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All Welcome Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

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RE: Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

Soon after as she walked forward Perses told her to be careful. She nodded smiling at him as with tail flat and perked ears she made her way.Three pillars rose there.Eyes of gold scanned the place with interest. ”Something might happen when someone presses the button, maybe the pillars of some sort I’m not sure. If there looks to be nothing I can press it if need be.” The little dog said and Iris remained silent ,taking support in what others would say. She walked with extreme care and with eyes planted into the ground. And there the dog pressed the button. She remained still,ready for anything. Anything could happen.


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RE: Into The Jungle [Quest 13]

Perses was unsure of everything. He was even more worried as they entered the ruins. He saw Leigh pull the vines and he was ready to bolt the second anything happened. Yes, he was a Legion member who was sworn to help anyone in need. And yes, he had agreed to take on this quest. And they also had no real way home since the serval Avatar had just teleported them here. But he was still on edge. What would happen?

There were three pillars. A bird-creature that he had no clue what it was. A large reptilian with big teeth that looked frightful. And the most peculiar creature of all with tusks, large ears, and some sort of nose that was like a big snake. Stars and Spirits, what was this!?

Mononoke went up and the beast wasn't sure if he approved. But he didn't know exactly what else to do other than getting the hell out of there. Ratonhnhake:ton joined the woman as they approached the small stone button. He was worried. What would happen to the Legion and his family if he was killed?

The beast decided to stay as close to the exit as possible but not in it. He stood where he was. He was waiting and his senses keen in case something happened. Call him a coward but he didn't want to die.

OOC⟶ First Quest! Hopefully the post I made is okay!
Word Count⟶ 230

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