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All Welcome Hamburglar [Quest 12]

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RE: Hamburglar [Quest 12]

Dagrún Dame

People find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right.

Jarl agreed. That was enough for Dagrun. He was gold, and the sooner they took action, the sooner this could all end.


When the lion resumed walking, following the trail, Dagrun did the same. He hurried after the lion, uncaring if the leopard walked in sync with him or not. A little warmth wasn't going to save him. Finishing this task quickly was going to save him. As he walked, he kept his eyes, ears, and nose on alert.

"Speech here."


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RE: Hamburglar [Quest 12]

Greetings Adventurers!

Dagrun and Donovan follow the trail carefully. It seems to take long (because of the cold), but eventually they realize the trail is circling back around towards the voices. From the cover of the treeline, eventually, in a distant clearing (50 feet away), the pair can see three large wild boar. They stand nearly 30 inches at the shoulder and weigh over a hundred pounds, with wild manes and large tusks.

That's when the adventurers realize that the voices they've been hearing were the boar all along.

OC: If you wish to attack, do so and request a level 3 hunt roll, but DO NOT powerplay the wild boar. If you wish to parlay, no hunt roll is needed (obviously).

How do you proceed?

-The Game Master


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RE: Hamburglar [Quest 12]

Soon, and what felt like forever because of this wintry hellhole, the trail began to circle towards a collection of voices. The trees overhead became scarce, its borderline shortening. A brow came up, infused with particles of snowfall as a clearing came into view; he paused, eyes of tangerine narrowing upon a trio of boar. Well, this was unexpected. Their appearance seemed dishelved, bewildered by hair and brute tusks -- he practically huffed with brittle irritation, realising this wasn’t going to be so simple. However, that did not mean he’d turn heel. What were they to do? Sense wove, promising reliability if it be necessary, “We found what we were looking for, but I’m not about to make any irrational decisions. Suggestions?” It was whispered, low and subtle-like to avoid confrontation for the moment. Sure, he could’ve devised a way to go about the situation, though Jarl didn’t particularly promote violence without reason. He’d rather talk it out, actually. Turning to face the hairless boy, he invoked a chance for them to speak, uncertain if the others were nearby or not –– either way, the lion wasn’t all too concerned. Right now, legs were lowered to remain hidden beneath the frosted undergrowth.

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