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All Welcome Almost Finished

© Lizzy
5.00 (6.50) years
Height: 35in
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Almost Finished

Captain Hook

Your fears make you stronger.

Flying through the air he watched his borders taking note that not even a single creature was there. How annoying. He expected his realm to be flourishing by now. Except it wasn't. His members really needed to up their game.

Letting out a sigh he flew back towards his half made ship. He still had a lot to do but it was coming along. He landed on one of the walls and looked down picturing his old ship in mind. While it wasn't wooden like his last the stone would have to do. Looking between the two walls he used stone-shape to create pillars about 8 inches in length and 8 feet in height. From there he connected a large floor to connect one wall the pillar. Hopefully that allowed it to have a bit of strength. A hole was also made as he set about creating a ramp up towards the second landing. Another 8 foot wall as placed close to it turning the once big space into rooms. A doorway was cut out to allow entrance into both. The room was only about 5 feet in length. A small connecting hallway was made between the two rooms.

Stone shape was used to create the same thing, albeit without the ramp and whole in the floor. Slowly the rooms took shape down the length of what he built. He took a deep breathe as he watched the rock do his bidding. He walked around the ship. The was two entrances, one on each far side of the ship. As he walked in there was a hallway that went straight back, with doors ever couple feet. The rooms weren't all that big but enough for someone to sleep comfortably. His movement was fluid as he moved amongst the bottom floor using his magic as he did so. Each room he built had a small window to look outside and keep it airy. Stone-shape worked again as he moved down the row. Working with two rooms at a time under the stone ceiling. He had 6 rooms built before he felt that was enough. He'd focus on getting more as members came. He flew out of the ship before moving to the top and looked down at the floor. Half the ship was still open to the sky but that was fine for the moment. The bare bones of the ships shape was there, the rooms were there and now he just had to work on the next two floors. He looked around before making more walls, pillars, and floor until there was three floors with a flat floor at the top. At the top a railing was made to go around the front of it. He repeated that over all rooms until 16 feet of the ship was made and about half ready. He smirked as he looked at all he did today before he moved away from it.

Happy with his progress he looked at the sky. It was about mid-day so he had a bit of time to do something else. A yawn pulled at his beak but he ignored it. On second though, he was going to take a nap. He flew to one of his favorite trees and closed his eyes.

-exit via sleep-

walks. | " talks." | thinks.


Havok Queen
© Akky
4.5 (11.75) years
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RE: Almost Finished

Exposed “Artio” Lebraid

Wrong me once, I'll kill you twice.

If there was ever a legitimate reason for the eerie, pernicious queen to ferret, or perhaps investigate, it fell under a parliament of ambivalence.

What transpired in previous confrontations left a foul taste in Lebraid’s mouth, indignant and dubious to the laws of an aviary. Were they, perchance, harbouring criminals and goons alike? Were they a participator of inoculating rapists? The very idea made magma bleed heavy, a militancy of explosives. Perhaps it be insanity, or the bells of a sinister entitlement. Featherfoot vivacious, she stalked in a lordly silence, eyes of stark, pale white piercing into a veil of darkness and melancholia -- wary of the borders, radar flared dynamically. A satirical hiss berated, smoketrail bleeding a haze of dandelion gold, head craning in attempts to bestride the somber room that shrouded her cursed gaze —— she stared, empty and bleak. The woman wasn’t here to talk, of course, but rather douse in details. Dark, gruesome snarl slaved from the woman’s mouth like thundering rapid’s, wickedly feral as those long, over-extended canines beaded in thick, miry drool. Lebraid hummed, gouging it off her tongue in hard, metal-like tones, gravestone hackles bristling with an authoritarian fire. An aroma of death bathed atone the queen’s robe, ropy and grim; continuing on, she kept silent, peering, lurking. What of this bird’s reign? Were they succeeding, or submerging in a seabed of failure and gloom? Cared none, she did.

It seemed inactive, dull, lest it be for the best.


Psychic 0/15 | Bardic 0/15 | Shadow 0/2 | Air 1/2.
Charm 0/1 | Smoketrail 1/1 | Lacerate 0/1 | Rend 0/1.
Audition ∞ | Radar ∞ | Endurance ∞ | Agile ∞ | Essence ∞.

Action. | “Speech.” | Magic.

Original Image

Exposed is cold, calculating, disturbed & psychotic.

"Wrong me once, I'll kill you twice."


Havok Herbalist
© Lightwood
6 years
Height: 32in
Posts: 25
AP: 82AP
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Weight: 190lbs

RE: Almost Finished

Missy Papa

The stench of death and decay hung heavy on Missy's fur as she continued to parade around the raggedy 'cape' of that dead wolf. At first the smell made her gag, but now she could safely say she was nose-blind to this particular article.

Her Highness was farther up ahead, but Missy didn't mind. And, no, she wasn't stalking Exposed. She simply was a curious -- nosey -- creature who wanted to know how to stay in a position of power. Though, she was a tad bored coming up to a border marking. What were they doing here? Dark ocean blues squinted into the unknown territory. Were they here to look for weaknesses? An opening for attack? The bulky hyena stumbled over her front feet, quickly righting herself, and trotted to catch up to the Queen. For some reason she didn't feel the need to stray behind.

After all, Missy and the Queen were becoming friends, yes?


Actions | "Speech" | Magic

Healing 0/2 | Shadow 0/2 | Psychic 0/2

Missy is [M] for her language, thoughts, and actions.
She wears a light cream colored pelt as a 'cape' and a necklace made of animal teeth.


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