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As its namesake suggests, cherry blossom trees are plentiful here, making for a beautiful display of pink and white flowers when the trees are in bloom. Unusually these trees seem to be in bloom nearly year round, with the exception of winter, though no one is quite sure why. There is minimal undergrowth to be found, leaving large open spaces between trees. Though cherry blossom trees are numerous, they are not the only species that occupy the terrain: orange, apple, pear, apricot, peach, mango, plum, and walnut trees can all be found here, attracting a vast variety of prey animals in the spring and summer seasons. Vine-growing fruits are also plentiful. It borders the ocean to the south in a stretch of sandy beaches and steep cliffs. Separated from the surrounding lands by streams, water is plentiful here. Though it does get chilly in fall and winter it never snows, as it is too close to the warm ocean. In the middle of the land rests a sapling redwood tree, planted by one of the residents of a realm, and in a nearby underground den is a stone-brick oven made with earth magic.

Claimed by the Verja

Last Post: on fire by Hera (01-13-2022, 06:28 PM)
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At first glance, this vast expanse of territory appears only to be the same field of green as its neighbor in the north, the Emerald Flats, and they share many of the same qualities, such as prey that can be found here and available shelter. Separating the plains from the flats are the inexplicable rock formations that rise from the earth in a monumental and supernatural way. These blue-grey stones are enormous, both in height and girth, and tend to inspire awe in all those that view them. Their vertical nature contradicts their sturdiness, as not even the largest wind gust can move them, and are the only source of shelter that can be found on these plains. It is widely believed that it was the Avatars, or Mother Earth herself that placed the pillars here, but theories as to why vary drastically from story to story. Where the Plains border the ocean is the warmest part of this land and it never drops below 65 degrees. However, the area where Plains meet the Emerald Flats may tend to get a few inches of snow in the winter.
Last Post: Reconnections by Theia (12-31-2021, 05:39 PM)
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A blanket of green meadow grass is hidden beneath the namesake of this gently sloping territory. Saffron flowers bloom among dandelions and daffodils. Other than the meadow grass and flowers, there is little else in the way of vegetation, except the occasional small shrub, making shelter in this area scarce. Despite the lack of trees, life can be found in abundance, especially insects and other pollinators. The wide creek that surrounds the territory on all sides provides a stable water source. The southern part of the Meadows tends to stay warm, not even getting a frost in the winter. The northern part, however, can get up to a few feet of snow each year. A ring of green lights (due to the magical power Lantern) encompasses the border of this land due to a past leader's doing. Similarly due to the intervention of a realm, a small copse of various deciduous trees traces the southern border though these trees are young.
Last Post: Some serious thinking. by Anastasia (01-13-2022, 04:21 PM)
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These smooth plains are blanketed by a thick layer of vibrant green grass, stretching far over the horizon until it reaches the mighty Red Wood Forest. There is little to no other vegetation, save for the occasional bush or the colorful peppering of small flowers. The only water source in this area comes from the large creek that snakes around its eastern and southern border, separating the land from the Saffron Meadow and Pillar Plains. This even, flat territory is abundant with prey life, mostly in the form of deer, sheep, rabbits and small rodents. Since the ground is soft without being muddy, it is possible to dig small dens to use as shelter. In winter it's not uncommon to get many feet of snow as well as temperatures as cold as 10 degrees.
Last Post: Baby, you're not dancin' ... by Pualani (12-02-2021, 06:28 PM)
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This territory is unique in that it is only accessible through a narrow strip of land that connects it to the mainland, specifically the Cherry Blossom Grove. Sandy beaches surround the peninsula on all sides, varying in width, separating land and sea. The water surrounding the land is typically calm, clear and warm, with the gentle waves acting as the soothing heartbeat of the ocean. Inland, palm trees of all species dominate the sparse vegetation, hence the origin of this territory's name. A small lake exists on the northern face of this land, containing freshwater that is suitable for drinking. Because of the warm ocean currents, it never snows here or it rarely falls below 70 degrees in fall and winter. However, tropical storms are quite common here and can be dangerous. Due to the intervention of realm, the land contains dozens of variously shaped house-like structures made of stone. Most of them line the border of the land, just beyond the beaches, but two buildings rest in the middle of the main strip of land.

Claimed by the Verja

Last Post: Dramatics by Yhael (01-13-2022, 10:12 PM)
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What distinguishes this wetland from the rest of those in Yavania is the neutral/alkaline pH of the water as well as its relatively high dissolved mineral levels, making this a fen. Grasses, sedges, rushes, wildflowers, and brown mosses dominate this landscape. One of the more colorful species is the showy lady's slipper orchid. The water level changes with the rain, rising and falling. A large array of reptiles and waterfowl call this terrain home as well as the occasional beaver family. A rare alligator or two may find its way here, a danger to the unobservant traveler. Though it does not snow here, the northern end of this land gets frost in the winter.
Last Post: Just a young gun with a q... by Machai (12-04-2021, 12:21 AM)
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Western Lands
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