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A glorious rift nestled within a range of mountains, Cedar Valley's most prominent feature is a vast lake which is surrounded by lush, green meadows. Encircling the meadows are a dense thicket of cedar trees that spill upwards into the mountain range that surround it. Its borders provide all that is needed for survival in bountiful qualities, including a variety of prey, shelter and a constant water supply. The winter, however, brings some harshness with it: a thick blanket of snow to the northern half of this terrain.
Last Post: Positions by Raelynn (12-28-2021, 12:45 AM)
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With a girth wider than any other tree and branches that reach so high they brush the belly of the sky, the Red Wood Forest is made a captivating place by these trees alone. These giant conifers grow naturally in only this land of Yavania, although the reason for that is unknown. Though the trees are plentiful and very nearly completely cover the ground in shade, the forest is by no means thick as these trees need generous space to grow. Interspersed between their mighty trunks are patches of emerald ferns and the occasional sapling, daring to rise up next to these monoliths. A large creek marks the border of this land and the Mossy Woodlands, and this is the lands only supply of fresh water. In the winter, this land gets plenty of snow all season long, and all season long mist from the Misty Thicket occasionally billows across the river and into the land. Due to a past realm, house-like structures made of stone can be found in three separate locations within the forest.
Last Post: [P] We all have Secrets, by Dragos (12-08-2021, 07:03 PM)
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This northern land is harsh and, in certain areas the snowy mountains fade to give way to relatively flat ground. The ground of these flatlands are hard and snow-covered for most of the year; only during the summer, for a brief amount of time, does the snow melt to allow a burst of colorful and hardy wildflowers to grow. Throughout the rest of the year, rainfall is scarce - the only reliable water source being the large lake that exists along the eastern edge of this territory. Prey exists here in the form of snow geese and caribou and shelter can be found in the form of shallow dens beneath outcroppings of rock, or beneath some of the large foliage that exists along the borders of the territory.
Last Post: Ready or Not by Accalia (01-07-2022, 02:53 AM)
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Commonly described as stunning and unusual, these tunnels are carved out of the frozen mountain range in the north. Crystalline water snakes its way beneath the icy surface, reflecting what little sunlight does enter the caves so much so that it is easy to see all details of this territory. The river also provides this lands main source of prey: seafood, the most common of which being salmon. Although this territory is mostly submerged, there are a variety of small paths along the edges of the river to provide room for walking.
Last Post: {DT}{Jinx}{M}Under the we... by Levi (10-06-2021, 04:38 PM)
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Though named for the giant bamboo that dominates this landscape, it is by no means the only plant that can be found here. Many species of bamboo grows here, in addition to the grass that covers the jungle floor. Most of the bamboo grows 15-50 feet tall, providing plenty of shade for the creatures that call this land home. Though there are no large sources of standing water, the runoff from the mountains to the north and east provide fresh water year round. It never falls below 10° F, snowfall is not rare here in the winter.
Last Post: Complot by Missy (01-13-2022, 06:38 PM)
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South of the Tundra, the mountainous terrain seems to dissipate and give way to a flat forest dominated by evergreen hemlock and spruce trees. The forest is interspersed with marshes near the river that runs straight through the heart of the land, where millions of salmon begin their migration upstream to spawn every summer in a spectacular display. These salmon summon quite a diverse range of carnivores, ranging from eagles to bears. In the winter, this land is no better off than the tundra, though it gets much less snow overall.
Last Post: Beautiful you. by Akari (11-18-2021, 02:29 PM)
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Northern Lands
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