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We Could be Immortals

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RE: Debts Paid

Regalia Dame

I dream of our story, of our fairy-tale
Family dinners and family trees
Teachin' the kids to say, "Thank you," and, "Please,"
Knowin' if we stay together that things will be right

Regalia arrived way too late to the call, but she hadn't exactly been worried about Anjay. The sparrow was as unkillable as Stark. It was unfathomable to her that he would lose, and she trusted if he was calling someone to death, they damn well deserved it. However, she arrived, and there was no fight. Not only that, but there was no dead body.

What the fuck?

Luckily, Frigga took pity on her upon noting her arrival. Telepathy reached out to Regalia, informing her of what was happening. This tiger, Sirus LeStrange, sexually assaulted one of our members. That member asked for leniency, and Anjay has granted it. Prison is the sentence. He needs guards. Aloud, Frigga said so Regalia and Anjay could hear, "Commander Regalia and the Valkyrja will guard him. They are the finest the Kingdom has to offer."

Regalia recognized a command when she heard it, so she didn't argue. Even if she didn't agree with letting such a criminal live. She was so fuckin' done with rapists.

"Regalia Speaks." & "Frigga Speaks."
ShadeyBabey & Kati H.

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RE: Debts Paid


Sirus would remain where he was, ready for what he needed to live with. Horned skull would lower as he would ignore the banters and words of others. They had no idea, they didn’t know anything, ears pinned against his skull. He looked through the portal, sighing gently as the bird had gone through. Eyes close as he inhales gently, thick limbs shift below as he sways gently waiting. Ears remain back as he hums within his own head, nothing of any recognizable tune, just humming. He hoped to keep the noise blocked out, he didn’t want to hear it anymore, he would be content in peace and quiet. Even if it was for the rest of his days, considering he very well may not have many days left by the time he got out. He didn’t really want to leave though, not over Abraxas, he was not worth losing Syfka for.

He could show he changed and maybe on good behaviors be released early to live life. Tail lashes as eyes open when the bird addresses him, brows furrow slightly before he sighs. It was time wasn’t it? Long lazy stride would willinginly let the tiger cross through the portal to his jail cells home. Paws splay below him as he steps upon the raft as soon as he can. Tail lashes as he kepts his balance, head remains lowered as he keeps his jaws sealed, there was no need to speak until spoken to anyway. That was a lesson Sirus learned at a very young age. Learned to hold his tongue when those above him did not speak to or address him. Exhaling gently, claws unsheath upon the raft as stance widdened for balance, he was not entirely fond of this water deal, at all. Discomfort squirmed below his skin as eyes close once more to avoid watching himself near water. He just wanted to get to the jail cell and not have to worry about potentially falling into the water.


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