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Borders Time flies. Literally

© Lizzy
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Time flies. Literally

Hook hopped from branch to branch. A big feat for a one clawed bird however his muscles in his one leg were strong enough to hold him up. Not that he cared enough to let his injury plague him. Of course he was stronger than others may think. Plus if they disagreed with him, we’ll he could always take out their eyes.

As he got to the last branch on the tree he was on he opened his wings and flew to the next. Gracefully he landed just watching the borders. The portal lands were quiet. He rarely ever saw anyone out and about but when they were he was the first to know. It would be much easier to watch them though if he had more members. His plan for gaining them wasn’t going very well. But the long game was worth it. His realm would get more powerful. He was sure of it.


© Raton
4.00 years
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RE: Time flies. Literally

Sula had found her new home comfortable - a warming place that she felt she would never have gotten anywhere else. Her heart, however, did yearn for her parents and siblings from time to time but then the thought of her own life beginning and moving along in a strong way had settled deep into her heart and she was finally looking forward to the next day.

She was aching to learn more about her magic and tried at every possible moment to learn more about it and attempt to move it forwards but some times found herself stuck and unsure of what to do. Her relationship with Gothel had grown and she was quite fond of the small feline but the urge to get to know Hook the the others had stayed at a down low until recently. Why not get to know those in the realm, why not find some kind of relationship with others in the home she had moved into?

That was one reason she had set out in the morning - to find someone that was perhaps within the realm, someone that she could talk to and try her best not to stutter for Gothel hated stuttering and mumbling!

As she neared the border she paused and let her eyes travel slowly along it -curiously taking in the bordering land that stretched further than the eye could see.


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