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This wide ranging forest to the South of Yavania flourishes with an abundance of eye catching fungi, shaping the grounds into a unique terrain, easily distinguishable from its bordering lands. With a high variety of mosses, mushrooms and lichen present, the lands are rich in biodiversity and plentiful in color. Some of these mushrooms even possess bioluminescent qualities, turning them to glow dimly in the dark of the night, providing quite the sight each night. The Hollow's climate is overall humid and warm and experiences zero snowfall in winter. Rather, winter is marked by frequent storms. Rain is present in high quantities throughout the rest of the year as well, with less frequent but severe storms. Out of all the Southern lands of Yavania, this forest undergoes the most rainfall, sprouting life to its extraordinary nature. A river to the east separates the Hollow from the Prairie and provides a constant source of water for its inhabitants.
Last Post: {Exposed} to the elements... by Levi (12-09-2021, 12:28 AM)
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Expanding to great distances and bordered by the sea, these rolling hills are a sight to see. Coated with a thick layer of bright green grass year-round, the hills are similar to green painted deserts in their waving shapes across the land. With various trees and shrubs scattered across the great landscape, it’s nowhere near empty or lifeless. Unlike the Savannah to the East where the vegetation is rather scant, the Morwynne Hills have a higher density and variety of foliage. It does not experience as much rainfall as Mushroom Troop Hollow, but it still gets more rain evenly throughout the year than the closely located Savannah and Covert. Though there is no stable lake or pond, rainfall water collects in indentations in the ground, providing water for the lands.
Last Post: [M] First Time by Akky (12-21-2021, 01:28 AM)
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A land dominated by the captivating Dragon's Blood tree, Fairice Covert is warm year-round, only cooling off to about 72 °F in the evening. The oddly formed trees grow thickly around each other, with stubby green bristles atop their branches that act like a canopy to those down below. The Dragon's Blood tree is known for its unique behavior in that it produces a sticky red sap that oozes from its trunk. This sap is highly renowned for it's healing abilities, and may be applied to the skin or ingested for various positive results. The ground surrounding the trees is quite rocky, but is generally flecked in stubby grass. Some areas are free of trees, giving way to rocky open lands near the coast and borders. To the west, a river lies, creating a border between the Covert and the Vesis Savannah. To the south-west lies a smaller river that ends abruptly in a lake, shared with Limestone Prairie. Two additional lakes reside within the Covert, offering closer water sources to those living here. Rain falls evenly across the seasons, providing a stable environment.
Last Post: [TS] Hateful Rain by Hook (08-02-2021, 08:06 PM)
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As the name suggests, this Savannah is adorned by a vast expanse of golden colored grasses, accompanied by various other shrubby plants. Generally an open land, acacia trees are spread widely across the fields, speckling the flaxen hued land in random places. Vesis Savannah is always warm, frequently hot, and never gets snow. Instead, the rainy season replaces what would normally be a winter. During this time, the golden stalks of grass will turn a rich green with health, the small lake within the territory replenishing its water sources after receding during the dry season. At this time, prey becomes abundant, with various African species, gazelle, warthog, zebra, etc, emerging to graze and drink from the water hole. The rest of the year is dry with little to no rain.

Claimed by Vrai

Last Post: When you have no control,... by Arya (01-10-2022, 11:51 PM)
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If not for the rocky, limestone protrusions that can be found all over the land, the Prairie would resemble the Savannah. While some are no larger than ten feet tall and ten feet wide, others are over a hundred feet. The larger limestone hills contain caves and twisting tunnels, providing a cool and dark place for the land's inhabitants to take shelter from the harsh sunlight. Similar to the Savannah, the Prairie gets no snow but has a rainy season in the winter that floods the land with precious water. A few light rainstorms happen throughout the rest of the year, allowing some of its grass species to remain green year round. To the west lies a river that separates the Prairie from Mushroom Hollow. Though there are not enough trees to make a complete canopy, there are quite a few different species of trees here. A stream breaks off from the river to the north, collecting in a generous lake halfway down the land. It is lush year-round but it tends to overflow in winter.
Last Post: One Step at A Time by Yura (01-07-2022, 12:45 AM)
Threads: 30 | Posts: 136

Temperate for most of the year, it's easy to see what sets this land apart. Twenty lush hot springs cover the land, terraces of hot springs cascading down the hills like natural fountains. Travertines, a form of limestone deposits, are abundant. White and cream-colored, they are what make up the terraces, created by millennia of flowing water. The hot springs themselves contain crystal clear water that is ranges from 95 to 212 °F. Winter, unlike the lands to the west, creates a light frost here in some places due to this land's overall higher elevation. The only exception to this is the sandy beaches, where the warm ocean meets the land. Though the hot spring areas of this land are mostly coated with limestone, rocky and tough, there are patches of green away from those areas where grass and trees thrive. It rains frequently, keeping the vegetation lush. Offshore, to the northeast, a vibrant coral reef can be seen through the crystal clear water.
Last Post: Thawing of a Heart by Levi (12-31-2021, 04:47 PM)
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There is nothing ordinary about the mega flora that resides within this land. The limbs of these great oaks look as if they have been twisted and manipulated every which way, brushing the ground in many cases and wrapping and overlapping over and around their own limbs. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind this fanning of branches, the explosion from the epicenter of the oak's main bough spiders out into great veins of bough and limb, green leaves and petioles cling to each branch with vibrant haloing life. Beneath these giant beasts are the more humble and less sporadic looking shrubs. Various bushes and shrubbery of all sorts make up the understory beneath the great arching reach of the angel oak trees that dominate these tangled wilds. Where these mighty oaks meet the Hollow sees the most rainfall, but the land's sole water source is the large stream that divides the Wilds from the Morass. Though frost is frequent in fall, snow rarely collects upon the forest floor in winter.

Claimed by Havok

Last Post: [TS] Rain rain, go away by Liecia (12-10-2021, 12:49 AM)
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The morass is a unique niche of land. The entire expanse of rolling hills that compose the vibrant green terra is covered in moss. Cutting and slicing through the hills are dozens of creaks and streams that keep the green moss vibrant and healthy and the land ever moist and saturated. The ground here is far from firm or dry. Soil is coated with moss in a thick top layer and the wet loam is practically slick mud and clay making this land particularly interesting to traverse through. The whole lot of the land is surrounded by a whole network of rivers that help demarcate the surrounding lands from the mossy morass within. These larger rivers help replenish and fill the creaks and streams that feed the land and keep the moss moist and healthy, and nearly the entire land is surrounded by thick streams. River birches, cottonwood, and weeping willow trees dot the landscape, clustered in some areas but mostly scattered. When it snows in winter, it tends to create a thin layer of frost and ice that melts quickly, except for in the shadows of trees where it lingers longer.
Last Post: Pot, Kettle by Exposed (12-25-2021, 05:18 PM)
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Ensconced on the far lower east of Yava is a treasure trove of wonders created and made possible by the unique rock formations and the transitional tide of the area. While not a sandy beach, this area does not meet a sudden drop off like other lands. Instead the rocky and craggy stone structures, pocked and weathered and bored through from the millennia of battering waves, creep into the ocean until none can be seen. The formations that remain above the surface reach quite a ways into the land. Within even these inner dips and pools life can be found in the strange phenomena known as tidal pools. As per the name these tidal pools are affected by the whim of the tide. High tide at evening and morning, low at afternoon and night. When the tide recedes back a good ways and reveals the pockets of water within the slabs of rock that encompass the beach. Pebbles can be found in strips before the expanse of rock begins and after if the tide recedes enough. A unique geographical formation of coquina and limestone has crafted this shoreline and allowed for the existence of these tidal pools. Many hardy types of marine flora and fauna can be found within these tidal pools during low tide. While these pools create a temporary home and safe place for many marine animals that hide away in them during low tide they can also become a feeding grounds for land animals who stumble upon the pools and their inhabitants. Though cooler in winter than the springs to the north, the warm ocean current keeps the land from ever seeing snow. Rain is plentiful here, though the most abundant non-aquatic plant life is the short, dark grass that grows away from the beach. Complimenting the rarity of the land, just offshore -- to the northeast -- is a vibrant coral reef teeming with a kaleidoscope of life.

Claimed by Kamar-Taj

Last Post: Some Light Reading [Mordo... by Mordo (12-27-2021, 08:13 PM)
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Sharp and jutting, great formations reach into the sky with sharp-knife and jagged fingers of limestone. This land is first and foremost characterized by its incredibly sharp, dark grey and peppered black limestone formations which can cause harm if not traversed gingerly. Rough and rugged suits the terrain nicely. Nothing is strictly friendly about this place and hardiness thrives here. The forest that scathes up from between and around the rock formations that reach heights even taller than the highest canopy in some areas, are dry and unforgiving. Gnarled and tenacious trees that grow between the already choked maze of sharp rock, making traversing this land even more dangerous for the fool hardy. These limestone karst outcrops, or tsingys, are the most striking feature of the land. Once within the folds of stone and rock it becomes a maze of twists and turns and dead ends within, the forest canopy above in many areas cast darkness onto the land below and makes navigating this place even harder. As one moved further south the land becomes more saturated and as the tsingy begin to thin out into fewer large outcrops and only the occasional jutting structure, mangroves can be found jutting up from the land and hugging the southern shoreline, roots dug into the sand to stand firm and stalwart along the southern stretch of beach. The land's only saving grace is that due to the warm ocean currents it never grows cold enough to snow here.
Last Post: No wood, no fire. by Adrian (04-27-2021, 08:02 PM)
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Southern Lands
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