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All Welcome Entertainment Needed

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RE: Entertainment Needed

Sauska watched as the man seemed to curl in on himself. They figured he was trying to make himself not look intimidating. They were not very intimidated though, they probably should be to a newly met man especially of his size. Though the way Iorek spoke and acted around them seemed very gentle and thoughtful. Iorek began to lead them towards the realm he grew up in.

After walking in silence for awhile Iorek replied to their question about the lands. He asked what they wanted to know. ”I suppose everything is not a valid answer for that question.” So they would have to pick and choose questions again. Their female voice filled the air as they spoke, "The realm we are headed to, the one you live in. What is its name? What does it look like? Do you know how large Yavania is?... There are many questions I would love to know the answers to. I know nothing of these lands at all. I was born in a land filled with warm weathers and vegetation everywhere. Sure we had outlying areas that I could see from afar, but nothing I was allowed to go and visit. Are there any places I should avoid? Ones I should go and visit?” Their questions were endless, though they should not take advantage of his kind and patient demeanor. He too would get tired of the questions at some point.


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RE: Entertainment Needed

Iorek Kaiser-Hughes

For once in my life, I'm scared to death
I'm taking a chance, letting you inside

He walked slowly - due in part to him being a large bear - but also because he was was considerate. It didn't matter that he was large because it meant that he took bigger steps than the leopard. So, Iorek made sure that he kept pace with the leopard as well as he could. It was hard to make himself appear smaller when he walked, so it was a lost cause. He didn't bother to try to hunch in on himself, simply because it wouldn't conduct to a great experience walking. Of course, it was coming from experience that he had such information. For a while, silence had stretch between them and it wasn't a bad thing.

Iorek merely figured that the leopard was gaining her questions. He took in the silence with a soft smile. His demeanor was much more like his cheetah father but he did have a temper. Which was why it was probably a good thing that he had patience in spades. His ears flicked when the leopard finally started to speak, first asking what was the land that they were traveling to called. Iorek blinked when he realized that he hadn't actually given away any such information. A blush of sudden embarrassment warmed his cheeks and he was thankful that his fur was thick enough that it probably wasn't going to be noticed. And if it was? Well, he supposed that was a bridge that he would have to cross if the leopard said anything about it. "Kamar-Taj," he said, surprised that his voice had remained calm. "It values teachings at its core."

It was about redemption - that much he knew. Everything else, Iorek wasn't exactly in the know.

"The land that Kamar-Taj calls home is called Pebble Shore. From the name alone, it does mean that it is against a shoreline of the ocean. It is very pretty. As for the scale of how large Yavania is, I am uncertain. I don't even think my father has explored everything of these lands." And he was sure that Charleston had been around to many places. Just as he was certain that his Vater had been as well.
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