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Misty ThicketThis terrain is very much like its easterly neighbor, the Redwood Forest. It is densely forested, but instead of being dominated by mighty redwood trees this area has a variety of different types of foliage: evergreens, deciduous trees, ferns, and more. However, unlike its neighbor, a constant and ethereal mist hangs over the forest, a silvery fog that is thick and copious. It blankets the land, stopping abruptly at the river on its eastern border and bleeding into the divine land in the south. Although mostly considered just an odd attribute of the land, the mist can grow and thicken, causing it to obscure vision, scent and even hearing of those who are trapped within the fog. It's said that more than a weary soul or two have gotten lost here, never to be heard from again. The constant mist is not the only oddity of the land; the prey that live here tend to be heftier than in non-divine lands. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
Avatar TempleNestled between the eerie Misty Thicket and the Divine Fields is the temple of the Avatars. The structure can be found deep in the heart of the territory, in a sunlit grove surrounded by trees on all sides. It is clear that the structure was not built by the means of mortals and that each moss-covered piece of stone was meticulous in its positioning. Cementing its peculiarity and divinity, a tree rests atop its roof with thick roots cascading across its top and sides, anchoring it to the earth. Despite the shelter that is offered by this stone structure, no animals can be found inside nor in the oddly-placed tree. However in the areas surrounding the temple, prey is in abundance, and like its neighbor in the north, prey animals tend to be larger here. Creatures seeing fortune and favor with Mother Earth and her Avatars will often leave offerings on the Temple stairs. Inside the Temple, tucked away, are many empty but elaborate rooms. Life-size statues of the Avatars themselves can be found in one. Another room will change to the desires of those that stumble across it, giving food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, and wine to those that seek it, in stone bowls anchored to the ground. A large, elaborate pool can be found in another. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
Divine FieldsAn enormous tree lays in the center of this endless field of green. The tree carries the semblance of an oak in the way the leaves are shaped, but that is where the resemblance ends. This tree is of monumental proportions; it is easily as tall as the redwood trees in the north, but its girth is at least twice as wide as theirs. Vines both thick and thin hug the trunk of this tree, with ferns and other small vegetation growing at its base. Life of all shapes and sizes can be found in this tree, from the earth below, to the very top branches; gophers, squirrels, birds and many more call this monolith their home. Surrounding this celestial tree, a blanket of jade embraces gently sloping hills with only a few sparse saplings and bushes to pepper the even terrain. The only fresh water source in this area are the creeks that border it in the north and east. The fields end abruptly in the south where they meet the warm ocean in cliffs steep enough to rival Defros' Pass. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
Cyfton's ArenaThe Spirit of Battle personally sliced off a section of the Divine Fields to create this official fighting grounds for Yavanians. Though nearly encircled by two streams to the north and east, this land is surprisingly far from being lush. What grass does grow here is yellow and usually dry. Small shrubs grow near the water, but otherwise this land is an open terrain meant to promote fair battles. The grass is worn down, mostly dirt near the middle of the land. The land closer to the water is always muddy, capable of trapping those who aren't mindful of its danger. It never snows here, but winter brings a moderate amount of rain, making all but the center of the land a mud trap.
Defros' PassA thin and treacherous land bridge, Defros' Pass is a strip of massive white cliffs that connect the Divine Fields to Syuna's Courtyard and the rest of the Southern Lands. The land is covered in a scruff of short, green grass but not much else. A land that might be dangerous for the young, careless, or blind, each cliff leads to a very steep drop into the deep ocean below. Treacherous waves relentlessly crash into the steep cliffs, and the dark water below is sprinkled with sharp boulders. Like the courtyard, the Pass is warm all throughout the year, with a moderate amount of rainfall. The rain, however, is more dangerous here as it can make the pass slippery and dangerous for the clumsy. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
Syuna's CourtyardSyuna's Courtyard As the bringer of life, it only makes sense for Syuna's Courtyard to be embellished in a massive diversity of plants and flowers. Decorated in a spectacular display of neatly arranged bushes and shrubs, a winding pattern of marble white walkways weave through the scenery, leading the traveler along the garden trail. To the north, a rectangular pond lies, wrapped around by the walkway, and lined by colorful trees; Cherry Blossoms, Jacaranda, Dog Wood, Red Maple, and more. Warm year round, the temperature here rarely fluctuates, even in the winter, and to the north rests a beach of white sand. Throughout the year, there is an even amount of rainfall, keeping the colorful, abstract plant life full and luscious. Visitors need not keep to the trails, as is evident by the open fields available. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
Kulla's GraveyardDeath permeates from every crevice of this land. Bones never seem to decay at the rate they should here and the skeletal remains of creatures can be found strewn across the dust ridden and barren soil landscape. At the heart of this deadened land stands a crumbling monolith. A mausoleum of marble and stone that has weathered the test of time and fallen short. A garish tomb of dark stone and shock of obsidian through the deathly cold stone that create the large resting place. Stairs lead up to the entrance of the crumbled monument. Guarding the entrance on either side of the beginning of the staircase are identical raven statues. Life-like and eerie, their beady stone eyes seem to follow those who dare step upon the steps of the tomb. Skulls are inlaid in the walls and ceiling, and a chandelier of bone hangs from above. Torches flicker and waver but never go out and cast just enough light to see. Stairs at the far back, framed by an intricate arch, descend into darkness, but about ten feet down the spiraling stairs, there is a wall and no visible way to get past it. Mist hangs, not as heavy as the mist of the forest northwards, but unsettling all the same and with a sense of foreboding, especially at night when one walks upon the hallowed graves of the fallen creatures or attempts to claim one of the deceased bones as their own. The gnarled and knobby corpses of dead trees litter the land, suspended in the same state of non-decay as the bones that litter the graveyard realm. Dead, though never rotting, trees litter the landscape. The only flora that thrives here short, dark grass and the occasional bellflower. Despite that it gets cold enough to snow in winter, it rarely accumulates beyond a few inches. Frost is much more common, frequent in late fall and even early spring. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
Litar's OrchardThough not as diverse in plantlife as Syuna's Courtyard to the north, the orchard is abundant in flowering trees that bear fruit in the spring and summer. Apple, pear, and orange trees to name a few. A ring of Japanese maple trees rest at the center of the land, their leaves crimson, gold, and orange year round despite the temperature, a stark contrast from the green that surrounds them. In the middle of them is a large clearing. The trees here never lose their leaves in winter, despite that they are not evergreens, as if Litar's magic protects them. Yet that is not the only gift the Spirit of the Hunt grants here: prey are protected from being hunted in Litar's Orchard. Should a predator try to hunt, they will find themselves physically unable to do so. A large lake rests where the Orchard meets the Hollow, nearly creating a barrier between the two lands. The lake itself is gives way to swampy lands in the northwest, complete with cattails, aster, and sedges. It never snows here, though frost is common in winter. Sparring is not permitted in this land.
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