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Private Dramatics

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Yhael Gaelstrom

With a deep sigh, Yhael had some reservations about this day. Today was the day he decided that he was going to leave the Kingdom. As in, no longer be one of its citizens. Yhael had spent a lot of time thinking about this, debating it. The luxuries of the Kingdom were alluring to Yhael, however, there was one major issue, Yhael’s big fat crush… he couldn’t get rid of it. Last time Yhael saw Hallvardr, there had been a great time in between visits, and Yhael had hoped the time apart would make the crush go away… however that did not work. Yhael was going to have to force himself away from the issue, from Hallvardr. The man being a King, made the man’s scent practically everywhere in the Kingdom. Hallvardr did border patrols and other important things around Gullborg so of course the man’s scent was all over. He didn't want to fall in love again, Yhael did not wish to get his heart broken again. He just.. he couldn't do it.

And the man’s scent just kept reminding Yhael about him, as did the silk blanket that Yhael had obtained so long ago. Years ago when Yhael had come to Yavania, he had participated in Syuna’s event and originally met Hallvardr. He had taken the silk blanket as his, and it had served as a reminder of the hyena king for far too long. So Yhael had decided… that though he would take many things with him when he left, the silk blanket, he would leave for Hallvardr.

Dramatic? Yes. But that was Yhael. A bit dramatic. Perhaps a bit more than ‘a bit’.

So Yhael had taken a basket from the kitchens and placed his small sculpture, his pretty gems, his teddy bear, and some food inside it, for travel’s sake. And then he waited, he waited for morning, when he assumed Hallvardr would most likely be gone on his patrols. Placing his colorful sheep pelt over his body, he planned on taking that with him as well. After all, it was Yhael who had taken down the creature. Placing the silk blanket temporarily inside the basket, Yhael stared at it one last time, debating if he should just suck it up and take it with him. No… no no. Just looking at it brought thoughts of the King to his head. Ugh…. love was dangerous for the heart and Yhael needed to distance himself from all this as soon as possible.

Before anything stupid happened and he got hurt again.

Picking up the basket, he walked over to Hallvardr’s home and placed the basket down. Smelling the air, he didn’t smell anyone around. So it seemed Hallvardr was gone for the moment. Taking that into his advantage, Yhael pulled the silk blanket out of his basket and took a step or two inside Hallvardr’s house, dropping it just inside the building. Sure he had just entered someone’s home without asking, but Yhael was now leaving. Plus if it decided to rain for whatever reason, he didn’t want the blanket to get wet.

Turning around, Yhael picked up his basket and began walking towards the borders. He would have loved to wait until the springtime to leave… but he couldn’t wait any longer… he just couldn’t.

Heavy thoughts weighed on Yhael’s mind as he walked closer and closer to the borders, finally reaching it, smelling Hallvardr’s scent. Though of course many people did border patrol, Yhael was able to pick out the hyena king, having been around him often. Mentally saying a goodbye, Yhael walked across the border, planning on making a pitstop to the temple for a drink… a nice drink would do him some good right now.


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