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Borders Build It High

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RE: Build It High

(This post was last modified: 01-19-2019, 03:31 AM by Dvir. Edited 2 times in total.)
He looked at Maraki as he showed up, reinstating what the bird already said. He wasn't deaf he could listen when he wanted to. So he just ignored the male as he spoke and continued his eyesight back to the bird.

A chuckle escaped his throat as he listened to the bird. Sassy little bird she was. He found it refreshing. He looked at the wolf Max as he actually insulted the bird. Of course prey animals could talk. Was he an imbecile? He looked at her and the land around him. He moved a hoof against the grass. "Sassy, I like it. You do prove a good point. However just as you are a neighbor in the land next to ours would you say you own land? Eden is a place and I rule over it but no I do not own it. I am merely king. As for your apology, no harm has been done. Curiosity is a good trait to have. As for the unfinished structure, come with me. Further inland near a stream my Chastity made a bridge that is quite lovely." He said moving his head in a way to beckon her towards the bridge near the stream.

He gave a look at Maraki and raised an eyebrow as he told the bird to move closer to the borders. What was he even still doing here. There was no need for him or Max to be talking. Maraki was a scribe nothing more. Chastity may like him but his snobbish attitude grated on his nerves something fierce. "Maraki why don't you go get dear Chastity." He said looking at the male before he looked back at the bird. "I do have a question for you, where else is there houses?" If there were others that could perform this art perhaps he could get ideas for Chasity and show her. She may like that.

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RE: Build It High

(This post was last modified: 03-29-2019, 02:52 PM by Thi. Edited 7 times in total.)
Thi looked up, watching as a small russet wolf walked over and joined the group. He seemed familiar with the big black wolf, talking to him at length in a foreign language before turning to face her with a smile. Her red feather mohawk flared, bowed head lifting slightly in acknowledgement of his smile. Her extended wing tucked as well, ending the bow. He spoke at length, but not toward her at first. He was speaking both to Dvir and Max. He took her side, defending her claim. Favoring a rogue over the men standing beside him was a bold move. Maraki was gambling not only with his life and the safety of the realm, but his fellows’ trust. They were all lucky she was just an old woman who felt like messing with them and not some villainous, lying animal. “Well met, Maraki. I’m Thi Chau. My last name means ‘Pearl’, so you’re free to call me that if you like instead.” She dipped her head to him, thanking him and acknowledging his request. “Of course.” Before she could take to the air in lieu of his telepathic offer for her to join Eden though, the elk cut in. He chuckled, complimenting her and acknowledging the validity of her argument. He then tried to counter argue her point, but he failed miserably— and laughably so. Thi closed her wings, laughing. She laughed so hard she snorted, gasping for air between bouts of laughter. How can his vow to abstain from any and all extramarital coupling build a bridge? If the little russet wolf hadn’t shown up and referred to this ‘Chastity’ as the queen of Eden, she would have had every right to think Dvir a false king and madman. Calming, she took a deep breath to steady herself before replying to him. “If you do not own the land you reign over, then you have no right to set a border to defend and build a town upon it. You are, by definition, a king of nothing but the animals who swear fealty to you.” Thi quieted again, listening to Dvir as he spoke. No wonder Maraki apologized for them. He seemed to care more about showing off his assets— and obtaining more of them —than furthering Eden. He even went so far as to halt and try to dismiss Maraki just so he could flex his royal muscle, disregarding how helpful the man was being. Dvir was selfish through and through. Love can be blind. she mused. Ignoring his demand for her to follow him nowhere and the following question about where else she had seen houses, she turned to Maraki, smiled politely up at him, then flew over and attempted to land on top of his fluffy head. “Would you be a dear and show me to the Redwood Forest border, Maraki?” she cooed. I like him.

OoC: Will break up the wall of text and put it into her PS when I’m on the computer next. Skipping Maximus.


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RE: Build It High

Maraki Isati


Maraki’s introduction was met with a bow from the female avian and a friendly and polite introduction back. She even agreed to his suggestion to move towards the border. Maraki knew that by moving that way, it allowed Thi to flee if Dvir became overwhelming, it allowed for an easier removal of her from the territory if they deemed she needed to leave, and lastly it would make Max most likely feel better having an intruder be closer to the border than in the middle of the realm. Max was very over protective after all. Maraki had taken a bet from the way she spoke that this woman was friendly and it seemed as though his bet was right. He knew that siding with her meant not siding with Dvir, but considering on how Dvir had been treating him, he wasn’t exactly wanting to side with the man. Dvir seemed to let his pride and emotions dictate his words. Besides Chastity had not let Max or Maraki know that there was a king now, and Chastity had more of a level head.

Maraki listened to Dvir speak. “Sassy, I like it.” Maraki maintained his calm and friendly expression, however he did mentally snort. “He enjoys sass but apparently only of the female variety as he seems to dislike me.” He then continued to listen to Dvir’s words. “So… he is agreeing, and disagreeing with her. What… is he even doing?” Following Dvir’s confusing words Thi began to laugh, not just laugh but snort and gasp for air. A slight chuckle left Maraki’s lips before he pursed his lips to try not to laugh further. Dvir would probably be furious with him if he laughed too hard. Dvir’s illogical logic was funny, and it was funny to see someone laugh so hard, it was a bit contagious.

Thi then spoke again to Dvir and Maraki listened quietly. Again, she made sense. To be a king of no land meant he was only a king to people, and meant that he had no ruling over this land. Dvir raised an eye at him, and then ordered him to go fetch Chastity, even calling her “dear Chastity”. “Wow… man… he really thinks he is a walking god or something.” Maraki ignored Dvir and looked back at Thi where she met his eyes as well. She smiled up at him and then flew and… landed on his head. “Oh crap. Max…” He knew Max hated it when people touched him. He looked at Max and gave him a calming smile, and a wink as if trying to tell him it was okay. Thi asked if he could bring her towards the border. Maraki then turned towards the border, again ignoring Dvir as he was trying hard not to vocalize what he really wanted to tell him. Which was.. He can shove it.

"Of course Lady Thi, we can continue our conversation there. Please forgive me if I seem rude with speaking another tongue in front of you. I mean no disrespect to you. I simply prefer to speak to Maximus in our native tongue.” It was true, he did prefer to speak to Maximus in Romanian. It just came more natural to him. He smiled and walked as he spoke in Romanian, to Max. He knew the male would follow him, he basically expected it at this point. Max was basically his shadow, always following and protecting. "Încerc să o alătur. E amuzantă cu un cap bun. Deși copilul în vârstă continuă să bâjbească prostii. Rămâneți între el și eu. Mă îngrijorează că se va opri la mine.” His face and mannerisms gave nothing away to what he was saying to Max.

He then put a large smile on his face as he spoke towards Thi again. "Lady Thi, you said your last name Chau means Pearl. I am curious, what language is that from? I am not familiar with it.” He was asking her harmless questions along the way to the border, although they were informational.

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"I am trying to have her join. She is funny with a good head. Although the overgrown child keeps babbling nonsense. Stay between him and I. I am worried he will snap at me."

I can timeskip although I am just typing as if they are walking and talking.


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