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Private [Mayzee] Eastside

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RE: [Mayzee] Eastside

Nimue listened carefully to what Mayzee had to say in response, bi-colored eyes didn't left the ghostly ones of Mayzee. She really wished to have been there when Mayzee was in danger and maybe do something to save her. But it was in the past now, and the past couldn't be changed. And now that she kinda know how her friend died. Whenever she finds Kenina. She would make it clear her mistake.

But for now, she won't do anything. But her focus returns to the spirit as they explain what will they do there in the land of those paranoic lions. "That could work." She said calmly. Eyes would turn at the ocean. "Well, I really hope everything turns alright for you there." She would address a short smile to the wolf. "Well, I guess I'll explore a bit more before returning to the kingdom." She said before getting into the sky with fast wing flaps. "See you!" She called before flying away to venture herself in other places to explore.


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