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Just as winter descends upon the lands of Yavania, Maata crosses into the mortal plane. Blinking into existence, snowflakes stilling in midair, she takes a breath and then the calls out for those within these cherished heartlands. By serving Maata, they pledge their own oath to Mother Earth. "Creatures of Yavania, Mother Earth calls for your assistance on this day." Her brittle voice is chilled, lilting through the very trees of Avatar Temple. Passing through all the minds of those that were willing to hear it, even those that might not care for such dedicated tidings.

She is now summoning those who wish to serve Mother Earth. This is an official QUEST and is a little different than traditional roleplaying, as it is run by the Game Master (more will be explained next post; see the previous Quest for an example, and see here for information). You may only send ONE character per roleplayer. Moderate and severe wounds may be sustained during this thread. Show up now because once the quest starts, you cannot join unless special permission is granted. Happy questing! Maata will post to start the quest in a few days. To attend here is to attend the Festival called the Quest for Mother Earth.

Attending this thread will grant your character 4 AP. Apply for that AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Attend a Festival."

Dagrún Dame

People find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right.

Aware that he could be followed (because he was breaking Kingdom law), he kept glancing over his shoulder as he trotted to the west. Mother Earth apparently needed help, and although he ahd no idea who that was, she sounded important! Dagrun wouldn't let them down. He could help. Then, his mama would see he deserved to be able to go out on his own. Nevermind that he was breaking rules to prove it.

Tail and head held high, he eventually spotted a small cat. He'd never seen a serval before, so he didn't know what to call the feline. Not that it mattered. Tilting his head in curiosity, he approached. “HI. Was it you that called? I can help.”

"Speech here."

“Creatures of Yavania, Mother Earth calls for your assistance on this day.”

Donovan had been, well, doing the bare minimum –– it'd been far too long since the man prompted elsewhere, or perhaps engaged in a conversation. The last, however, wasn’t easily forgotten. Smoketrail wisped in a blend of sunset oranges, glassed by yellow; he didn’t care too much for it and simply continued on, the temple becoming a familiar face of the gods. Why, he’d been here before, but naught for nothing -- durable swung into action, piloting no rhythm or rhyme -- coming forward, eyes of tangerine studied the occupants. Daemon spooled like torn leather, etching out across the earth as sense acknowledged the presence of other magic. Yeah, that was to be expected, of course. Jarl recognised the avatar and provided a curt nod, pledging oath to what they intended to ask, because for all it’s worth, what else was there to do? Knowledge forthcame as an advocate, considering it to be an easy investment of gaining information on what he does not know. It may be considered an outlet to rule power, though the man cares not for those haughty theatrics –– believing in the art of right and wrong, he sat in silence, ears flicking for whatever may come of this quest. There was little reason to speak if it wasn’t necessary, right? He prided himself on wisdom and appearance, and as the wintry air combed atone the barren landscape, a brow would arch nonetheless.

Shadow 1/6 | Earth 0/2 | Divination 1/2.
Dart 0/1 | Negation 0/1 | Smoketrail 1/1 | Longevity 0/1.
Durable ∞.

Action. | “Speech.” | 'Thought.' | Element.
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Nuka Shae

His mother was occupied with the rats. Nuka wasn't sure if he should take them out and drown them or not. He hated having to share his mother. Hadn't he just gotten rid of the sisters that had hung around? Well, not necessarily gotten rid of because he didn't have anything to actually do with their disappearances. Jealousy was a terrible thing to have. His eyes narrowed and for what it was worth, he brought himself away from the kingdom lands. It wouldn't do him any good if he decided to actually take action to his swirling thoughts. The voice called to him, his interest spiked, though it wasn't like Nuka would actually have much help. He came toward it, the hairless wolf noticed but ignored. He was sure that he saw him before but it didn't matter. He didn't actually have any sort of connection to his mother and that was all that mattered. As long as no sibling - which they shouldn't because they could barely walk - arrived, Nuka was sure that he would be fine.

Walk | "Talk." | Magic

Wings activated. Kamaria immediately tucked them to her sides, too busy to stop and flex them. What was she busy with? Following Dagrun. She kept some distance between he and her though, allowing the gray skinned teen (who she was unfamiliar with beyond sharing Kingdom scent with him) a false sense of freedom. Much like how her mother had her when she, but a mewling cheetah cub at the time, had strayed from the border.

Being a member of the Valkyrja— albeit yet a warrior* —she had plenty reason to keep watch on a lawbreaking Kingdom kid. Thus she strode confidently after him, gold and purple eyes locked on his naked bod. Drawing to a halt precisely when he tilted his head, she glanced about, taking in her surroundings, the serval Dagrun now approached, and the two lions who she assumed were also here because of Maata’s call. She had to admit that her curiosity was piqued. Who is Mother Earth? Determining their sex and affiliation (though she failed to recognize Maata’s and Donovan’s) with a quick sniff, she turned her attention to the charcoal flecked woman and respectfully dipped her head, offering her assistance in kind. “As can I.”

She walks. | "She talks." | She thinks.

OC: Pending conclusion of a previous thread*.

Divination: 0/3 | Necromancy: 0/5
Trapfinder: 0/1 | Wings: 0/1 | Rage: 0/1
source(s): tdlucas5000 & Make it Kenya

Šauška was relaxing in their female form via Disguise when they heard the call and curiosity overcame them. ”Who is mother earth? Perhaps she is tied to the Avatars in some way? Perhaps I could be of some assistance.” In their old kingdom they were very religious, and while Šauška maintained a belief in the goddess Šauška for the most part, they were also interesting in learning more about these avatars and this land called Yavania.

Making their way to the call took awhile and by the time they had arrived there were several already gathered in front of a spotted feline, but it seems that they had all just arrived. They overheard the sparsely furred canine and the grey colored cheetah speak. Was the spotted woman the one who called for assistance? "I third that statement. However I may assist.” Their facial features were soft and they gave everyone a pleasant smile. The gathering of people so far held the smell of a similar place. Perhaps there was another kingdom or realm nearby they all came from, that would make the most sense. Even though they seemed to be the odd one out of the group in the fact they did not come from the same kingdom, it did not bother them. Perhaps though, they should be more on edge, or at least more worried about their surroundings and new people.

Oc note. Sauska is in Disguise in female form which looks identical to their male form and smells like them, except now female.

Maata waited stoically while mortals gathered, answering her call. When she was satisfied with the number that had shown, she began to speak without prelude. "Villages in the far north could use your help. They're being raided by a band of boars. Your task is to assist these villages. If you choose to accept this mission--" Maata gestured to her right where a golden portal began to form. In that portal, the adventurers could see a snow covered land. "--Step through. This gateway will remain open so that you have a way to return return to Yavania promptly." To signal that she had nothing else to add, she disappeared in the blink of an eye, letting them decide where to go from here.

New characters have until the 14th of May to join.


  • Post as you need! There is NO posting order in this thread. Post when you need to in order to advance the quest.
  • Post as MUCH as you need. For the quest, the posting min is 7 sentences INCLUDING dialogue.
  • Underline important parts of your posts, such as interactions with your environment. Example: looking for something.
  • Have fun!

  • Assume anything about your surroundings. If you want to know what you see/hear/smell, post your character investigating as necessary. The Game Master (GM) will respond as needed to tell you what, if anything, you've found.
  • Post more again you post trying to investigate your surroundings. WAIT for the GM to post and reply!

Tremorsense cast into action, ears flicking at the words of the avatar -- villages in the far north required their assistance, raided by bands of boars -- he didn’t quite understand the logic of it, but decided not to question what he did not know. That’s how he learnt, of course. Eyes of tangerine glazed over to a golden portal; it was unlike anything he’d ever seen, and inside it lied a snow embellished land that he was uncertain to step foot in. However, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t. This mission could very well provide the man with intel and knowledge, something he prided himself on above all else –– without it, Jarl would be sorely bored. Well, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, right? Jaws fell agape in a vague yawn, tawny legs therein attempting to manuever atop the earth and into the magical gateway. He didn’t expect the weather to be so kind, either, and upon entering, a wave of cold convicted him of his warmth and absolute existence; hackles rose, the man quickly finding displeasure in how icen it turned out to be. A brow came up, now waiting for the others to arrive, should they choose to do so. He didn’t particularly care, though, considering the mission might not even need as many hands to feed the supposed conspiracy. Only one way to find out, really.

Shadow 1/6 | Earth 1/2 | Divination 1/2.
Dart 0/1 | Negation 0/1 | Smoketrail 1/1 | Longevity 0/1.
Durable ∞.

Action. | "Speech." | 'Thought.' | Element.
stock images taken by Eric Kilby, Karen Roe.

Nuka Shae

He listened to the words, wondering if there would be something that he could gain from it. Though, at the same time, he didn't exactly know what that gain would be or why he wanted it. Nuka wasn't exactly the brightest. He frowned, even as others appeared after him. He glanced in their direction for a second before he decided that they weren't nearly as important. Before he could make a decision, the other male lion had already started to head on through. Nuka felt his lips wrinkled, unable to allow another male to get the best of him. He pulled himself to his feet, heading toward the portal that had been created. He said nothing as he traveled through. The second that he did, he almost regretted the choice that he had made. He glanced over his shoulder for a second before he decided that it didn't matter.

If something happened, would his mother even care?

Nuka furrowed his brows as he turned his gaze back in front of him. He stood in middle of the snow covered land. Was he to wait or head in a random direction? Nuka considered the options and decided that it would be best if he could use the others for now.

Walk | "Talk." | Magic

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