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A sea of white stretches as far as the eye can see, vibrantly complementing the sky of brilliant sapphire that lays over this land. When the days are clear, it is a beautiful but desolate place, unless one knows how to live in such a terrain. The foliage that grows in this land is hardy and sparse, hidden away from immediate observation, and fresh water is a tricky resource to find. Despite the hardships this land can present, it is teeming with life and also has adequate shelter if one knows how to navigate through this pale sea of sand. This land never falls below 80 degrees even on its coldest day, though the southern edge does get a nice breeze from the ocean.
Last Post: Being bad by Pollux (12-01-2021, 06:54 PM)
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The name of this land is misleading, as it is not a valley but in fact it is rather a flat expanse of land characterized by a collection of towering sandstone formations. Richly russet in color, these spires dominate the horizon with steep unclimbable sides that can provide shelter only in the form of shallow caves and narrow outcroppings. The sand and dirt of the land are red in hue as well, although they are a few shades paler than the tall peaks, and peppered by tumbleweed, cacti, the occasional juniper tree and the contrasting purple sage flower. The only reliable water source found in this area is the dew that gathers on vegetation and rocks in the morning, and the moisture that is contained in the fruits of the cacti, although some shallow streams can be discovered along the borders of this territory. In winter and fall, however, water gathers in a shallow pond that disappears in summer and spring. Due to the sparse vegetation and scarce water supply, there is little in the way of large prey, save for the occasional herd of antelope, but small rodents and reptiles can be found in decent amounts if one knows where to look. Though it never snows here, it can get cold at night.
Last Post: frozen by Sebastian (11-22-2021, 06:38 PM)
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To the far east the monochrome sands of the White Desert give way to a kaleidoscope of colors. As its name suggests, the sands here burst with color. Interestingly, the colors never change: if a creature was to move the sand particles, they would change color to match their new location. The shore to the south provides a cool breeze, making this land a nicer temperature than the surrounding deserts. It's always pleasantly warm here, though it can get chilly at night.
Last Post: What ifs by Akeela (12-31-2021, 10:02 PM)
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An array of pine, fir and cedar trees are spread throughout this expanse of forest. A mountain range borders it in the north and spills into the forest in the form of jagged hills and small cliffs. Where there are not rocks, there is a carpet of pale green that blankets the terrain with only a small amount of brush as undergrowth. The only break in this rocky terrain and moderate vegetation is in the form of a lake, with water that is crystalline if the bottom is not disturbed. The lake is fed by the melted snow that runs off from the mountain range in the north, and makes this lake the most uniquely flavored water in the lands. Where the Woods border the desert to the south stays free of snow year round, but the far north of this terrain gets plenty of snow in the winter.

Claimed by the Legion

Last Post: Returns by Quintus (01-01-2022, 10:07 PM)
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In the mountains to the east lies a peak that towers far above the rest. Draped in a thick blanket of snow near the top, this summit hides a dark secret: it's actually a volcano that has not been inactive for quite some time. If it remains that way has yet to be seen, but some might consider the hot springs and lush coniferous forest to be worth the risk. The snow is present year-round, but it does recede quite a bit in spring and summer, leading to an abundance of fresh streams that cascade down the mountains. An abundance of prey call this volcano home, including deer, elk, mountain goats, and more.
Last Post: On my way home this Chris... by Adrian (12-29-2021, 10:13 PM)
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Though its name seems unglamorous, it actually refers to the bioluminescent phytoplankton that call the beaches of this island home. When disturbed, the microscopic plankton flicker blue, creating a spectacular display every night because as the waves crash upon the beach, they burst with light. The island itself sports twin ponds that never dry, though it lacks a variety of vegetation or very large prey animals. To get to and from this isle, creatures can walk along one of the two sandbars that connect to the main land, though they are sometimes partially covered with water. Animals that cannot swim likely shouldn't venture out here.
Last Post: [Cothurnus] Welp by Cothurnus (08-21-2021, 03:03 AM)
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Though composed of large, sweeping white dunes, this land is not an actual desert as it gets regular rainfall. Fresh water collects in the valleys between sand dunes and is prevented from soaking into the earth by a layer of thick rock which lies underneath the sand. The resulting blue and green lagoons are surrounded by the desert-like sand, dotted with sparse patches of green grass. The lagoons reach their fullest in summer due to the rains and are thick with the wolf fish or tiger fish that are capable of submerging themselves in the mud between dry spells, if necessary. It never snows here and is always warm.
Last Post: Okay, nope. by Sakuya-hime (05-06-2021, 05:02 PM)
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The ocean meets jagged, rocky cliffs here, all except in one area: the cove. Soft, sandy beaches brush the shore where more than a few caverns can be found, deep enough to provide shelter. A few of these caverns have winding tunnels that lead upwards and to the cliffs and the rocky plateau-like terrain that make up the majority of this land. Many trees can be found along these cliffs and the plateau is bursting with floral life, providing habitat for an abundance of prey animals. In addition, a small lake can be found to the northeast.

Claimed by Vipera

Last Post: Stand By by Draconis (01-01-2022, 10:09 PM)
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Hidden in this densely forested, mountainous terrain are dozens of caves. From the outside these caves look like nothing special, but once a creature steps inside it becomes apparent what sets this land apart. The caves in this area are packed with thousands of glowworms that radiate their unmistakable luminescent light. The walls are covered with fungi, such as the cave flower, and many of the caves contain small freshwater lakes. Though the most abundant prey in the caves are insects such as ants and crickets, the terrain outside is plentiful with larger prey. The caves inside are a stable temperature, but the outside is subjected to the change of the seasons. In winter, it's not uncommon for snow to cover the land, especially to the north.
Last Post: Make Haste [TS] by Dragos (08-07-2021, 05:12 PM)
Threads: 12 | Posts: 52

This desert stands out from the rest due to its large and deep oasis, centered in the middle of the land which is its namesake. As the seasons progress, the oasis gets smaller and smaller until it is refilled by the rain in winter. Hot and dry, it is full of cacti and other spiny plants, providing shelter and resources to the creatures that reside here. The earth is a mixture of dehydrated, cracked earth and sand, making it unsuitable for a diverse type of plants. This land remains hot year round, continuously over 90°F during the day. However, at night, it drops below 40°F.
Last Post: Raising the dead. by Anastasia (12-10-2021, 05:45 PM)
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Eastern Lands
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