

A new announcement has been posted in regards to AP updates! See here for more information. <3

The heat settles in, and Summer is upon us! As you age your character's by 0.25, check out our seasonal raffle for your chance to win some special prizes; it'll be a big one this time! Also, spotlights have once again emerged. Who do you think has been the friendliest & best mage for July and August? See here and nominate! <3

An omen sweeps across the land, druid and cacodemonic; Defros is up to no good! The Festival of Fate has been posted for all to attend, and if you wish to participate in the Weaver of Fate's chaos, check out Defros' Gamble and Defros' Temptation events. Good luck! :D

Raffle results have been posted and added to your unused/accounts! Moreover, congratulations to all the spotlights winners for the months of May and June. <3

Congratulations, Hordak and Sebastian, on the winning the vote for an Avatar's blessing! Expect to be visited by them in the coming days. <3

The cold begins to slowly recede, and spring soon makes itself known; flowers aplenty, petals like confetti's. Be sure to age your character's by 0.25! We've got our seasonal raffle open, alongside May & June's spotlights for the hottest adult and cutest kid. Blessing nominations have also been posted! And, to spice things up, an unusual turn of events is unravelling -- the winds are high, and the clouds are dark. What could it be?

Thank you to everyone that applied to be apart of the Staff team! Please welcome our newest aide, Spirited_Away! <3

Yavania is hosting an audition for Staff Try-Outs! If you think you've got what it takes to be apart of the team, fill out a form and tell us why! We love all of ya'll. <3

A cold breeze sweaps through, and winter quickly settles in. An odd phenomenon of wild, colourful sheep migrate in herds across Yavania! See here for more info, and make sure to enter our seasonal raffle. Character's are to age by 0.25! <3

Congratulations, Devon, on being the funniest character in Yavania! :D

An IC update has been made! Be sure to see what's been happening across Yavania. :)

Spotlight votings have begun! Go vote for who you think the funniest character in Yavania is! :D <3

Mythys and Talios have called for all Yavanian's to join them in their Feast of Knowledge!

It's Fall, and as the days begin to cool, new events aren't far from unfolding. Check out our raffle and spotlights we've got running! Also, all character's are to be aged by 0.25, so make sure you do! <3

A new tool, A-Z spells, which can be found here, has finally been completed!

The season has rolled into Summer, where the flowers sprout and the skies are warm! As normal, we've got a raffle currently running with loads of prizes to win; be sure to age your character's by 0.25, too! :D

Due to a glitch in AP system, most accounts have had their points removed entirely; if you've been affected, please refer to our announcement here. <3

A poll on whether staff should implement/reshape the reproduction guide between different species, due to Yavania's recent resizing, can be found and voted for here!

The High Priestess title has been gifted to Anastasia, and a faction is born! Keep your eyes peeled for more fun, interesting events that are yet to come. :D <3

Spotlights Voting have begun, so cast your votes in quick! Oh, and what's this? Talios has called for devout creatures who wish to become a High Priest/Priestess of the Disciples, and whomever be chosen, will be gifted a reward by Mother Earth. Post your character's here to join!

To celebrate Yavania's 6th birthday, staff have decided to host a Posting Marathon for the entire month of March! There's plenty of prizes up for grabs, such as lottery tickets, unique mutations and more. Our Donations Event is still ongoing, which offers lots of prizes for those who choose to donate. Spotlights is once again open for voting who you think has the best relationship; be sure to cast your votes in by the 5th. :D

An Activity Check & Resizing Event is currently ongoing thanks to a community input about changing the heights/weights of creatures to their natural sizes! There's a 100AP rewards for all completed resizes; be sure to let us know in the comments what character's you're keeping, too! <3

We'd love to hear your feedback/input in our current poll here about making immortality discounts buyable! Also, if you can, please take the time to fill out a questionairre on leaders & realms here; every voice counts, so make yours today. <3

Like every year, Syuna's Fertility Feast is open for all character's to attend! But beware, for all babes during this time have a chance to be meddled with by Defros' ploys. Have fun! <3

Spotlight votings have begun! Be sure to cast your votes here for your chance to pick who the best leader is! And, out of the darkness, a storm is coming; Defros has plans, but for what? Read here to see what the turnables have in its grasp. ;)

It's a new season, and a new year! As Yavania enters into it's thirtheenth cycle, more events have come around with more in store. So, don't forget to age your character's by 0.25! We've got Spotlights running, as well as Syuna's Play Dates and Syuna's Match-Making Services. A festival of love, friendship and much, much more! <3

IC updates have been added in! We hope ya'll enjoy. :D

Congatulations, Mononoke, for winning most spiritual this season! Keep your eyes peeled for more events to come! Staff have plenty of surprises. ;D

Staff has separated the Questions and Suggestions subforums, and 3 AP is now earned per post in both. People who take time to answer questions should be rewarded, but try not to spread false information. :)

The raffle results are in: check to see what prize you've won here! And, make sure you go and vote for December's most spiritual + best thread here. Enjoy! :D

Happy New Year, Yava! We hope you've all enjoyed your Christmas and holidays. Just a friendly reminder that spotlight nominations end today, so hurry in to vote for who you think is most spiritual + this season's best thread! Moreover, blessing voting has begun, which means it's up to you to decide who should be visited by the avatars! Mucho' love. <3

Merry Christmas! We hoped you've all enjoyed your holidays so far and been spoilt rotten. <3 As the days grow colder, our seasonal raffle and blessing nominations are open. Don't forget to age your character's by 0.25, too! Cyfton's Tournaments rages on into the second round; who will be victorious?

Happy Holidays, Yava! As the month progresses and people get busy with work and school, the site will temporarily slow down. Remember to be patient as you wait for replies. Meanwhile, our yearly "Gifting Tree" thread and Secret Santa events are on the horizon! Until then, enjoy the Blizzard [SWP]! Happy posting, lovelies! <3

As Christmas draws near, we've got a few events in store for you! Your character[s] can go bobbing for apples, participate in a turkey hunt or sign up to be apart of Cyfton's tournament! Happy posting, lovelies! <3

It's finally fall, and there's plenty of events on the horizon! Keep your eyes peeled, and don't forget to age all your character's by 0.25! :D

Spotlights are open for voting here! Who is the most villainous character in Yavania?

Kulla has laid out a delicious feast in celebration of reuinting Yavanian's with their loved ones for the festivities of Halloween. Happy posting! <3

It's almost Halloween, and you know what that means? Be sure to check out our undead hunts, Defros' zombie curse, halloween lineart, corn maze and trick or treat events to win prizes! <3

Get yours votes in for spotlights!<3

The season gets warmer as we now enter into Summer! Don't forget to age all your character's by 0.25, and be sure to check out our seasonal raffle and blessing nominations. Have fun! :D

We have a donations event running to help support our host! There are plenty of gifts to be earnt for donating, and we thank everyone for helping Yavania continue to run. <3

Defros is playing games again, and you're invited! See Defros' Temptation and Defros' Gamble for more information. <3

The results are in! See what you won in the raffle here! :D

The season has changed! Make sure to age your character's by 0.25, and keep your eyes peeled for events!

Spring is almost here, and so is some upcoming plans! The quest is still ongoing, so be sure to check it out if you've entered! <3

Thank you to everyone for voting! The cutest kid was... Hera! Congratulations! <3

It's time to vote for spotlights! Find your way here and choose who you think the cutest kid is. :D

The results are in. Check to see what you won from the raffle here!

Get your votes in now for the next character to be blessed here! Thank you to everyone for nominating. <3

Winter has arrived, and that means all characters are to be aged by 0.25! Additionally, we have our seasonal blessing nominations and raffle currently open. Enjoy! :D

A quest has unveiled to serve Mother Earth! Post your character here if you wish to join and await Maata's instructions. Happy questing!

Marlon descends upon Yavania once again to host a feast for its annual Bonfire of the Bards! Post your character to share and listen, and while you're at it, earn rewards! <3

Votings for spotlights have begun here! :D

Please be sure to read our latest announcement! It addresses a recent change in our rules. <3

Avatar Litar has called for those of faith/those interested in serving Mother Earth! Check it out here!

If you haven't already noticed, we've got a site-wide event called Magical Affliction that's playing with the ties of magic! Moreover, it's that time of the year again where Eggstravaganza takes over Syuna's Courtyard -- what will your character find?

Vote for who you think should be blessed by the avatars here! :D

The season has changed into Summer! Age your character's by 0.25 and be sure to check out our raffle and blessing nomination events. <3

The rules regarding the waiting period between litters has changed! Please read here for more information. In summary, "for female creatures, her current children must be at least 1 years old before she can have another litter, unless she abandons them/they are killed. The Fertility Feat cuts this waiting period in half. For female homosexual couples, only one female must meet this requirement. For homosexual, male couples, only one male must meet this requirement."

Staff has edited the rules regarding overuse of elemental spells. See the Elements Page or read below!

What if my character uses more Power Points than they have?
Firstly, they will be unable to use more of that branch of magic for the remainder of the thread. The rest depends on how much they go over their total.

If your character goes over by 1 - 2 PP, then your character will merely become extremely exhausted. This means they will be the slowest speed their species can be (bulky build speed or, if already bulky, minus 5 mph) for the remainder of the thread and will be unable to use spells that require concentration.

If your character goes over by 3+ PP, then your character will fall unconscious for 3 IC posts or until the end of any spar that they are currently in. This means that the spar will default in favor of their enemy, leaving them vulnerable.

While we hope you've all read our recent announcement, we'd like to warmly welcome Lightwood as our new site aide! Give her a congratulations. ♥ Moreover, Syuna's FF Play Dates and FF Match-Making events are still open! And there is a poll for character slots to help decide on the reduction of work on apps for staff; be sure to check it out. ^^

As we watch the Yavanian community grow, another season rolls in! Be sure to age all your characters by 0.25. All the while, check out our seasonal raffle, spotlight nominations and haiku contest -- goodies to grab! <3

Happy New Year! Staff would like to thank you for all your ongoing support, love and activity here on Yavania; we love you all. Keep an eye out for events! <3

Secret Santa names have been exchanged! Make sure to send your gift to Staff by the 24th! Happy Holidays. :D

The season has gone cold, unveiling winter! Remember to age your character's by 0.25 and check out our events: season raffle and blessings! <3

It's survival of the fittest, or perhaps smartest; Cyfton's Tournament is here! Sign your character up to have them fight for victory and rewards. :D

We've implemented a new system for spotlights to amp the fun! This month focuses on who you think the most spiritual character was; see here to voice your nomination! :)

Pools of water have formed in the Divine Lands, unveiling a game of bobbing for apples! What prize will your character find?

The season has changed, so be sure to age your character's by 0.25! Our events are still rolling, and we've got our seasonal raffle currently open alongside Kulla's Feast of the Dead. Will you survive the five?

A new Unique Power has been added to the Archer Branch, Tranquilizer! Additionally, Yava's annual Halloween events are just around the corner, including Trick or Treating, Undead Hunts, and a Corn Maze! There's tons of prizes to be had, so get ready!

The season has changed, with a brew of blood rain and Defros' games, so dont forget to age your characters by 0.25! We've got our seasonal raffle and many events to participate in -- what are you waiting for? :D

We don't mean to get serious, but Yavania costs over $250 a year to run. If you want to help or are feeling generous, consider donating. We have some lovely rewards for those that do. <3

Something dark and wicked is brewing, but what could it be? The Avatar's won't tell! Moreover, we're hosting another posting contest for everyone to participate in. The prizes are big, so what are you waiting for? :D

Spotlights have been updated! Thanks for all the votes. <3

The season has changed, so be sure to age your characters by 0.25! Like always, we've got our seasonal raffle and spotlights running, including a writing prompt, haiku contest and Litar's annual Hunter's Competition! The groups have been posted -- go see where your character's ended up. <3

What's this? A new dimension? It's an optional sanctuary for newcomers to Yavania (and new characters), to help them from feel less overshadowed by senior roleplayers (and veteran characters) by providing them with a safe space to learn the ropes of Yavania before stepping out onto the playing field.

It was never the intention of this site to make anyone feel unwelcome or that that their characters simply couldn't grow and develop; our community is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of whether they’re new to roleplaying or a long-time veteran. This idea was born because of feedback from members and collaboration between Staff. Thanks to all that helped! Be sure to check out the rules here and the new lands here <3

Come and grab a prize for Yavania's milestone celebration here!

Congratulations, Yavania, for reaching a milestone of 10,000 threads! You guys are amazing. <3

Staff have decided to let you, the community, speak up about the fairness/balancing of spells and what could be made to change some here. Furthermore, we've got an AP poll running for you to vote on, so be sure to check it out!

To celebrate summer and the end of school, staff have decided to reward new profiles with 100AP instead of the usual 10AP! Whether your a new member or an old member -- have 1 account or 100 accounts -- you can make one free large creature as defined here! Happy posting. :D

The names are in -- vote for who should be blessed this season here! :D

The season has changed, so be sure to age your character's by 0.25! We've got another posting contest running that will end at midnight tonight; be quick to win some awesome prizes! Blessing nominations and our seasonal raffle are open as well, including a quest for Mother Earth and Marlon's Bonfire of the Bards. Plenty to participate in! Have fun. <3

Keep an eye out for upcoming events, Yavanians! <3

Unfortunately, due to a glitch in the system, Yavania's AP has vanished! Do not fear, however, for we are here to help! Go here to fill out a form on recovering what AP you had left in total on all accounts, and please, be honest! In addition to this, all members will receive 100AP free as well. <3

There seems to be an issue with the AP system, but do not fret! Staff are working on the problem and will resolve it as soon as possible. <3

Inside Syuna's Courtyard, a quest has begun to help a lost soul. Will you be up for the task?

Another posting contest has been hosted for your chance to win some awesome prizes! :D

The Feast of Knowledge has once again arrived -- all characters earn extra AP for not only participating in this yearly event, but for also creating threads marked [FoK] for teaching & learning! <3

Happy Easter! We've got our annual events open for all to participate in, so make sure to check them out! Good hunting. :D

The season has changed, so don't forget to age your character's by 0.25! See our seasonal events for prizes and more.

Wait, what? Meteorites? Be careful, for you might end up squashed or lawning in luxurious items! See here for more information. <3

There's a writing prompt open with AP to grab! And just to make things exciting, new events are in the works, so keep an eye out! <3

Don't forget to vote for this season's blessing nominations! <3

What's this? A thunder storm? Yup! There's a new site wide plot going on! Please make sure you check it out here!

The season has changed, so don't forget to age your character's by 0.25! See our seasonal events for prizes and more.

Posting from drafts does not give you the approrpiate 4 AP per post. Staff advises that you do not post from drafts until further notice if that is a problem for you. Instead, copy and paste the post from your drafts when you're done, go to the thread, and make a new reply there. <3

Thank you, Yavania, for being so involved and active! We love you. :D <3

Cbox appears to be temporarily down. This is on their end, so there is little for Staff to do. It should be back up today; don't worry! PM a Staff member if you have a question. :) ♥

Check out Syuna's Match-Making Services! Though it doesn't start until the 14th, sign ups have been posted early. Additionally, for the first time, Syuna is hosting a version for kids and teens! Check it out here! ♥

Several spring events have been extended by a week to make up for some errors in coding. No worries, all is now well! Make sure to participate in them while you can and earn yourself some AP and prizes! <3

The season has changed, so don't forget to age your character's by 0.25! See our seasonal events for prizes and more.

Check out these quick/free-to-use tables! Available here.

Happy (early) Birthday, Yavania! To celebrate, we've got a free lotto ticket for all member's to claim. And you know what else there is? 5AP per post, 25AP per profile made, a reworked new member bonus that grants additional rewards, and when a member makes one, and only one, new application on site, they will receive 500AP worth of physical mutations for free! How good is that? <3

Happy New Year! To celebrate, staff have opened an extra AP event for both OC and IC threads. Get posting! <3

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! Don't forget to pick up your presents from our secret santa reveal -- plenty of surprises in there. If you haven't voted already on our on-going polls, share your opinions on physical attributes, OC events, unique magic branches and leader logs. A lot to cover, but the community's voice is what matters most! Celebrating Christmas? Check in to Akradr's member's portrait; she'll be posting wip's of an art piece for ya'll! Lastly, we're hosting a New Year's Resolution for everyone to share, and as a reward, you'll be given a lotto ticket. Hurry in! <3

There are new elements and many new winter themed events. Have fun!

A small announcement has been made to keep you all updated on site changes, events, etc! Moreover, we have another Posting Contest going on -- get your writing on! Prizes to be won. <3

For reasons unknown, Yavania's magic has gone wild! See here and here to participate. Additonally, make sure to check out the Autumn Events that were posted today -- a Turkey Hunt, a Haiku Contest, & a Fall Festival!

For reasons unknown, an earthquake has hit Yavania! See here and here to participate. What is Mother Earth up to? ♥

We've got an important announcement regarding all new updates on new ways to earn AP. ♥

There's been a glitch with the ads on site, and more have appeared on the sidebar without our permission. Never fear! Udo will help fix it when he has time (as he is currently working). Still, remember to please turn off your ad-blocker for Yavania so we can earn enough to keep the site running. It would be very appreciated. ♥ If you don't know how, ask us. For more information, see here.

Yavania has decided to put ads on-site as a way of helping fund / run it. In order to help us, please turn off your ad-blocker for Yavania! It would be very appreciated. If you don't know how, ask us. For more information, see here. ♥

What an October-fest it's been! Events are still on-going and full of prizes, so what are you waiting for? Not only that, but it's finally fall in Yavania! We've got our seasonal raffle, spotlights and an additional AP Lotto. Don't forget to age your characters by 0.25, either! <3

Happy Halloween, Yavania! Love games and site-wide events? We've got the treat for you! From our annual Month of Magic, to a fun Halloween Lineart, Undead Hunts, Corn Maze, Defros' spoopy Zombie Curse for those that are daring enough, and a funfilled Trick or Treat! It's all month, so don't miss out. <3

IC Updates
Checkout the highlights!
For Now I Am Free - Escaping the shackles. Eliana, after seasons of being held captive by Rowle, finally decides to make an escape. When she cries in desperation to be free, Carina shows up to help alongside Sauli, Finlay, Searan, Draconis and Ruven. However, none of this went unnoticed by Rowle as he takes chase, eager to reclaim his redheaded prize. Will he prevail, or will Eliana be freed from his sinister chains?

[Quest 14] Snatched Goods - A call for assistance. Once again, Avatar Maata has summoned Yavanian's to aid her in a quest. This time, thieves have stolen goods from a group of individuals, and she has asked her quest takers to help them in returning what has been taken. However, before departing, there seemed to be some turbulence between the group, forcing Maata to remove Genji's ability to speak as punishment for causing a ruckus. How will it all play out from here?

I'm Out [Escape Attempt] - A foolish mistake. Favourtism and exception to the rules is shown when Anastasia allows her mate, Mazikeen, to break the Avatar's rule and not partake in batle upon sacred grounds. Litar is none too pleased with this desecration of the temple, nor the defilment of their rules that had been set in place. After removing Priestess Anastasia from her position, Litar then turned to punishment, banishing Asilia, Anastasia and Mazikeen from the Divine Lands (aside from the Fields and Cyfton's Arena). Their children, however, remained untouched by the Avatar's wrath. Nevertheless, with the orders doled out, Litar calls upon a new leader for the Disciples to spread knowledge of the Avatars and Mother Earth. Pollux steps up to claim the title, thus being acknowledged as the new High Priest of the Disciples.

Lay Of The Land - A fight breaks loose. Pollux sets out to explore more of Yavania, where he soon stumbled upon the borders of Havok. Summoning the ruler, Exposed shortly shows in a not-so-happy state; when questions fly, the Queen is hardly accepting of the Priest's demands and sheer audacity. A skirmish is quickly instigated, one of Exposed's loyalists, Missy, joining the spar in aid of their Queen. However, Pollux manages to get away with his life on the line.

Whitewash - Another crown falls. Avatar Cyfton plunders into the mortal realm in removal of Star's position as Queen. Dissapointed, he calls for a worthy contender to take its place, where a confident Dragos decides to step up and take the position.

Tigers Aplenty - More hybrids, did you say? With Vrai ruling successfully, the realm is soon greeted by Avatar Syuna with four babes for Antoinette and Theia, an expansion to the Black family: Abishek, Melanthios, Rellogar and Charlotte.

Three Of Spades - More, more and more! As Syuna descends upon the mortal realm once again, Fuli and Jinx are blessed with three hybrid children: Mateo, Amity and Saskia.

A Full Nest - Wolves and birds, oh my. With the paternity of his children still in question, Yhael gives birth to four uniquely coloured, and named, avian-painted babes: Rogue, Basilisk, Chrysanthemum and Arden. Xidan has gained more residents, where Yhaelonly gained more questions; their father, Erlik Collins, remains a mystery to them.

Another abandonment. Despite his loyalist claims, Adrian has vanished from Havok without notice, thus leaving his mother, Exposed, the sole leader. How will she cope with this sudden change?

Queendome Come - A new empire approaches. After gathering a small party of loyalist, Lokali finally stakes her claim over Pavilion Cave. It draws the attraction of many different leaders. Some neutral and some not. Will this budding realm have what it takes to rise above the odds?

Tri-Blended - A growing family. Back in the safety of the kingdom, Karmni gives birth to three little cubs.

return - Retrieving what was lost. Arcturus calls for his mate's, Karmni, family to return her after months of keeping her his hostage in Vrai. They've fallen in love and wish to reunite with her loved ones. Leif and Xewk are quick to arrive and even quicker to demand answers. The conversation is tense, especially with the news that Karmni is pregnant. Soon Arcturus decides to leave behind Vrai in the care of his sister Antoinette, naming her the sole leader of the realm.

O, Debacle - Another gone. Once more, Syuna removes a leader from their throne. This time Draconis is her target. With some careful consideration Carina allows her nephew, Sauli, to take on the roll of Co-King; just until the young man gains some experience under his belt.

Misaligned - Rising in the ranks. Through a shocking twist of events, Hallvardr is dethroned by Defros for lacking in his duties. Without anyone to challenge him, Hordak becomes the new king of the Algiz.

Absence in Faith - The fall of two leaders. After the disappearance of Regalia and Erling Avatar Syuna removes them both from their leadership positions. Hordak and Alucard both take a stand at trying to fill the role the now ex-Verja king left behind. However, they are quickly shut down by King Leif as the two men haven't shown effort until this point. The kingdom welcomes Sebsatian as their new commander.

Semper Ad Meliora - Familiar faces return to the kingdom. Even after discussions lead south in past confrontations, Perses, Pualani and Valravn show up on Verja borders seeking refuge. There, Regalia, Commander of the Valkyrja, soon shows up to accept their request without question.

Anew - A delivery is gifted. As Syuna bestows Havok with a babe, Exposed is quick to act in claiming the boy; Rodrigo, father of the child, tries to widdle his way out of being labeled a traitor by lying. However, his words are merely transparent and the Queen addresses it. As a result, Chaos, offspring to Rodrigo, is taken away from him as punishment.

The Birth Of A Brood - The Malfoy lineage grows. Eliana, forced wife and consort to Rowle, gives birth to four beautiful cubs: Balor, Tora, Quinn and Imogen.

Times End - Cubs, cubs, cubs. Beneath the Avatar Temple, Mazikeen, a Disciple, births two cubs, Quintus and Cassius.

[TS] Sneakin' Sneakin' - Malfoys vs Blacks. When Tora, daughter to Rowle and Eliana, leaves Vrai to go exploring without supervision, Draconis, King of Vipera, shows up with his son in tow, Lorcan. Carina, Queen of Vipera, too. With Arcturus close by, it isn't long before Rowle arrives to proclaim his possession of the child, deflecting the Malfoy's questions about Eliana. She shows, however, and Finlay is quick to her husband's aid; what, pray tell, will happen now? Will they retrieve their long lost daughter, or will the Black's prevail?

In The Deep End - Blessed be him. As Hordak grows, Avatar Defros recognises the boy's potential, blessing him for his rebellious tenacity.

Smile And Say 'I'm Okay' - Just one more. Seen for his efforts and integrity in battle, Sebastian is blessed by Avatar Cyfton.

Are You Worthy? - Leaderships change. Mordo, King of Kamar-Taj, decides to tire his leadership and pass it on to a worthy master of the realm. Star shows up, wishing to take on the role; the lion accepts, recognising their certitude and efforts. There, she is crowned the Queen of Kamar-Taj.

Gator Galore - The Dame’s continue to flourish. Stark Dame and Naeemah Asim are gifted by Syuna with two healthy, American Alligator boys; the lineage expands, and as does the kingdom.

Seasons Change - Battle for the crown. Hades calls a meeting for the Coalition, inclusive to the newly acquired LeStrange family, for a test in strength, nobility and a chance at the throne as King/Queen. His ambitions lie in his family, hoping to settle rather than lead.

Making My [Escape] - Running from danger. After Sive Dame’s unfortunate run in with Rowle Black, where she is imprisoned and impregnated, an attempt is made to escape the man’s menacing chains for the safety of herself and the unborn babes. Will she avail?

[Meeting] Across This New Divide - Changes are made. Frigga Dame-Fritjov calls a mass meeting for all kingdom members, discussing the changes to their ranks throughout each realm, including new ones, and what each one entails in strict detail.

[Rowle] Little Meets Big - The LeStrange family strikes again. As Eliana Malfoy wanders off for time outside Vipera, she finds herself cornered, captured and violated by one of Bellatrix Black’s son’s, Rowle Black. How will she ever escape the grasps of this cruel, sadistic brute?

There’s A Reckoning Coming - A turn of events. Mailys Julien is confronted by Arcturus Black-LeStrange –– as the conversation evolves, they head to the borders of the Coalition to meet Hades Grimm. As he joins, speaking further of the realm’s attributes, intentions and rules, the rest of the LeStrange family are called, being accepted into its dominion. How it’ll go, only time can tell.

Without A Trace - The LeStrange's don't stop. After securing one hostage, Antoinette doesn't hesitate to take yet another; Hibiki falls victim to her cruel ways, losing the spar and her pride.

[Cecilia] Puppeteer - Danger lurks. Cecilia Terres finds herself wrapped up in a spar against Antoinette Black, soon realising she's outmatched and becomes hostaged by the titanous tigress.

Give it H3ll - Lestranges return to Yavania. Bellatrix Lestrange, Narcissa Black-Malfoy's estranged sister, has returned to Yavania with her 6 children, ready to cause chaos and take revenge if the oppertunity arises. Arcturus Black-Lestrange starts them off by hostaging a rogue tiger named Sai.

Bittersweet Joy - Avatar Defros' surprise. Though concievd during Syuna's Fertility Festivsal, Fuli Olev and Berengar Kaiser-Hughes's children are the first to be affected by Avatar Defros' plot for chaos. Each child concieved during this Festival, it seems, has a 50% chance of being born with a gift or a curse! Avatar Defros introduces new traits to Yavania's population: rainbow eyes and immunity to magic.

Oceans Rise, Empires Fall, It's Harder When It's All Your Call - King Perses disbands the Legion. After tough negotiations with the Kingdom for refuge, Perses Stormbringer disbands the Legion, but he is met with anger from ex-member and current High Priestess of the Disciples, Anastasia, and her new ally, Mazikeen Cohen. They attack the former King, trying to take him hostage.

Burn Your Heart Out - Ex-Juliana members take their revenge. Still haunted by the raid that ended their childhood, Mailys Julien and Karishma Julien use disguise and call the Aldrnari Kings to the arena. Many members from the Kingdom show, and the Julien sisters attack them one by one, attempting to humiliate the Kingdom.

Fawn & Failure - Once again, the Legion is without a ruler. Holding resolute in his title as King, Perses Stormbringer remains as the Legion’s sole leader as fellow leader Kallisto Ariadne Lykaios is stripped from her position as Queen by Avatar Cyfton. However it seems Perses is still debating on disbanding his realm come warmer weather.

I'll Make the World Safe and Sound for You - A blessing in disguise. Deciding to raise her pups on her own, Anubia Amasis was blessed with three small babes from her pairing with Iwao Satora. Though the father may not be active in their lives, Avatar Syuna made sure he was aware of his children’s arrival.

A Casual Transition - Age caters for a better life. A simple border patrol turned into something grander when both Xewk Lanġas and Frigga Dame-Fritjov headed into retirement together, settling on roles inside the council instead. The role of Verja’s leader was passed confidently onto their eldest son Leif Fritjov-Lanġas who hopes not to let either parent down.

High Spirits - The kingdom continues to grow! Avatar Syuna visits the mortal world once again, promptly ushering in the four baby boys to the fiery female couple and newly dubbed mothers. It seems Cothurnus Rose and Ophelia Esma have a home full of hellions on their paws.

Daily Duties - Changing leadership. Caelan, ‘The Ancient One’, wanting to focus more upon her students and their teachings has called upon Master Mordo to run the realm’s every day tasks. With a quick but sure acceptance, Mordo fills the position promising his master to not let her down.

SEVERED - Another leader is taken off the throne. And just like that, Akeela Dusk is removed from her leadership in the Legion for failing to uphold her responsibilities. In turn, however, Kallisto Ariadne Lykaios shows up to take the position as Queen, which is quickly affirmed.

Vanquish - Herleif Fritjov-Dame is removed from leadership. After being seen as unfit to rule as King in Aldrarni for negleting his duties, Avatar Cyfton strips Herleif of their title. To ensure that the realm doesn't fall, Sribna Nich, a blind coyote known by many, steps up to take the role.

Some Things Cannot Wait - The birth of Malfoy's. While Draconis Malfoy and Finlay Dade Gavlin hold heavy hearts for the stillbirth's of three children, they are humbly blessed with two cubs -- Eliana and Lorcan. It's an evergrowing joy with Vipera flourishing once more.

Bundles of Joy - Kids galore. Kallisto Ariadne Lykaios and Akeela Dusk welcome two new cubs into the Legion, Evander and Theia!

Come To Me - Things fall astray. As ex-King Mako tries to force an agreement of unconsensual acts on Adrian, son of Exposed Lebraid, in order to be Duke of Havok, a fight breaks out. However, Exposed was quick to engage immediately after and goes for the kill. Winning, Adrian becomes King of Havok.

Succession - Havok in turmoil. When Queen Exposed proves inactive as a leader, Avatar Cyfton opens the realm to claiming. Arleigh, a slave from Vipera, tries to claim it, but a wolf from within, Mako, ends up with the throne. One of Exposed's teenage children, Adrian openly expresses his displeasure.

Reckoning - A newly turned adult finds himself homeless. After one too many missteps and instances of disobedience, it comes down to Commander Regalia to remove Perses from the Valkyrja and thus the Kingdom.

Knights of Honor - The Legion rises! With the help of a small but loyal group of followers Akeela Dusk starts a new realm, The Legion, in Whitebark Woods.

Are You My Mommy? - A baby koala finds its way to The Legion. Not knowing much about its species, Akeela calls for help from Queen Frigga and the Kingdom whom she believes may know more. Can The Kingdom and The Legion work together to save this finicky eater?

Welcome to This Day - A rogue's attempt to join The Legion is interrupted. Damian, a once successful thief, is back to his old ways. He boldly steals an elemental necklace from Duke Perses despite the efforts of his fellow members.

Unholy - When her mother is removed as Queen, a daughter steps up. Due to Queen Narcissa's inactivity, Avatar Defros removes her from leadership, and Carina takes her place with support from citizens and family alike.

Come to Me - An offer is refused. Despite leaving Havok weeks ago, Adrian is called back by Mako who offers him the rank of King -- in exchange for Adrian agreeing to be his bedmate and making Mako his duke.

The Price of Greed - A new face appears in Yavania. Lamondre Landau Tesar calls for a meet-and-greet to create a band of males called the Coalition. After few arrive and hear the man out, a pride is formed and the name becomes forged in stone.

Shift in Rank - The son is crowned. When ex-King Lucious Malfoy decides it's time for his eldest son, Draconis, to take the role as the kingdom's leader alongside his mother, the boy is confused but doesn't decline. As Lucious steps into Duke, Narcissa arrives in congratulations with their daughter and Baroness, Carina, who hides jealousy behind a stoic mask. How will he do with this new position?

Family Matters - He returns with ambition. Herleif returns home, apologising for his disappearance and asks for forgiveness; Rai does, and gives the man his title back as King. Will he stay, or will he stray?

Atlantis - Leadership changes. Nala has gone missing, and Rebellion has fallen! Who will take up the mantle of leader?

It's Uphill for Oddities - A treesspassing teen. Baroness Thora confronts a rogue teen in the Kingdom, but when he quietly turns to leave. Thora intends to let him, but Queen Frigga and King Xewk try to halt him, claiming him into the Kingdom. When he continues to try to leave, a fellow teen (and member of the Kingdom), Perses, tries to stop him. The scuffle earns Perses a reprimand, and he is sent to to speak to Commander Regalia.

We Got the Fire - Valkyrja meeting. Commander Regalia calls the first meeting of the Valkyrja, the female guardians of the Kingdom.

Seeking Asylum - Leadership changes. Amari fails to be the queen she was born to be, or so it's said. However, as Syuna comes forth to remove that leadership, Nala steps up to take the role; unknowingly, the king of Vipera, Lucious, watches from afar to seek out any information that may be vital to his cause.

TIMELESS - The Dames continue to thrive. Rai, Sribna and Loki are blessed with three children, additioning the Dame hereditary. Sribna expresses concern for the fear of them being blind, but Loki tries to alleviate that by using magic to show the sightless father their children via projection. And amidst all of this, Syuna has blessed Rai for their devotion to the family.

OVERTURNED - The BlackHand loses its leadership. Exposed is quick to heed the call, disappointed in Grennian's sudden disappearance and lack thereof for their children. Refusing to let it be ruled by a second, the BlackHand is reforged into Havok.

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Cedar ValleyA glorious rift nestled within a range of mountains, Cedar Valley's most prominent feature is a vast lake which is surrounded by lush, green meadows. Encircling the meadows are a dense thicket of cedar trees that spill upwards into the mountain range that surround it. Its borders provide all that is needed for survival in bountiful qualities, including a variety of prey, shelter and a constant water supply. The winter, however, brings some harshness with it: a thick blanket of snow to the northern half of this terrain.
Claimed by Unclaimed
Redwood ForestWith a girth wider than any other tree and branches that reach so high they brush the belly of the sky, the Red Wood Forest is made a captivating place by these trees alone. These giant conifers grow naturally in only this land of Yavania, although the reason for that is unknown. Though the trees are plentiful and very nearly completely cover the ground in shade, the forest is by no means thick as these trees need generous space to grow. Interspersed between their mighty trunks are patches of emerald ferns and the occasional sapling, daring to rise up next to these monoliths. A large creek marks the border of this land and the Mossy Woodlands, and this is the lands only supply of fresh water. In the winter, this land gets plenty of snow all season long, and all season long mist from the Misty Thicket occasionally billows across the river and into the land. Due to a past realm, house-like structures made of stone can be found in three separate locations within the forest.
Claimed by Unclaimed
Mojave TundraThis northern land is harsh and, in certain areas the snowy mountains fade to give way to relatively flat ground. The ground of these flatlands are hard and snow-covered for most of the year; only during the summer, for a brief amount of time, does the snow melt to allow a burst of colorful and hardy wildflowers to grow. Throughout the rest of the year, rainfall is scarce - the only reliable water source being the large lake that exists along the eastern edge of this territory. Prey exists here in the form of snow geese and caribou and shelter can be found in the form of shallow dens beneath outcroppings of rock, or beneath some of the large foliage that exists along the borders of the territory.
Claimed by Unclaimed
Marble TunnelsCommonly described as stunning and unusual, these tunnels are carved out of the frozen mountain range in the north. Crystalline water snakes its way beneath the icy surface, reflecting what little sunlight does enter the caves so much so that it is easy to see all details of this territory. The river also provides this lands main source of prey: seafood, the most common of which being salmon. Although this territory is mostly submerged, there are a variety of small paths along the edges of the river to provide room for walking.
Claimed by Unclaimed
Bamboo JungleThough named for the giant bamboo that dominates this landscape, it is by no means the only plant that can be found here. Many species of bamboo grows here, in addition to the grass that covers the jungle floor. Most of the bamboo grows 15-50 feet tall, providing plenty of shade for the creatures that call this land home. Though there are no large sources of standing water, the runoff from the mountains to the north and east provide fresh water year round. It never falls below 10° F, snowfall is not rare here in the winter.
Claimed by Unclaimed
Salmon RiverSouth of the Tundra, the mountainous terrain seems to dissipate and give way to a flat forest dominated by evergreen hemlock and spruce trees. The forest is interspersed with marshes near the river that runs straight through the heart of the land, where millions of salmon begin their migration upstream to spawn every summer in a spectacular display. These salmon summon quite a diverse range of carnivores, ranging from eagles to bears. In the winter, this land is no better off than the tundra, though it gets much less snow overall.
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Marrok FallsThe most prominent part of this territory is a large, mountainous waterfall halfway between the middle of the land and the norther border. At the top of the mountain, in a flat-like stretch of land, is a vast lake fed by the abundant rain that narrows to a river just before cascading down into a waterfall. The tumultuous waters of the Falls collect in a smaller lake at the base of the mountain before snaking southward in a large, deep stream to meet the ocean, thundering over the cliffs in the south to join the saltwater. A constant supply of water to all who inhabit the area, including prey, make the falls an excellent place to hunt. Bordered by the Spiral Rainforest to the west and Crow Canyon in the north, this lush environment is home to a variety of prey, large and small. Caves in the mountain, both behind the waterfall and scattered at various heights and locations, provide plenty of shelter. A thick, healthy forest blankets the terrain, similar in nature to the Rainforest. The area immediately around the Falls tend to be misty, especially during the morning. As in the Spiral Rainforest, it never snows here and is consistently hot and humid.
Claimed by The Algiz
Spiral RainforestA perpetual mist hangs over this land, encouraged by the constantly humid environment, creating an ethereal atmosphere. The constantly supply of water, both along its borders and heavy in the atmosphere, have allowed for a wide array of plant life to flourish. This rainforest is not characterized by the wild variety of plant and animal life, but instead by the enormous stone peaks that rise from the earth at various points. It is still unclear as to how these formations occurred, but it has not stopped the vegetation of the land from attempting to reclaim the peaks as their own. Brave foliage wraps around the sides rocky sides of the peaks and trees have even managed to grow on the tops. Steep cliffs hug the southern side of the rainforest that borders the ocean, and they are layered with rocks of various sizes and shapes. It never snows here, even in the dead of winter, but heavy showers are frequent throughout the year.
Claimed by the Verja
Mudbug SwampBordered by Dolphin Marsh in the northwest, this land is separated by the marsh by a thick but shallow river. The lands are similar in that they are heavily saturated with the water from the north, but this swampland is different mostly in that it is moderately forested by cypress, red maple and buttonwood trees whereas the marsh is not. This swamp is also home to a dense population of what are known as mudbugs; crustaceans that resemble small lobsters. The reason why the population of mudbugs is so prevalent in this area is unknown, but they make a tasty snack for hungry predators. The nutrient filled waters attract other prey as well, including white-tail deer, raccoons, beavers and a variety of water-fowl. Crocodiles and alligators aren't too common, but a wise animal would be wary nonetheless. As in the Moor, it does not snow here but in the winter, frost covers the ground.
Claimed by Unclaimed
Dolphin MarshDevoid of trees, this wetlandland is made up of a network of rivers and streams that are plentiful with fish. Waterlogged grasses, rushes and reeds can be found in abundance here. The Mossy Woodlands border the Marsh to the north, Mudbug Swamp to the south, and Asil's Moor to the west. Its strange namesake comes the Bottlenose Dolphins that call it home: these dolphins can be seen fishing by herding the fish towards the bank and pushing full force into the shore, creating a bow wave that flushes the fish onto the banks. Waterfowl come from all around to take advantage of this phenomenon, as do crocodiles and alligators. The warmest of the wetlands, winter doesn't even bring frost here.
Claimed by Unclaimed
Crow CanyonNestled between mountains, marsh and woodlands lies a deep, yawning chasm that divides the earth in two. At the base of this canyon, a wide river snakes through its center fed by the waters in the north and flanked on both sides by a flat expanse of land that ends with the rocky canyon walls. These sturdy corridors not only provide a defense system for all who live within the land but they are also riddled with caves, both shallow and large, that can be used as shelter. Small mammals and reptiles are plentiful in the canyon and can be found anywhere, from the rocky sides to the flat basement, but larger prey, such as antelope, sheep and deer, tend to gather in its center by the river, where vegetation and water is more plentiful. On occasion, wind currents can become trapped within the canyons corridors, and can send forceful gusts of air through the land. It is hot by day, though it still manages to get cold at night. It never snows here.
Claimed by Unclaimed
Dragon Spine RidgeThis rugged terrain separates two wildly different biomes: the tropical Marrok Falls and the hot and dry White Desert. The peaks of this landscape do not rise high enough to be considered mountains, but none-the-less the steep slopes can provide dangers to those who aren't careful. Vegetation in this territory is short and tough, and found only in the narrow valleys between the ridges, and tends to attract the kinds of herbivores who are surefooted, such as goats. Water is scarce and typically found only along the border it shares with Marrok Falls, except for the small, elevated lake. Shelter, on the other hand, is plentiful. The ridge offers a wide variety of shallow caves and outcroppings that are sturdy and have held up over the centuries. This is a land for the tough, as it is not only dangerous but remains warm year-round.
Claimed by Unclaimed
Labyrinthine CavernAlthough this territory does not cover a vast expanse, it is a land that exists both above and below the ground. Above ground are a series of small mountains, and some of the taller peaks possessing a collection of snow during the cooler seasons. The prey that is found above ground is of the larger, tougher variety with most possessing horns or antlers to fend of predators. This prey includes mountain goats and bighorn sheep, although rabbits and small rodents have been seen. Below the mountains lay a network of intricate tunnels, carved out over thousands of years by water. The only water source that exists now is in the form of a slender, narrow creek that is fed by the collection of ground water in the earth and ends in a small underground lake at the southern border of the territory.
Claimed by Unclaimed
Mossy WoodlandsAptly named for the plentiful supply of moss that thrives most particularly in this part of the world, the Mossy Woodlands is a large expanse of forest. Trees of all varieties populate this territory, from birch to elm to poplar, and almost all of them coated with some amount of thick, green moss. The moss does not seem to do any harm to the vegetation, however, as there is also a healthy supply of undergrowth and plenty of prey animals that call this land home. The Mossy Woodlands share a river as a border with the Red Wood Forest, and it gets snow in the winter, though more so in the north than in the south.
Claimed by Unclaimed
Flattop TepuiSouth of the Falls, a unique formation called a tepui juts from the earth, completely isolated from the mountain range of the area. This table-top mountain is really a sandstone structure that seems to rise abruptly from the green forest and stretches on for half a mile in length. In the warmer seasons, the air at the top of the plateau is thicker with mist than at the base. The area surrounding the plateau sports a healthy amount of trees and vegetation that is vastly different than that found at the top of the plateau and it is tropical, warm and humid. The plateau gets lots of rain and, interestingly, is home to many carnivorous plants. As in the other tropical regions, it never snows here. Where this land meets the ocean is jagged cliffs, not sandy beaches.
Claimed by Aldrnari
Jacaranda GardenAlmost all of the plants in this patch of forest are of the jacaranda family, shrubs and trees ranging from sixty to nearly one hundred feet tall. The flowers of each, blooming from spring to fall, come in nearly a dozen different colors, mostly in shades of purple that range from lavender to violet. Mixed in are a few non-Jacaranda trees and bushes, such as maple and oak as well as lilacs. This land has no shortage of water, with a river to its west and wetlands to the south. Snow does fall here in the winter, but deep snow is very rare. It is a lush forest with vast resources and prey.
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Cherry Blossom GroveAs its namesake suggests, cherry blossom trees are plentiful here, making for a beautiful display of pink and white flowers when the trees are in bloom. Unusually these trees seem to be in bloom nearly year round, with the exception of winter, though no one is quite sure why. There is minimal undergrowth to be found, leaving large open spaces between trees. Though cherry blossom trees are numerous, they are not the only species that occupy the terrain: orange, apple, pear, apricot, peach, mango, plum, and walnut trees can all be found here, attracting a vast variety of prey animals in the spring and summer seasons. Vine-growing fruits are also plentiful. It borders the ocean to the south in a stretch of sandy beaches and steep cliffs. Separated from the surrounding lands by streams, water is plentiful here. Though it does get chilly in fall and winter it never snows, as it is too close to the warm ocean. In the middle of the land rests a sapling redwood tree, planted by one of the residents of a realm, and in a nearby underground den is a stone-brick oven made with earth magic.
Claimed by The Verja
Pillar PlainsAt first glance, this vast expanse of territory appears only to be the same field of green as its neighbor in the north, the Emerald Flats, and they share many of the same qualities, such as prey that can be found here and available shelter. Separating the plains from the flats are the inexplicable rock formations that rise from the earth in a monumental and supernatural way. These blue-grey stones are enormous, both in height and girth, and tend to inspire awe in all those that view them. Their vertical nature contradicts their sturdiness, as not even the largest wind gust can move them, and are the only source of shelter that can be found on these plains. It is widely believed that it was the Avatars, or Mother Earth herself that placed the pillars here, but theories as to why vary drastically from story to story. Where the Plains border the ocean is the warmest part of this land and it never drops below 65 degrees. However, the area where Plains meet the Emerald Flats may tend to get a few inches of snow in the winter.
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Saffron MeadowA blanket of green meadow grass is hidden beneath the namesake of this gently sloping territory. Saffron flowers bloom among dandelions and daffodils. Other than the meadow grass and flowers, there is little else in the way of vegetation, except the occasional small shrub, making shelter in this area scarce. Despite the lack of trees, life can be found in abundance, especially insects and other pollinators. The wide creek that surrounds the territory on all sides provides a stable water source. The southern part of the Meadows tends to stay warm, not even getting a frost in the winter. The northern part, however, can get up to a few feet of snow each year. A ring of green lights (due to the magical power Lantern) encompasses the border of this land due to a past leader's doing. Similarly due to the intervention of a realm, a small copse of various deciduous trees traces the southern border though these trees are young.
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Emerald FlatsThese smooth plains are blanketed by a thick layer of vibrant green grass, stretching far over the horizon until it reaches the mighty Red Wood Forest. There is little to no other vegetation, save for the occasional bush or the colorful peppering of small flowers. The only water source in this area comes from the large creek that snakes around its eastern and southern border, separating the land from the Saffron Meadow and Pillar Plains. This even, flat territory is abundant with prey life, mostly in the form of deer, sheep, rabbits and small rodents. Since the ground is soft without being muddy, it is possible to dig small dens to use as shelter. In winter it's not uncommon to get many feet of snow as well as temperatures as cold as 10 degrees.
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Palm PeninsulaThis territory is unique in that it is only accessible through a narrow strip of land that connects it to the mainland, specifically the Cherry Blossom Grove. Sandy beaches surround the peninsula on all sides, varying in width, separating land and sea. The water surrounding the land is typically calm, clear and warm, with the gentle waves acting as the soothing heartbeat of the ocean. Inland, palm trees of all species dominate the sparse vegetation, hence the origin of this territory's name. A small lake exists on the northern face of this land, containing freshwater that is suitable for drinking. Because of the warm ocean currents, it never snows here or it rarely falls below 70 degrees in fall and winter. However, tropical storms are quite common here and can be dangerous. Due to the intervention of realm, the land contains dozens of variously shaped house-like structures made of stone. Most of them line the border of the land, just beyond the beaches, but two buildings rest in the middle of the main strip of land.
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Asil's MoorWhat distinguishes this wetland from the rest of those in Yavania is the neutral/alkaline pH of the water as well as its relatively high dissolved mineral levels, making this a fen. Grasses, sedges, rushes, wildflowers, and brown mosses dominate this landscape. One of the more colorful species is the showy lady's slipper orchid. The water level changes with the rain, rising and falling. A large array of reptiles and waterfowl call this terrain home as well as the occasional beaver family. A rare alligator or two may find its way here, a danger to the unobservant traveler. Though it does not snow here, the northern end of this land gets frost in the winter.
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White DesertA sea of white stretches as far as the eye can see, vibrantly complementing the sky of brilliant sapphire that lays over this land. When the days are clear, it is a beautiful but desolate place, unless one knows how to live in such a terrain. The foliage that grows in this land is hardy and sparse, hidden away from immediate observation, and fresh water is a tricky resource to find. Despite the hardships this land can present, it is teeming with life and also has adequate shelter if one knows how to navigate through this pale sea of sand. This land never falls below 80 degrees even on its coldest day, though the southern edge does get a nice breeze from the ocean.
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Stone ValleyThe name of this land is misleading, as it is not a valley but in fact it is rather a flat expanse of land characterized by a collection of towering sandstone formations. Richly russet in color, these spires dominate the horizon with steep unclimbable sides that can provide shelter only in the form of shallow caves and narrow outcroppings. The sand and dirt of the land are red in hue as well, although they are a few shades paler than the tall peaks, and peppered by tumbleweed, cacti, the occasional juniper tree and the contrasting purple sage flower. The only reliable water source found in this area is the dew that gathers on vegetation and rocks in the morning, and the moisture that is contained in the fruits of the cacti, although some shallow streams can be discovered along the borders of this territory. In winter and fall, however, water gathers in a shallow pond that disappears in summer and spring. Due to the sparse vegetation and scarce water supply, there is little in the way of large prey, save for the occasional herd of antelope, but small rodents and reptiles can be found in decent amounts if one knows where to look. Though it never snows here, it can get cold at night.
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Rainbow BeachTo the far east the monochrome sands of the White Desert give way to a kaleidoscope of colors. As its name suggests, the sands here burst with color. Interestingly, the colors never change: if a creature was to move the sand particles, they would change color to match their new location. The shore to the south provides a cool breeze, making this land a nicer temperature than the surrounding deserts. It's always pleasantly warm here, though it can get chilly at night.
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Whitebark WoodsAn array of pine, fir and cedar trees are spread throughout this expanse of forest. A mountain range borders it in the north and spills into the forest in the form of jagged hills and small cliffs. Where there are not rocks, there is a carpet of pale green that blankets the terrain with only a small amount of brush as undergrowth. The only break in this rocky terrain and moderate vegetation is in the form of a lake, with water that is crystalline if the bottom is not disturbed. The lake is fed by the melted snow that runs off from the mountain range in the north, and makes this lake the most uniquely flavored water in the lands. Where the Woods border the desert to the south stays free of snow year round, but the far north of this terrain gets plenty of snow in the winter.
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Mt. EldrIn the mountains to the east lies a peak that towers far above the rest. Draped in a thick blanket of snow near the top, this summit hides a dark secret: it's actually a volcano that has not been inactive for quite some time. If it remains that way has yet to be seen, but some might consider the hot springs and lush coniferous forest to be worth the risk. The snow is present year-round, but it does recede quite a bit in spring and summer, leading to an abundance of fresh streams that cascade down the mountains. An abundance of prey call this volcano home, including deer, elk, mountain goats, and more.
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Plankton IsleThough its name seems unglamorous, it actually refers to the bioluminescent phytoplankton that call the beaches of this island home. When disturbed, the microscopic plankton flicker blue, creating a spectacular display every night because as the waves crash upon the beach, they burst with light. The island itself sports twin ponds that never dry, though it lacks a variety of vegetation or very large prey animals. To get to and from this isle, creatures can walk along one of the two sandbars that connect to the main land, though they are sometimes partially covered with water. Animals that cannot swim likely shouldn't venture out here.
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Lagoon DunesThough composed of large, sweeping white dunes, this land is not an actual desert as it gets regular rainfall. Fresh water collects in the valleys between sand dunes and is prevented from soaking into the earth by a layer of thick rock which lies underneath the sand. The resulting blue and green lagoons are surrounded by the desert-like sand, dotted with sparse patches of green grass. The lagoons reach their fullest in summer due to the rains and are thick with the wolf fish or tiger fish that are capable of submerging themselves in the mud between dry spells, if necessary. It never snows here and is always warm.
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Siren CoveThe ocean meets jagged, rocky cliffs here, all except in one area: the cove. Soft, sandy beaches brush the shore where more than a few caverns can be found, deep enough to provide shelter. A few of these caverns have winding tunnels that lead upwards and to the cliffs and the rocky plateau-like terrain that make up the majority of this land. Many trees can be found along these cliffs and the plateau is bursting with floral life, providing habitat for an abundance of prey animals. In addition, a small lake can be found to the northeast.
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Glowworm CavesHidden in this densely forested, mountainous terrain are dozens of caves. From the outside these caves look like nothing special, but once a creature steps inside it becomes apparent what sets this land apart. The caves in this area are packed with thousands of glowworms that radiate their unmistakable luminescent light. The walls are covered with fungi, such as the cave flower, and many of the caves contain small freshwater lakes. Though the most abundant prey in the caves are insects such as ants and crickets, the terrain outside is plentiful with larger prey. The caves inside are a stable temperature, but the outside is subjected to the change of the seasons. In winter, it's not uncommon for snow to cover the land, especially to the north.
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Spiny OasisThis desert stands out from the rest due to its large and deep oasis, centered in the middle of the land which is its namesake. As the seasons progress, the oasis gets smaller and smaller until it is refilled by the rain in winter. Hot and dry, it is full of cacti and other spiny plants, providing shelter and resources to the creatures that reside here. The earth is a mixture of dehydrated, cracked earth and sand, making it unsuitable for a diverse type of plants. This land remains hot year round, continuously over 90°F during the day. However, at night, it drops below 40°F.
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Mushroom HollowThis wide ranging forest to the South of Yavania flourishes with an abundance of eye catching fungi, shaping the grounds into a unique terrain, easily distinguishable from its bordering lands. With a high variety of mosses, mushrooms and lichen present, the lands are rich in biodiversity and plentiful in color. Some of these mushrooms even possess bioluminescent qualities, turning them to glow dimly in the dark of the night, providing quite the sight each night. The Hollow's climate is overall humid and warm and experiences zero snowfall in winter. Rather, winter is marked by frequent storms. Rain is present in high quantities throughout the rest of the year as well, with less frequent but severe storms. Out of all the Southern lands of Yavania, this forest undergoes the most rainfall, sprouting life to its extraordinary nature. A river to the east separates the Hollow from the Prairie and provides a constant source of water for its inhabitants.
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Morwynne HillsExpanding to great distances and bordered by the sea, these rolling hills are a sight to see. Coated with a thick layer of bright green grass year-round, the hills are similar to green painted deserts in their waving shapes across the land. With various trees and shrubs scattered across the great landscape, it’s nowhere near empty or lifeless. Unlike the Savannah to the East where the vegetation is rather scant, the Morwynne Hills have a higher density and variety of foliage. It does not experience as much rainfall as Mushroom Troop Hollow, but it still gets more rain evenly throughout the year than the closely located Savannah and Covert. Though there is no stable lake or pond, rainfall water collects in indentations in the ground, providing water for the lands.
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Fairice CovertA land dominated by the captivating Dragon's Blood tree, Fairice Covert is warm year-round, only cooling off to about 72 °F in the evening. The oddly formed trees grow thickly around each other, with stubby green bristles atop their branches that act like a canopy to those down below. The Dragon's Blood tree is known for its unique behavior in that it produces a sticky red sap that oozes from its trunk. This sap is highly renowned for it's healing abilities, and may be applied to the skin or ingested for various positive results. The ground surrounding the trees is quite rocky, but is generally flecked in stubby grass. Some areas are free of trees, giving way to rocky open lands near the coast and borders. To the west, a river lies, creating a border between the Covert and the Vesis Savannah. To the south-west lies a smaller river that ends abruptly in a lake, shared with Limestone Prairie. Two additional lakes reside within the Covert, offering closer water sources to those living here. Rain falls evenly across the seasons, providing a stable environment.
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Vesis SavannahAs the name suggests, this Savannah is adorned by a vast expanse of golden colored grasses, accompanied by various other shrubby plants. Generally an open land, acacia trees are spread widely across the fields, speckling the flaxen hued land in random places. Vesis Savannah is always warm, frequently hot, and never gets snow. Instead, the rainy season replaces what would normally be a winter. During this time, the golden stalks of grass will turn a rich green with health, the small lake within the territory replenishing its water sources after receding during the dry season. At this time, prey becomes abundant, with various African species, gazelle, warthog, zebra, etc, emerging to graze and drink from the water hole. The rest of the year is dry with little to no rain.
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Limestone PrairieIf not for the rocky, limestone protrusions that can be found all over the land, the Prairie would resemble the Savannah. While some are no larger than ten feet tall and ten feet wide, others are over a hundred feet. The larger limestone hills contain caves and twisting tunnels, providing a cool and dark place for the land's inhabitants to take shelter from the harsh sunlight. Similar to the Savannah, the Prairie gets no snow but has a rainy season in the winter that floods the land with precious water. A few light rainstorms happen throughout the rest of the year, allowing some of its grass species to remain green year round. To the west lies a river that separates the Prairie from Mushroom Hollow. Though there are not enough trees to make a complete canopy, there are quite a few different species of trees here. A stream breaks off from the river to the north, collecting in a generous lake halfway down the land. It is lush year-round but it tends to overflow in winter.
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Syas SpringsTemperate for most of the year, it's easy to see what sets this land apart. Twenty lush hot springs cover the land, terraces of hot springs cascading down the hills like natural fountains. Travertines, a form of limestone deposits, are abundant. White and cream-colored, they are what make up the terraces, created by millennia of flowing water. The hot springs themselves contain crystal clear water that is ranges from 95 to 212 °F. Winter, unlike the lands to the west, creates a light frost here in some places due to this land's overall higher elevation. The only exception to this is the sandy beaches, where the warm ocean meets the land. Though the hot spring areas of this land are mostly coated with limestone, rocky and tough, there are patches of green away from those areas where grass and trees thrive. It rains frequently, keeping the vegetation lush. Offshore, to the northeast, a vibrant coral reef can be seen through the crystal clear water.
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Oreg WildsThere is nothing ordinary about the mega flora that resides within this land. The limbs of these great oaks look as if they have been twisted and manipulated every which way, brushing the ground in many cases and wrapping and overlapping over and around their own limbs. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind this fanning of branches, the explosion from the epicenter of the oak's main bough spiders out into great veins of bough and limb, green leaves and petioles cling to each branch with vibrant haloing life. Beneath these giant beasts are the more humble and less sporadic looking shrubs. Various bushes and shrubbery of all sorts make up the understory beneath the great arching reach of the angel oak trees that dominate these tangled wilds. Where these mighty oaks meet the Hollow sees the most rainfall, but the land's sole water source is the large stream that divides the Wilds from the Morass. Though frost is frequent in fall, snow rarely collects upon the forest floor in winter.
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Jade MorassThe morass is a unique niche of land. The entire expanse of rolling hills that compose the vibrant green terra is covered in moss. Cutting and slicing through the hills are dozens of creaks and streams that keep the green moss vibrant and healthy and the land ever moist and saturated. The ground here is far from firm or dry. Soil is coated with moss in a thick top layer and the wet loam is practically slick mud and clay making this land particularly interesting to traverse through. The whole lot of the land is surrounded by a whole network of rivers that help demarcate the surrounding lands from the mossy morass within. These larger rivers help replenish and fill the creaks and streams that feed the land and keep the moss moist and healthy, and nearly the entire land is surrounded by thick streams. River birches, cottonwood, and weeping willow trees dot the landscape, clustered in some areas but mostly scattered. When it snows in winter, it tends to create a thin layer of frost and ice that melts quickly, except for in the shadows of trees where it lingers longer.
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Pebble ShoreEnsconced on the far lower east of Yava is a treasure trove of wonders created and made possible by the unique rock formations and the transitional tide of the area. While not a sandy beach, this area does not meet a sudden drop off like other lands. Instead the rocky and craggy stone structures, pocked and weathered and bored through from the millennia of battering waves, creep into the ocean until none can be seen. The formations that remain above the surface reach quite a ways into the land. Within even these inner dips and pools life can be found in the strange phenomena known as tidal pools. As per the name these tidal pools are affected by the whim of the tide. High tide at evening and morning, low at afternoon and night. When the tide recedes back a good ways and reveals the pockets of water within the slabs of rock that encompass the beach. Pebbles can be found in strips before the expanse of rock begins and after if the tide recedes enough. A unique geographical formation of coquina and limestone has crafted this shoreline and allowed for the existence of these tidal pools. Many hardy types of marine flora and fauna can be found within these tidal pools during low tide. While these pools create a temporary home and safe place for many marine animals that hide away in them during low tide they can also become a feeding grounds for land animals who stumble upon the pools and their inhabitants. Though cooler in winter than the springs to the north, the warm ocean current keeps the land from ever seeing snow. Rain is plentiful here, though the most abundant non-aquatic plant life is the short, dark grass that grows away from the beach. Complimenting the rarity of the land, just offshore -- to the northeast -- is a vibrant coral reef teeming with a kaleidoscope of life.
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Rockgrove WoodsSharp and jutting, great formations reach into the sky with sharp-knife and jagged fingers of limestone. This land is first and foremost characterized by its incredibly sharp, dark grey and peppered black limestone formations which can cause harm if not traversed gingerly. Rough and rugged suits the terrain nicely. Nothing is strictly friendly about this place and hardiness thrives here. The forest that sretches up from between and around the rock formations that reach heights even taller than the highest canopy in some areas, are dry and unforgiving. Gnarled and tenacious trees that grow between the already choked maze of sharp rock, making traversing this land even more dangerous for the fool hardy. These limestone karst outcrops, or tsingys, are the most striking feature of the land. Once within the folds of stone and rock it becomes a maze of twists and turns and dead ends within, the forest canopy above in many areas cast darkness onto the land below and makes navigating this place even harder. As one moved further south the land becomes more saturated and as the tsingy begin to thin out into fewer large outcrops and only the occasional jutting structure, mangroves can be found jutting up from the land and hugging the southern shoreline, roots dug into the sand to stand firm and stalwart along the southern stretch of beach. The land's only saving grace is that due to the warm ocean currents it never grows cold enough to snow here.
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Misty ThicketThis terrain is very much like its easterly neighbor, the Redwood Forest. It is densely forested, but instead of being dominated by mighty redwood trees this area has a variety of different types of foliage: evergreens, deciduous trees, ferns, and more. However, unlike its neighbor, a constant and ethereal mist hangs over the forest, a silvery fog that is thick and copious. It blankets the land, stopping abruptly at the river on its eastern border and bleeding into the divine land in the south. Although mostly considered just an odd attribute of the land, the mist can grow and thicken, causing it to obscure vision, scent and even hearing of those who are trapped within the fog. It's said that more than a weary soul or two have gotten lost here, never to be heard from again. The constant mist is not the only oddity of the land; the prey that live here tend to be heftier than in non-divine lands. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
Avatar TempleNestled between the eerie Misty Thicket and the Divine Fields is the temple of the Avatars. The structure can be found deep in the heart of the territory, in a sunlit grove surrounded by trees on all sides. It is clear that the structure was not built by the means of mortals and that each moss-covered piece of stone was meticulous in its positioning. Cementing its peculiarity and divinity, a tree rests atop its roof with thick roots cascading across its top and sides, anchoring it to the earth. Despite the shelter that is offered by this stone structure, no animals can be found inside nor in the oddly-placed tree. However in the areas surrounding the temple, prey is in abundance, and like its neighbor in the north, prey animals tend to be larger here. Creatures seeing fortune and favor with Mother Earth and her Avatars will often leave offerings on the Temple stairs. Inside the Temple, tucked away, are many empty but elaborate rooms. Life-size statues of the Avatars themselves can be found in one. Another room will change to the desires of those that stumble across it, giving food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, and wine to those that seek it, in stone bowls anchored to the ground. A large, elaborate pool can be found in another. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
Divine FieldsAn enormous tree lays in the center of this endless field of green. The tree carries the semblance of an oak in the way the leaves are shaped, but that is where the resemblance ends. This tree is of monumental proportions; it is easily as tall as the redwood trees in the north, but its girth is at least twice as wide as theirs. Vines both thick and thin hug the trunk of this tree, with ferns and other small vegetation growing at its base. Life of all shapes and sizes can be found in this tree, from the earth below, to the very top branches; gophers, squirrels, birds and many more call this monolith their home. Surrounding this celestial tree, a blanket of jade embraces gently sloping hills with only a few sparse saplings and bushes to pepper the even terrain. The only fresh water source in this area are the creeks that border it in the north and east. The fields end abruptly in the south where they meet the warm ocean in cliffs steep enough to rival Defros' Pass. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
Cyfton's ArenaThe Spirit of Battle personally sliced off a section of the Divine Fields to create this official fighting grounds for Yavanians. Though nearly encircled by two streams to the north and east, this land is surprisingly far from being lush. What grass does grow here is yellow and usually dry. Small shrubs grow near the water, but otherwise this land is an open terrain meant to promote fair battles. The grass is worn down, mostly dirt near the middle of the land. The land closer to the water is always muddy, capable of trapping those who aren't mindful of its danger. It never snows here, but winter brings a moderate amount of rain, making all but the center of the land a mud trap.
Defros' PassA thin and treacherous land bridge, Defros' Pass is a strip of massive white cliffs that connect the Divine Fields to Syuna's Courtyard and the rest of the Southern Lands. The land is covered in a scruff of short, green grass but not much else. A land that might be dangerous for the young, careless, or blind, each cliff leads to a very steep drop into the deep ocean below. Treacherous waves relentlessly crash into the steep cliffs, and the dark water below is sprinkled with sharp boulders. Like the courtyard, the Pass is warm all throughout the year, with a moderate amount of rainfall. The rain, however, is more dangerous here as it can make the pass slippery and dangerous for the clumsy. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
Syuna's CourtyardSyuna's Courtyard As the bringer of life, it only makes sense for Syuna's Courtyard to be embellished in a massive diversity of plants and flowers. Decorated in a spectacular display of neatly arranged bushes and shrubs, a winding pattern of marble white walkways weave through the scenery, leading the traveler along the garden trail. To the north, a rectangular pond lies, wrapped around by the walkway, and lined by colorful trees; Cherry Blossoms, Jacaranda, Dog Wood, Red Maple, and more. Warm year round, the temperature here rarely fluctuates, even in the winter, and to the north rests a beach of white sand. Throughout the year, there is an even amount of rainfall, keeping the colorful, abstract plant life full and luscious. Visitors need not keep to the trails, as is evident by the open fields available. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
Kulla's GraveyardDeath permeates from every crevice of this land. Bones never seem to decay at the rate they should here and the skeletal remains of creatures can be found strewn across the dust ridden and barren soil landscape. At the heart of this deadened land stands a crumbling monolith. A mausoleum of marble and stone that has weathered the test of time and fallen short. A garish tomb of dark stone and shock of obsidian through the deathly cold stone that create the large resting place. Stairs lead up to the entrance of the crumbled monument. Guarding the entrance on either side of the beginning of the staircase are identical raven statues. Life-like and eerie, their beady stone eyes seem to follow those who dare step upon the steps of the tomb. Skulls are inlaid in the walls and ceiling, and a chandelier of bone hangs from above. Torches flicker and waver but never go out and cast just enough light to see. Stairs at the far back, framed by an intricate arch, descend into darkness, but about ten feet down the spiraling stairs, there is a wall and no visible way to get past it. Mist hangs, not as heavy as the mist of the forest northwards, but unsettling all the same and with a sense of foreboding, especially at night when one walks upon the hallowed graves of the fallen creatures or attempts to claim one of the deceased bones as their own. The gnarled and knobby corpses of dead trees litter the land, suspended in the same state of non-decay as the bones that litter the graveyard realm. Dead, though never rotting, trees litter the landscape. The only flora that thrives here short, dark grass and the occasional bellflower. Despite that it gets cold enough to snow in winter, it rarely accumulates beyond a few inches. Frost is much more common, frequent in late fall and even early spring. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
Litar's OrchardThough not as diverse in plantlife as Syuna's Courtyard to the north, the orchard is abundant in flowering trees that bear fruit in the spring and summer. Apple, pear, and orange trees to name a few. A ring of Japanese maple trees rest at the center of the land, their leaves crimson, gold, and orange year round despite the temperature, a stark contrast from the green that surrounds them. In the middle of them is a large clearing. The trees here never lose their leaves in winter, despite that they are not evergreens, as if Litar's magic protects them. Yet that is not the only gift the Spirit of the Hunt grants here: prey are protected from being hunted in Litar's Orchard. Should a predator try to hunt, they will find themselves physically unable to do so. A large lake rests where the Orchard meets the Hollow, nearly creating a barrier between the two lands. The lake itself is gives way to swampy lands in the northwest, complete with cattails, aster, and sedges. It never snows here, though frost is common in winter. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
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Gilded ForestPerpetually golden trees -- as if frozen in mid autumn -- dominate this land. The sun shines brightly and never sets. As a result, it is always a comfortably 72° Fahrenheit.
Ember PrairieThe grass of this seemingly endless field reflects the color of the fiery sky above. It's always dusk or dawn in this beautiful land. The weather is cooled but is constantly 65° Fahrenheit.
Lake FungiUnnaturally large mushrooms sprout in this shallow, crystal clear lake. To add to the oddity, it occasionally snows here, but the snow never sticks as it is always 82° Fahrenheit. Mountains can be seen in the distance but cannot be reached.
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Sylvan WoodsA mythical-looking woodland. Every morning, mist blankets the land, sometimes thick and sometimes thin. Despite being positioned just to the west of the Viridescent Forest, it never snows here, and the trees never lose their leaves. Rather, the temperature varies from 55° to 75° F. Fresh water is abundant here with two lakes that border the northern part of the land. These lakes branch off into small streams that thread the landscape.
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Seraphic RuinsLocated north of Sylvan Woods, beyond a short mountain range, these elaborate ruins are cracked and crumbling. Creeping vines, covered in indigo blooms, cover the stone. Near the top, a staircase leads to an open balcony upon which a functioning fountain rests. The temperature is a cool, constant 69° F, thus it never snows. To the east is a stone bridge that connects the Ruins to Viridescent Forest. The Portal back to Avatar Temple resides here. This land may NOT be claimed by a realm.
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Viridescent ForestA stunning, vivid green forest atop rolling hills that rests to the east of Sylvan Woods and the west of the Autumn Highlands. The winters are cold, with snow frequent and heavy, and the summers are warm, averaging 90° F.
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Autumn HighlandsRunning along the east coast of the phantom continent, this land is mountainous. It gets its name from the hues of the flowers that tend to grow here: vermilion, gold, and orange. The average temperature in spring is 48° to 57° F, 64° F in summer, 48° - 61° F for fall, and 42° F for winter. Despite this, it can get cold enough to snow.
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Pavilion CaveLocated on the southern border of the Viridescent Forest and the Autumn Highlands, this cavern is a hidden gem. In the middle of an underground lake rests the namesake for this land, a gazebo-like structure. From this point, twisting cavern tunnels reach out in every direction, some leading on for miles before coming to a dead end. Very few of these tunnels surface in the Autumn Highlands.
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Volcanic FlatsOnly the toughest of creatures dare to call this land home. With temperatures that never fall below 90° F, the heat of this land often feels oppressive. The ground, blackened by dried lava, is dry, and where it is cracked, lava can be seen underneath. Lakes of liquid lava are plenty, but magical as it is, the lava does not give off toxic fumes. Plant life does not exist here, but lakes provide plenty of water to the west and south.
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Aquatic CavernsYavania's only purely underwater land, this lake is a haven for aquatic life. Stretching from Sylvan Woods to the Autumn Highlands, it is a vast territory with plenty of space and resources. Crystal clear fresh water gives way to a wondrous underwater world. Magic infuses the water, keeping each creature at their preferred temperature, steady and comfortable. Sunlight penetrates all the way to the bottom of the lake, which averages 350 feet deep, and the caverns are lit by mysterious, bioluminescent aquatic plants.
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