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The most prominent part of this territory is a large, mountainous waterfall halfway between the middle of the land and the norther border. At the top of the mountain, in a flat-like stretch of land, is a vast lake fed by the abundant rain that narrows to a river just before cascading down into a waterfall. The tumultuous waters of the Falls collect in a smaller lake at the base of the mountain before snaking southward in a large, deep stream to meet the ocean, thundering over the cliffs in the south to join the saltwater. A constant supply of water to all who inhabit the area, including prey, make the falls an excellent place to hunt. Bordered by the Spiral Rainforest to the west and Crow Canyon in the north, this lush environment is home to a variety of prey, large and small. Caves in the mountain, both behind the waterfall and scattered at various heights and locations, provide plenty of shelter. A thick, healthy forest blankets the terrain, similar in nature to the Rainforest. The area immediately around the Falls tend to be misty, especially during the morning. As in the Spiral Rainforest, it never snows here and is consistently hot and humid.

Claimed by Algiz

Last Post: Chances are Chances, you ... by Accalia (Today, 01:32 AM)
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A perpetual mist hangs over this land, encouraged by the constantly humid environment, creating an ethereal atmosphere. The constantly supply of water, both along its borders and heavy in the atmosphere, have allowed for a wide array of plant life to flourish. This rainforest is not characterized by the wild variety of plant and animal life, but instead by the enormous stone peaks that rise from the earth at various points. It is still unclear as to how these formations occurred, but it has not stopped the vegetation of the land from attempting to reclaim the peaks as their own. Brave foliage wraps around the sides rocky sides of the peaks and trees have even managed to grow on the tops. Steep cliffs hug the southern side of the rainforest that borders the ocean, and they are layered with rocks of various sizes and shapes. It never snows here, even in the dead of winter, but heavy showers are frequent throughout the year.

Claimed by the Verja

Last Post: Boredoom by Sebastian (12-03-2021, 04:08 PM)
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Bordered by Dolphin Marsh in the northwest, this land is separated by the marsh by a thick but shallow river. The lands are similar in that they are heavily saturated with the water from the north, but this swampland is different mostly in that it is moderately forested by cypress, red maple and buttonwood trees whereas the marsh is not. This swamp is also home to a dense population of what are known as mudbugs; crustaceans that resemble small lobsters. The reason why the population of mudbugs is so prevalent in this area is unknown, but they make a tasty snack for hungry predators. The nutrient filled waters attract other prey as well, including white-tail deer, raccoons, beavers and a variety of water-fowl. Crocodiles and alligators aren't too common, but a wise animal would be wary nonetheless. As in the Moor, it does not snow here but in the winter, frost covers the ground.
Last Post: Disgust and Boredom by Ruven (12-08-2021, 06:26 PM)
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Devoid of trees, this wetlandland is made up of a network of rivers and streams that are plentiful with fish. Waterlogged grasses, rushes and reeds can be found in abundance here. The Mossy Woodlands border the Marsh to the north, Mudbug Swamp to the south, and Asil's Moor to the west. Its strange namesake comes the Bottlenose Dolphins that call it home: these dolphins can be seen fishing by herding the fish towards the bank and pushing full force into the shore, creating a bow wave that flushes the fish onto the banks. Waterfowl come from all around to take advantage of this phenomenon, as do crocodiles and alligators. The warmest of the wetlands, winter doesn't even bring frost here.
Last Post: A Darkened Path by Accalia (11-13-2021, 04:08 AM)
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Nestled between mountains, marsh and woodlands lies a deep, yawning chasm that divides the earth in two. At the base of this canyon, a wide river snakes through its center fed by the waters in the north and flanked on both sides by a flat expanse of land that ends with the rocky canyon walls. These sturdy corridors not only provide a defense system for all who live within the land but they are also riddled with caves, both shallow and large, that can be used as shelter. Small mammals and reptiles are plentiful in the canyon and can be found anywhere, from the rocky sides to the flat basement, but larger prey, such as antelope, sheep and deer, tend to gather in its center by the river, where vegetation and water is more plentiful. On occasion, wind currents can become trapped within the canyons corridors, and can send forceful gusts of air through the land. It is hot by day, though it still manages to get cold at night. It never snows here.
Last Post: Silence is golden, yes? by Adrestia (12-28-2021, 11:02 PM)
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This rugged terrain separates two wildly different biomes: the tropical Marrok Falls and the hot and dry White Desert. The peaks of this landscape do not rise high enough to be considered mountains, but none-the-less the steep slopes can provide dangers to those who aren't careful. Vegetation in this territory is short and tough, and found only in the narrow valleys between the ridges, and tends to attract the kinds of herbivores who are surefooted, such as goats. Water is scarce and typically found only along the border it shares with Marrok Falls, except for the small, elevated lake. Shelter, on the other hand, is plentiful. The ridge offers a wide variety of shallow caves and outcroppings that are sturdy and have held up over the centuries. This is a land for the tough, as it is not only dangerous but remains warm year-round.
Last Post: Silence is golden, yes? by Adrestia (12-28-2021, 11:02 PM)
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Although this territory does not cover a vast expanse, it is a land that exists both above and below the ground. Above ground are a series of small mountains, and some of the taller peaks possessing a collection of snow during the cooler seasons. The prey that is found above ground is of the larger, tougher variety with most possessing horns or antlers to fend of predators. This prey includes mountain goats and bighorn sheep, although rabbits and small rodents have been seen. Below the mountains lay a network of intricate tunnels, carved out over thousands of years by water. The only water source that exists now is in the form of a slender, narrow creek that is fed by the collection of ground water in the earth and ends in a small underground lake at the southern border of the territory.
Last Post: someone like you by Sebastian (11-17-2021, 10:25 PM)
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Aptly named for the plentiful supply of moss that thrives most particularly in this part of the world, the Mossy Woodlands is a large expanse of forest. Trees of all varieties populate this territory, from birch to elm to poplar, and almost all of them coated with some amount of thick, green moss. The moss does not seem to do any harm to the vegetation, however, as there is also a healthy supply of undergrowth and plenty of prey animals that call this land home. The Mossy Woodlands share a river as a border with the Red Wood Forest, and it gets snow in the winter, though more so in the north than in the south.
Last Post: [Lokali] Wannabe by Carina (01-14-2022, 10:24 PM)
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South of the Falls, a unique formation called a tepui juts from the earth, completely isolated from the mountain range of the area. This table-top mountain is really a sandstone structure that seems to rise abruptly from the green forest and stretches on for half a mile in length. In the warmer seasons, the air at the top of the plateau is thicker with mist than at the base. The area surrounding the plateau sports a healthy amount of trees and vegetation that is vastly different than that found at the top of the plateau and it is tropical, warm and humid. The plateau gets lots of rain and, interestingly, is home to many carnivorous plants. As in the other tropical regions, it never snows here. Where this land meets the ocean is jagged cliffs, not sandy beaches.

Claimed by Aldrnari

Last Post: Humming Along by Leif (01-09-2022, 06:30 PM)
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Almost all of the plants in this patch of forest are of the jacaranda family, shrubs and trees ranging from sixty to nearly one hundred feet tall. The flowers of each, blooming from spring to fall, come in nearly a dozen different colors, mostly in shades of purple that range from lavender to violet. Mixed in are a few non-Jacaranda trees and bushes, such as maple and oak as well as lilacs. This land has no shortage of water, with a river to its west and wetlands to the south. Snow does fall here in the winter, but deep snow is very rare. It is a lush forest with vast resources and prey.
Last Post: rhinestone eyes by Hordak (Today, 02:22 PM)
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Central Lands
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