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Private Wings of Destiny

A. wild dog
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Wings of Destiny

Lokali Rethe

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Paws carried the oddly hued canine woman into new lands. For what felt like the hundredth time, Lokali was yet again entering somewhere she’d never been. Yavania, as she’s heard it called. Yes, rumors traveled far and wide about the land, it harbored magic, and it’s own gods of sorts, known as the avatars. Her homeland had had magic, and she’d never found any quite like it. Perhaps she never would, but, this was a good of place as any to search.

Green eyes would settle upon a temple of sorts, earning a hum of interest. What was this? She’s seen many temples, all serving different small purposes, yet always sharing the same main function. A place of worship and reflection. Curiosity peaked as she padded toward the building. As she walked wings would activate, pulling forth a feathery pair of wings from her back, their coloration and markings akin to that of a blue jay. She was caught off guard at first, the sudden weight on her back nearly toppling her, and drawing up a yelp of alarm. Glancing over her own shoulder her brow raised in surprise. Wings. Her wings! She’s had magic wings growing up, but when she’d left her homeland, she’d lost the ability to call them into existence.

Having not had the appendages in quite a time, the woman struggled to fold them comfortably against her body, trying several times before she finally managed to do so. Yes, it would take some practice, but she would get there eventually. As a child she’d been quite adept with her wings. She’d even learned how to fly, which no doubt she’d need to relearn after all this time. Shaking her head the woman continued on her trek, aiming to head into the temple and explore.
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RE: Wings of Destiny

Yhael Gaelstrom

Yhael once again had found himself at the ‘house of the gods’, aka the Avatar Temple. His wings were out via ascension and getting some sun, or at least had been on his walk to the temple. Now that he was inside, they were neatly tucked close to his body as he walked through the hallways with one goal in mind. Yhael was headed straight to the room where the wine and food appeared. His goal tonight was to eat and get drunk, he wished to enjoy himself as well as spend some more time away from the kingdom. Yhael was still heavily thinking about leaving the kingdom. Thoughts of Hallvardr weighed heavily on his mind.

What a stupid crush. A crush that surely would turn into something more soon should he remain. It was practically teasing him now every time he saw the man. That kiss that slipped past Yhael’s restraint, ugh… how he beat himself up for that. Yhael did not want to fall in love again. If he was honest, deeply he did, deeply anyone would want love, however he was terrified. Yhael was absolutely terrified of falling in love again and getting his heart shattered once more.

Letting out a soft sigh he headed inside the temple, ahead of him however a figure came into view. It was an AWD woman with wings… and she was in between Yhael… and the room with the wine. Unfortunately, Yhael found it awfully rude of her to be walking in the middle of the hallway, where he was not able to walk around her.

Walking up to her from behind Yhael thought about casting Charm, but decided not to, he was sure he could handle things for now. Speaking in his usual flamboyant tone it was clear his words were meant to be friendly. "Pardon me darling, the hallway isn’t big enough for two. Just need to scootch on past you.”

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This man is rated MATURE. His thoughts, actions, and everything else pertaining to him will probably be mature in nature. Thou hast been warned.

Due to Pheromones, Yhael smells like Sandalwood and Vanilla.


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