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Spotlights: Sep/Oct. '21

Maternal/Paternal & Brawler

Fuli & Star
[played by Lightwood & Lizzy]

[played by Akky]

M F O Total
Canines 68 62 04 134
Felines 80 70 07 157
Herbivores 10 05 00 18
Other Mammals 21 10 01 32
Birds 07 08 00 15
Reptiles 01 02 00 03
Other 18 06 00 24
Overall 192 162 12 366



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Borders Klimick

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Captain Hook

Your fears make you stronger.

Hook opened his eyes to birds chirping. Always so cheerful everyone told him. But he knew the truth. Honestly they were screaming at each other to get out of the others territories. Of course if he screeched they'd all scatter. Everyone should know this is his territory.

He blinked a few times before looking down at his ship. The last support beam he put in seemed to be holding quite well. It was all the other sides that weren't doing as great. Plus the front bow looked a little lop sided. He looked up to the sky. Second Star help him.

He flew down landing near where some of it was caving and used stone shape to make another pillar and to fix the floors. On all floors. Then he made a bigger pillar so the masts could be put in. A stone mast would look kind of odd but he would go searching for someone to make him pelts to wrap around it. Then he flew to the front bow and used stone shape to make it more sturdy and put a few more supports in there so it didn't fall. Honestly he was expecting this to go a bit more easily than it was. However, that just wasn't in the cards for him he guessed.

One the stone finished moving into place he flew up to his tree to look at it. It wasn't very pretty at the moment but most of the structure was there as well as the first floor and some of the second. The third was being a bitch. As he moved into the first level he noticed the ramp going up to the first floor was starting to lean and he hissed. Again stone shape was used to put another support in behind it so it stopped falling. Once that was finished he moved to the side of the ship and landed on the ground close to the water. It was mostly grass over here which normally wouldn't bother him, except it wasn't the beach front he was looking for. Beggers couldn't be choosers though.

As he looked at the rock and grass next to his ship clay shape activated the top of the boulder sitting there crumpled into.. nothing? He moved closer and grabbed at a bit of it. It wasn't nothing.. it was sand.. Sand that he didn't think was even possible.

Instead of getting freaked out he just shook his head. He would figure that out later. He had border patrols to do. That was getting put on hold. He opened his wings and took to the sky as he moved towards his borders. Once there he did his cautionary sweep. Even though no one ever seemed to visit these lands.

walks. | " talks." | thinks.


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