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A mythical-looking woodland. Every morning, mist blankets the land, sometimes thick and sometimes thin. Despite being positioned just to the west of the Viridescent Forest, it never snows here, and the trees never lose their leaves. Rather, the temperature varies from 55° to 75° F. Fresh water is abundant here with two lakes that border the northern part of the land. These lakes branch off into small streams that thread the landscape.

Claimed by Malum

Last Post: Time flies. Literally by Sula (12-27-2021, 04:46 PM)
Threads: 19 | Posts: 92

Located north of Sylvan Woods, beyond a short mountain range, these elaborate ruins are cracked and crumbling. Creeping vines, covered in indigo blooms, cover the stone. Near the top, a staircase leads to an open balcony upon which a functioning fountain rests. The temperature is a cool, constant 69° F, thus it never snows. To the east is a stone bridge that connects the Ruins to Viridescent Forest.

The Portal back to Avatar Temple resides here. This land may NOT be claimed by a realm.
Last Post: [Genji] Somber Seas by Genji (12-16-2021, 02:19 PM)
Threads: 10 | Posts: 34

A stunning, vivid green forest atop rolling hills that rests to the east of Sylvan Woods and the west of the Autumn Highlands. The winters are cold, with snow frequent and heavy, and the summers are warm, averaging 90° F.
Last Post: A fright? [Mayzee] by Hook (11-16-2021, 01:04 PM)
Threads: 8 | Posts: 30

Running along the east coast of the phantom continent, this land is mountainous. It gets its name from the hues of the flowers that tend to grow here: vermilion, gold, and orange. The average temperature in spring is 48° to 57° F, 64° F in summer, 48° - 61° F for fall, and 42° F for winter. Despite this, it can get cold enough to snow.
Last Post: Glacier by Carina (11-25-2021, 01:30 AM)
Threads: 3 | Posts: 27

Located on the southern border of the Viridescent Forest and the Autumn Highlands, this cavern is a hidden gem. In the middle of an underground lake rests the namesake for this land, a gazebo-like structure. From this point, twisting cavern tunnels reach out in every direction, some leading on for miles before coming to a dead end. Very few of these tunnels surface in the Autumn Highlands.
Last Post: [TS][Jasper] In the deep ... by Hordak (12-02-2021, 10:43 AM)
Threads: 4 | Posts: 17

Only the toughest of creatures dare to call this land home. With temperatures that never fall below 90° F, the heat of this land often feels oppressive. The ground, blackened by dried lava, is dry, and where it is cracked, lava can be seen underneath. Lakes of liquid lava are plenty, but magical as it is, the lava does not give off toxic fumes. Plant life does not exist here, but lakes provide plenty of water to the west and south.
Last Post: [TS][Jasper] In the deep ... by Hordak (12-02-2021, 10:43 AM)
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Yavania's only purely underwater land, this lake is a haven for aquatic life. Stretching from Sylvan Woods to the Autumn Highlands, it is a vast territory with plenty of space and resources. Crystal clear fresh water gives way to a wondrous underwater world. Magic infuses the water, keeping each creature at their preferred temperature, steady and comfortable. Sunlight penetrates all the way to the bottom of the lake, which averages 350 feet deep, and the caverns are lit by mysterious, bioluminescent aquatic plants.
Last Post: [TS][Jasper] In the deep ... by Hordak (12-02-2021, 10:43 AM)
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