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Private [DG] {Zalika} Emotional Explanation

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RE: [DG] {Zalika} Emotional Explanation

Zalika Dame

It’s one belief, one spark, one faith and one restart
And we can reboot the whole chart before it all falls apart

Zalika had been traveling outside of the realm for sometime. She had been looking for something to do - something that could ease her anxious energy. As she had traveled, she hadn't realized that she would come across the dead body of a ball python. She paused over it, knowing that her power to reanimate the dead would fail upon the snake. The snake was no small creature. She studied it, hoping to find a possible reason for the death. As she studied it, she hadn't realized that she used ghoul to bring it to life. Sharing life force with the snake obviously had its costs. But as it flicked its tongue, slithering upon her shoulders, just as her scalelesss snake companion did, Zalika didn't much care.

She traveled home, heading toward the peninsula when she heard the howl. Her ears flicked, her head tilting slightly because she know the voice that called for her. It was also a good thing that Zalika had a wolf for a mother.

Zalika headed toward where the howl had originated from. Once she was there, the jaguar could tell that there was something wrong with Fjura. Her eyes narrowed as she moved quickly toward her. "Fjura?" Her voice was soft as she blinked at the female wolf. "Is there something the matter?" Had something happened while she had been away? Her snake companion flicked its tongue but otherwise waited for instructions from its master.

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