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All Welcome Let it burn

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Let it burn

"You think I'm playing at some game? You think iron will keep you safe? "

Adrian's face was blank, no emotions were seen within his facade. The young man wasn't a very expressive creature as most of the time he didn't have reasons to show anything beyond it. The dark wolf only did if anger was sustained, anger was one of his worst attributes, one that could explode if one took him on the wrong side. His calm outside, could easily hide the monster within, many could mistake him of someone serene and calm. But poor the one who dared to fool him, who dared may won't find any kindness from him. Instead, brutal force could be given. But Adrian was doing history best to have a bit more of self control.

And in this fine day, the boys marched through the territory they called home. He walked with confidence, secure of who he was. His golden Gaze monitoring the surroundings like a predator looking for a helpless victim. The wind allowed his feather to move as he walked, his destiny was unknown, he just wanted to explore in peace.

After some time, a bug crossed his path, clumsy of the danger coming to its way. Adrian did remember how fun his first encounter with one was. A soft smirk formed in his lips and without warning Ignite landed an spark upon the creature.

"he talks."

"if you run counter to my desire, the remainder of your brief mortal span will be an orchestra of misery. "

Due to his heavy swearing and mature speech his to be [M] and with this his thoughts and actions doesn't reflect his roleplayer's


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RE: Let it burn

(This post was last modified: 08-05-2019, 02:27 PM by Satchel. Edited 1 time in total.)

He might be new, but he was no fool.

He had arrived upon distant shores yet again, by this time so used to the fray it almost seemed to be a hindsight. He had meandered a good while until he found himself further into the southern parts of this continent. The pungent stench of his own kind drifting lazily upon the wind. A careful eye cast in the direction it lingered most, and with a small calculating shrug he decided to get to know the natives. Because the first rule of survival, know what your up against before it gets to know you.

He trekked up to the border as close as he dare, curiosity starting to peek. The aura of this place was not a warm and fuzzy feeling, allowing a small smile to cross his inky lips. He rested in the shadows, molten gaze fixated on absolutely nothing at all. That is, until the dark plum-aged young male sauntered into view. He kept still, watching every inch of the lad move. After a few minutes it became apparent the stroll he took was for leisure more then anything. And seeing as he was young, it was worth the risk.

Clearing his throat, he allowed just enough of his face to be seen without breaking across the border. Manners, you know? "Hello there stranger." and that was all. He kept his stance neutral, and offered up a nod of respect. After that he yawned and waited, for the tide to decide the way it wanted to turn.

"Yea Baby Give me One more Night!"



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