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All Welcome Blessed Be the Merciful [Aurelius]

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RE: Blessed Be the Merciful [Aurelius]

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She knew he insisted on getting an answer because he was certain he was right. Did he truly not see? Perhaps he was not as violent as Stark, but was that truly a good standard to use to measure someone? In her opinion, no. She loved her brother, but he was away and hopefully healing. If he returned to a violent home...

Telepathy would attempt to be used to answer him, That is a subjective question, sonarsonr. Shall we stand here and argue about the instances I provide? At this time, I do not see the point. What you feel is justified, I feel could be avoided. The law, of course, is on your side. A King must always follow the law, which you abide by. That I commend you for.

His teasing tone made her laugh lightly. Her reply was just as teasing when she said, "I accept, and how else is an old lady supposed to ensure she gets a moment of her sonarsonr's time? You're a very important, very busy man." And that was true. At home, she might not be able to catch him. Here, the Gods all but ensured her call was answered.

Suddenly, she became aware of their crowd -- though she looked upon none of them. It was time to exit and return his dignity. To the crowd, she said, "A misunderstanding, I'm afraid. King Aurelius set the record straight and honors me with a place at his side -- until he is ready to crown his King or Queen." Reassurances for her sonarsonr that she would step down when he was ready. Done with the crowd, she returned her gaze to Aurelius.

Only then would her clone vanish. She became visible once more, standing to his right likely. As if nothing had happened, she approached him slowly. In reply to returning to the Kingdom, she inclined her head. "Might you escort me back, sonarsonr? These old bones aren't what they used to be." Not necessarily a lie, and walking side by side would show the Kingdom they were united.

If that had ever been in doubt.

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RE: Blessed Be the Merciful [Aurelius]

The death of king Asger was swift and unexpected. It flooded through and stained the kingdom like blood. Galadriel wasn't sure what to do. She wasn't part of his family, only an aquaintence--no--a friend. He was gone too soon.

Then, leadership switched hands again. King Aurelius was moved to the Verja and another canine took his place in Aldrnari. This one Galadriel had never seen before. She was beginning to feel more and more distant. It wasn't like the Ainar to keep to herself. Yet she did so. Syfka had been a friend to her. Asger had been a friend to her. Yet again she diminished. However, in this time being there but away, Galadriel had healed immensely from her traumas. At long last, she finally felt as though she could move on from Celeborn's death. But, it would always be with her, weighing on her heart.

Now what was this? A call to the arena brought the woman out of hiding. Still, it appeared Galadriel was somewhat late to the party. Had a fight happened? The dispute, apparently a misunderstanding, was swiftly settled. It was more surprising to hear 'old bones' from the female wild dog, as Frigga seemed half the age of herself. 'Do not let appearances deceive you, Galadriel.' She thought and quietly sat down.

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RE: Blessed Be the Merciful [Aurelius]

His father's dry words were heard but ignored. He respected his dad, sure, but that didn't mean that he had to hang on every word that was spoken. He could heckle him as much as he wanted. After all, Stark had never once told him that he had to mind his tongue. If Jahi was unable to back up his words, then he would have no courage to say them.

Just because he didn't have a filter didn't mean that he wouldn't be able to hold his own. Unlike that of his cheetah sister. His eyes narrowed, even as the lioness came forward. The teenager was met with a look as he turned his gaze upon that of the new comer. "I'm sorry," replied the cheetah-wolf dryly, "but who are you and were you invited into the private conversation?" Even as he asked the question, his sister came up with her lion brat in tow. Her words came, her sarcasm just as dry as Jahi's. That was when the cub would say his name, just as Anjay would flutter into position upon his father's head.

Sighing, Jahi turned his gaze upon his father when the man started to speak once again. He spoke to each in turn that had arrived, even as Jahi considered if this was a lost cause.


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RE: Blessed Be the Merciful [Aurelius]

Now dance, fucker, dance
Man, he never had a chance

She grinned to herself. Both her son and father looked stunned. She was sure that her boy had figured that it was just her. He had, after all, never met his grandfather. Likewise, that grandfather had never been made aware that he had been made a grandfather. Kari couldn't have asked for a better situation. She continued to smirk to herself, even as the boy replied his name toward him. She had not yet really noticed that fact that he might have been shy. He didn't interact with many creatures outside of the realm. She figured that it might be a little strange. Even as her father greeted her boy, Anjay would come. The little sparrow would sit upon her father's head but it was an occurrence that she was rather used to seeing, if one was to ask her. Kari turned her gaze toward her brother when the male spoke to the lioness cub.

Well, that was something that would never change. Said cub instantly turned her gaze upon Soini, asking if he would like to play with her. Kari indicated toward the boy to do what he wished. Just then, it would seem that the fight would end. If it could even be called that. As she glanced over her shoulder, she was able to notice that of her other boy. "Jerrik," the mother wolf called toward her wayward son. "I don't remember allowing you out without an adult."

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RE: Blessed Be the Merciful [Aurelius]

Soini Dame

Hold on for a second
If words can be weapons
Then what I say can affect it

The little sparrow came, landing upon the supposed grandfather's antlers. And that was when the grandfather started to speak. Soini kept his attention upon him, the greeting a simple awkward thing. The smile given to him didn't ease the nerves either. Why was he so on edge? Soini couldn't give an answer to that. There were so many possibilities that it was driving him crazy. Just as he was about to say something, his uncle would speak. Not before his grandfather, though. Suspecting that the words that he said were aimed at the sparrow that was sitting in his antlers, Soini ignored them. His attention went from adult to adult before it was grabbed by the only other youngster near them. His gaze snapped to Nala when she requested if he wanted to play.

The only other ones that he had played with were his siblings. His mother seemed inclined to let him do what he wanted. For the most part, that was her go to. Soini wasn't going to complain because he had a slight more freedom than most. Except when it came to coming out of the territory without proper adult escort. "Play what?" The cub asked. His ears were pointed toward the other lion cub when his mother grabbed his attention. His brother's name dropped from her voice and Soini turned his gaze away from Nala to land his eyes upon the place that Jerrik was at.

His eyes went wide and he couldn't help himself. "Jerrik!" He called, his body standing up straight as he glanced from brother to grandfather. "We have a grandfather." His voice came out in amazement as he waited for Jerrik to be in awe like he was.

"Talk here."
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RE: Blessed Be the Merciful [Aurelius]

"It would seem they have come to an understanding," Freydis informed the russet wolf. Just as her words came, Frigga would address the crowd that had gathered. Stark turned his gaze away from his family, ignoring Jahi toward the lioness cub that spoke immediately to his grandson. His gaze latched upon Frigga, even as she addressed once more to Aurelius. So, she wouldn't even come forward to him? Did she not notice that he was here?

Stark eyed his sister, his heart sinking. No matter that he was surrounded by his children and grandchild, Stark had the need to see that Frigga ws okay. It had been so long since he had been able to speak to her. He knew that was mostly his own fault. That was when Kari would call toward another cub, Stark's gaze becoming distracted as he followed her head in the direction of the one he assumed to be Jerrik. "So," Stark began, his voice drifting toward his daughter, "how many cubs do you have, exactly?" He would wait for the reply, even as Frigga seemed to be waiting for her grandson to take her back home.

Impatience pulled at him as he heard the sigh in his head from the little dragon. Before he could consider what was happening, Freydis scampered down from her resting spot. She then scurried over, Stark's eyes locked upon her as he called toward her through their mental link. It made no difference as the tiny dragon attempted to scamper her way up the leg of one Frigga Fritjov. If able, she would attempt to settle herself against the back, giving a long stare toward Stark as she did so. Grunting, Stark excused himself as he headed toward her.

"I'll escort her home," Stark told Aurelius, daring him to say otherwise. With that, he turned toward his sister, his attention upon Freydis for a second before flicking his gaze back to her. "What? Hot shot Queen too busy already to see her brother? I'm hurt."


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