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All Welcome Wash Away The Pain

Verja Duke
Other bird
© Udo
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RE: Wash Away The Pain

Anjay Tsoo

the wizard sparrow

Anjay had been living in a rather calm state of affairs for some time. The world hadn't needed the grand wizard. And so he let them be. Empires probably rose and fell, but never did they come knocking at his tree. A little bored, he had set out for a small flight. He heard the call for backup at the peninsula. And though he wasn't the target of the call, the lands were his. Sure, the person making rules and decrees day to day changed probably, but the lands of the Verja were always his to protect. He let out a small chuckle of mirth at the thought of someone trying to tell him to get out of his tree.

As he got close to the call, he pulled his magic to him. Invisibility bent the light away from him, and stealthy wingbeats went likely unheard. He was too far to be effected by the sunburst from Frigga, but he heard the norse from someone he wasn't too familiar with. Rosetta Stone translated some of it for him. He gathered by the language that the recipient was Frigga or Regalia, and the tone was hard to grasp. He got a part about their way for once, and wondered who they possibly thought they were. The dames were the reason he and this realm was here. For now, he just watched. His old friend could handle herself, and if it was Regalia...well he hoped the male wasn't too fond of his genitals not being burned.

Has a single leather necklace with a gemstone pendant much like this bracketed by these.
Wears 3 leg bands around both legs similar to the picture. Two on the left, one on the right. Except the studs are these and Amethysts for the left leg, and these on the right. They are solid bands with no fasteners on them. He has additional bands around his legs with other gemstones. Ten total leg bands.
On his head rests a light blue woven leather circlet.
He has the image of an icosahedron on his chest as a result of his blessing.


© Drastically_
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RE: Wash Away The Pain

div align=center>

Aiyana Aoyama
“I said I'd be honest, I never said I'd be consistant.”

Aiyana's body landed hard where the AWD had once been. The sensation of pain shooting through her body. Causing the shut of lids to conceal her vision. A whistle of breath sharply taken into the depths of bared teeth, her movements were slightly winded as she rose. Gaze casted down when another memory pushed forth. One of her mother holding her down, canines clasp into her neck with the threat of death.

It was all it took for her not to whimoer out. "Stand STILL, Mother. Your torture will come to an end." Preparing to leap again, limbs shuffling to take on the repeated attack, too many voices distracted her from such actions. Glancing to another AWD, female, that screeched out for all to cease, the cougar became blinded. The brightness of light taking her sight.

"Please! Give me my sight! I must finish her!"Panic began to rise. Nostrils flaring, inhaling the scent of several; but, catching the musk of her opponent, only 3 feet away, she attempted to run forward at full speed with jaws parted wide to latch onto his right shoulder. "No more, Mother. No more."

Aiyana VS. Aurelius & Frigga
4 Days
105lbs and 27in
Good Health
Dodge: 0/1


She walks. | "She talks." | She thinks.


Aldrnari King
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RE: Wash Away The Pain

Herleif Dame-Fritjov
Settle down and listen to me

He heard the sounds of fighting and his ears perked. He moved closer seeing a trespasser crying out in pain from Aurelius it seemed. He saw Frigga, a snake and Regalia there as well. He frowned down at the cougar who was in obvious pain. He didn't say anything though as Duchess Frigga had it fine. Aurelius's words made his hackles raise though. Deal with this his way? He was going to kill the poor cougar. For trespassing he understood talking was needed but a fight? When the cougar was clearly outnumbered was like hitting a tree with a stone, unneeded.

He was there for moral support for whom he wasn't sure. But for everything that went on in the kingdom he wanted to be there. Especially now as the king. He stayed out of the way of everyone as he waited for the fight to conclude and figure out why the cougar was even there.

Electricity - 0/6
Bardic - 4/6
Anima - 1/2
Eidetic Memory | Investigator | Tracker | Stealthy |
Shift - 0/1 | Disguise - 0/1 | Clarity 0/1 | Bulwark 0/1

Actions. | "Speech." | 'Thoughts.'

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Verja Queen
A. wild dog
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RE: Wash Away The Pain

...allow me to deal with things my way for once.”Had he just called her by her name? Had he just implied she'd overridden his authority now or previously?

Her grandson's reply was so completely unexpected that Frigga scarcely believed it. What was he talking about? When had she? Did he think she was commanding him to stop? That her order was only for him? No, it was for them all. Could they not see something was off about this scuffle? The rogue proved her point by rambling words that made no sense, speaking to her mother who clearly was not present.

Frigga did not reply to Aurelius, nor did she continue fighting. Instead, she stopped and stood. Her silence spoke louder than words ever could, her displeasure immense. Looking at the serpent, she attempted to use telepathy. My apologies, brave Valkyrja, for interfering in your fight. While Frigga did not believe it was a necessary fight, she knew it was wise to praise the warriors that were still in training. They needed it more than a King'd delicate ego needed to be appeased.

She held back, seeing what Aurelius would do without guidance. However, she knew action would need to be taken. Clearly, he was insecure if he felt her mere presence at previous events was her overriding him.

Frigga, Aurelius, & Nyru VS Aiyana
For Dominance
(Chill Out Everyone!)
Move 2/3
4 days to reply
26 in & 83 lbs
Excellent Health
Full Dodge Unused
Light: 7/15 used
Psychic: 1/15 used

OC: Frigga is dropping out.

She walks. | "She talks." | She thinks.

Wears a white gold ring with three diamonds (one larger than the rest). Has metal flower earrings; the petals are painted green and blue, with a white pearl in the center. Wears an emerald jewel wrapped in silver on a delicate silver chain. Wears a silver bracelet decorated with three gems, one emerald and two sapphire. She has a gold ring on her right paw, decorated with a blue gem.


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