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Perses had taken time to get to the Queen when she called. It hadn't been urgent and he had been patrolling and marking so he finished up there before responding to her call. He had already summoned his Spiranima, Crowley, who had been perched on his shoulders. She flew above him as he loped towards Akeela's call.

The beast arrived. He could smell a new scent, a baby, female Rogue but could not identify the scent of the species. Crowley landed on his shoulders, tilting her head as the wolf did.

What in the stars was that on her back? The male stopped in his tracks, attempting to be six yards away from them.

That had to be the animal he smelled.

What sort of animal was she?

Whatever she was, she was sleeping. She had bumps on her head like she was growing new antlers.

The baby didn't have hooves so the wolf would guess they were not natural.

Activating Telepathy since the red-eyed Lord didn't want to awake the baby on her back, he asked, "My Queen, what animal is she?" He knew he had never used the power on her, but she would recognize his voice, right?

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As Perses approached, she watched his features go confused. Though as he spoke, his lips did not move. So the boy had telepathy? Brushing it off she shrugged. "I’m not sure, but, I think I know of someone who might be able to tell us more." She whispered, not wanting to wake the baby. She had heard of Queen Frigga of the Kingdom (legend lore), and knew that her kingdom possessed great knowledge. Offering her lord an brief apologetic look, knowing he had history with the kingdom, she let out a call for the queen of the Verja. Hopefully the woman came, and hopefully she came without hostility.

Akeela knew it was risky, calling to a royal out of the blue, especially late at night like this. But what choice did she have? This baby believed Akeela to be her mother, yet Akeela knew nothing about her. She needed to learn more, for this young girls sake. She wasn’t willing to give her up and break her heart unless she had no other option. She needed to explore every other path first, even if that meant calling to a stranger in the middle of the night. "I’m sorry Perses, but, she’s the only one I know of who may be able to help.” She murmured, hoping the brute would understand and not hold this calling against her.
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Perses didn't know what the girl was and neither did Akeela. What would the child eat? Was she even weaned? They didn't know.

The wolf didn't realize that she would call Queen Frigga. He saw her wisdom. The queen -- he'd heard -- was powerful. She seemed wise and would know what the child was.

However, the woman had been the red-eyed Lord's queen. He had left her pack, stripped of his rank. Would she help them if he was there?

Turning to the Queen, he used Telepathy. 'I was a member of her Kingdom, so was Valravn. I don't know what she'll think of me, starting a whole new realm barely a moon after leaving.'

But, the male would stand by the Queen no matter what.

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Frigga didn't know why farsight had led her this far from home, especially so late. Her old leg injuries made traveling far difficult, and she was very pregnant. If Xewk knew she'd gone so far, he'd no doubt be displeased. All men, no matter how sensible they normally were, became overprotective and overbearing when their woman was pregnant. She chuckled inwardly at the thought, thankful for her ability to shift and fly. In the form of a secretarybird, she soared in the sky -- until a call caught her attention. A tiger calling for her. Someone else might have thought it strange, but she didn't. Her magic had led her to this moment, so she changed direction and headed towards the summons. As she approached, she noticed the familiar male (Perses) and mentally sighed. Well, hopefully his Queen had more sense than he.

Frigga landed near them and, after folding her wings, approached. It was then she noticed the child -- a koala. How strange. She hadn't seen one of his kind since she'd come to Yavania so long ago... What was one doing here? "I am Queen Frigga of the Verja. What business do you believe I have here, Queen Akeela?" she asked without sparing Perses a glance. Her tone was professional, not cold, and her expression was carefully stoic.

Despite that, she kept her senses on high alert. She didn't expect an ambush or hostility, but she had unborn children to protect.

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Anjay Tsoo

the wizard sparrow

Anjay was out for a flight when he saw a large bird in the sky. Before he could make up his mind on if he felt like following it, he heard a call for Frigga that the bird seemed to be going towards as well. As they were some distance off, he wasn't sure but felt it was probably her. Figuring this would amuse him, he followed it too. As he arrived, he saw the troubled one and a tiger. He let out a long sigh. This went from possibly entertaining to being a likely nuisance. But, he had chosen this course for now. Until his friend asked for aid, he would simply land on the ground. An oddity for him recently, but he felt like seeming less threatening by being the smallest and lowest creature here. He stood off to the side of Frigga, not openly showing he was here for her. She would know he was here.

Kohana had made herself right at home on top of Akeela with the mindset that this was definitely, most truly, her mother and she would argue till she was blue in the face with anyone who said otherwise. After all they both had horns, this was a sign, wasn't it.

The little babe slept soundly on top of Akeela, not even stirring when the Tigress started to purr and move. The purring, to Kohana was a comfort and seemed a lot like the gentle murmuring of her birth mother's voice and the gentle rhythm of the breathing as well. Happiness gave her the comfort she needed and wanted and showed no signs of waking up, not even when the wolf appeared and not when Akeela began to speak again.

It was only when the second call was made that Kohana stirred and opened an eye to watch what was going on and what she saw was something she had never seen before, and in actuality that was a lot of things or rather everything. There was a big furry beast next to her mother, strange looking thing and it didn't have horns so it must definitely not be the momma. She stared at it from where she lay, puzzlement flickering in her eyes as she tried to make out what it was.


That was all she could make out of it. No, definitely not the momma. Feeling shy she moved her arm to hide her face and made a soft noise to show her displeasure. It wasn't long before another voice graced her ears, a different one. Peering back out from her arm she stared at the bird.

Yet another strange thing..
No horns.
.... Not. the momma.

Uncoiling herself from the little ball she had been resting in she stared wide eyed at the bird. It was pretty though, despite not being the momma. Very pretty and a pretty voice too. Still though shyness rendered her silent and she stared hard at the new and strange creatures only until yet another bird had made an appearance, a tiny one it was cute and fluffy.. It was small, like her. She liked it. A little smile danced on her muzzle and she tapped Akeela's head. "Momma who dey?" she asked, rubbing an eye with a finger to rid herself of the sleepies.

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The tigress was glad to see the large bird land, though still anxious about the situation itself. It seemed that she was not approaching this situation with hostility. Well, that was good at least. Briefly dipping her head to the woman in respect and formal greeting she sighed in minor distress. "I am Akeela Dusk, Queen of The Legion. I am very sorry to be calling upon you at such a late hour, but, I had heard of your realms knowledge and hoped to inquire about this child that I found presumably abandoned upon my borders. I searched about the area for her mother, but it seems as though she’s long gone, and while I don’t know of her kind specifically, I do know that she is a marsupial of sorts and it’s uncustomary for them to be removed from their mothers pouch and left alone." she paused, turning slightly so that the woman may better see the babe asleep upon her back. "Having never seen her mother, the girl truly believes me to be her because of our shared attribute." with that she motioned to the antlers atop her head, her words hushed as not to concern the girl.

"I believe we potentially have the ability to care for her, at the very least until her mother returns, if only you could perhaps provide me with some knowledge about her kind, if you have it." A frown formed upon her maw as she paused her speech again, clearly struggling with her next words. "I do not wish to give the girl up, as I fear it would greatly upset her, and may become an issue if her mother comes back for her, however, if any information you may provide me with makes me believe that we here in the legion will not be able to properly provide for her, and every option has been thoroughly thought through, i may ask if your kingdom has the means to properly provide for her. While that is certainly a last resort, I just want what is best for the girl, and you Queen Frigga, were the only person I could think may have the knowledge, or if it comes down to it, the means to care for her, That I seek." Her tone was professional as she could make it, but, it was clear that she was genuinely concerned for the girls well being and intended to do everything in her power to provide for her and keep her safe.
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Perses for a moment was confused. What kind of bird was this? But then he recognized the jewelry on the bird, Eidetic Memory aiding him. This was Queen Frigga. She was a shapeshifter like Sribna.

The beast dipped his head in respect as she came near. He would not speak unless needed. He knew that they didn't have very good opinions of him. The woman didn't even spare him a glance. He would let Akeela speak.

The Queen spoke beautifully. The beast nodded when the tigress said that they believed they could care for the child if the mother returned. But also nodded, agreeing that they wanted what was best for the girl. He knew that if they could not provide for her, then they would do what was best for her and give her to the kingdom. He agreed that this was their best option if they could not care for her.

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Hello there Roleplayers, sorry for the Intrusion.

I am leaving this note here as I have done research on Eucalyptus trees, (and Koalas) as we have a new species joining Yavania whose diet solely depends on it. I figured here would be the best place to post the information I have found, and list the lands that the trees may be found.

Out of over 600 species of Eucalyptus trees, only 81 of them are consumable for Koalas. Koalas are able to digest the toxins that are inside the leaves of the tree, however are extremely picky in choosing what to eat. They sniff before eating to determine the leaves’ toxicity. The levels (generically speaking) are determined on the fertility of the land the tree grows in. The less fertile the soil, the more toxicity inside the leaf.

The Koala themselves (individually speaking) will generally choose to eat only one, to a max of three different species of Eucalyptus trees. (We wont make you be that realistic. Just putting the fact out there. <3)

As for the trees themselves, they are unable to grow in any temperature below 50°F. Out of the 81 trees that the Koala can eat the majority of them are found in Plain and Savvanah like areas. Majority of them are found where drainage is good, the land is fertile, and with a moderate amount of rainfall. (There are some that grow in other areas, in which I have made sure to include as much as I could for the most eating potential.) They cannot at all handle the cold, or snow however. Here are the acceptable lands where a tree may grow: (some in temp range may be excluded due to the other needs the tree may need to grow, and/or the given description of the lands not fitting the suitable environment.)

Northern Lands:
None of the Northern lands would ever be able to grow Eucalyptus trees.

Central Lands:
Flattop Tepui, Marrok Falls, Spiral Rainforest

Western Lands:
Cherry Blossom Grove, Palm Peninsula

Eastern Lands:
Siren Cove

Southern Lands:
Fairice Covert, Limestone Prairie, Morwynne Hills, Syas Springs, Vesis Savannah, Rockgrove Woods

Divine Lands:
Syuna’s Courtyard, Litar’s Orchard

I hope that is good enough, if there are any questions on why a place is not suitable, please feel free to PM me and ask.

Have fun posting! <3


Noam had managed to persuade Xewk to get out of the Kingdom’s lands for a bit. The man was king and all, but he needed to take a break from all that work on occasion, just like Noam needed a break from Kitchen duty and babysitting his siblings. So, currently they were walking around, getting the lay of Yavania. Noam had come prepared though in case they came upon a cold environment, he was wearing his knitted outfit (think knitted poncho) that was buttoned on the sides to keep him nice and warm. Noam had added a knitted large pouch in the front of it so he could carry Jabari around in and keep him warmer. Not that Jabari would be able to fit in it much longer at the rate he was growing, but still… if the kid was going to play Houdini and travel to cold areas of Yavania, Noam had to be prepared to keep the little guy warm… even if he did look like a female kangaroo now… at least in his opinion. Soon Noam had to go get some more wool… knit Jabari a snake sweater… or something… he will think of something.

Xewk day however went from being okay to much worse when he could have sworn he saw a secretary bird fly over head… No… not just any secretary bird, Frigga’s scent filled his nose causing his eyes to narrow. ”She… did not…” Please… please by the gods tell him she was strolling around outside the Kingdom Borders. She was heavily pregnant! It was dangerous! What was she thinking! He paused and took a deep breathe of air to calm himself. He was going to go gray from this. He knew it. Turning to Noam who at this point looked awfully confused on what the heck was going on he mouthed. ‘Frigga is outside the kingdom lands pregnant.’ And then quickly proceeded to head after his mate.

Noam’s eyes widened as he read Xewk’s lips. ”Weeeeelllll crap.” That wasn’t good. That wasn’t good at all, and here he was without any weapons to defend Frigga if need be. Why was she out here? She came off as an intelligent woman… soooo why put unborns in danger? He only had that moment to think before he followed Xewk.

Xewk and Noam approached the group of people, spotting all in attendance. Noam not recognizing most of them, Xewk however knew all of them by name. Perses, Anjay, and Frigga, all except for the tigress and small koala child that is.

Silently Xewk’s eyes scanned each person and then attempted to stand next to his mate after she spoke, taking note of the tigress’ status and name. He did not offer any words, keeping his appearance friendly looking. Mentally he attempted to speak to his mate via their Link "If I didn’t know any better, I would think that you are actually trying to make me go gray. You could have just sent me you know. I understand you are queen but… to be honest you out here makes me more than a bit nervous.” He would also let her feel his displeasure and his concern with her being out so far from home. The king then listened to what Queen Akeela had to say. He… had his own thoughts on the matter, specifically stating in front of a child that their mother had left them. Xewk however did not know what species the child was… thankfully… Noam did. Both Noam and Helu were experts on determining species and their needs. Though… Xewk was still unsure it was the best thing to have Noam here… the man, tended to be a bit too passionate about things. He meant well, but he didn’t execute things perfectly all the time… verbally speaking. Though, best tell his mate about Noam’s usefulness, activating their Link once more he attempted to speak to Frigga unaware that she knew the species of the child, "Both Noam and Helu are experts on different creatures. Chances are they know what a creature is, what they need, and how to take care of it.”

Noam couldn’t hear what was going on, but he read lips wonderfully. Able to determine what everyone said, though it probably looked like his head was on a swivel as he tried not to miss anything. He took note of the Tigress’ status and name.. ‘Aheela’ no wait. There was a K there. ‘Akeela’. Could still be Aheela. Names were so much harder than regular words. Though… the tigress queens words caused Noam to raise a curious eyebrow. It was bold as hell to call a Queen of another realm and ask information out of them. Noam viewed the Queen’s words as mix of ideals and reality. Queen wanted the kid to stay, for seemingly selfish reasons, a child so young who attached to a stranger so quickly… sure may be upset for awhile, but being so young, she would forget soon. Noam himself had experience with… rejection of his mother and acceptance of a new mother… of Helu. Though that was his past, he was old enough to remember, this child… won’t remember once they are older. Though… the tigress Queen’s heart was in the right place… she meant well.

Noam knew much about Koala’s and he knew about Eucalyptus trees, what the species eats. The tree he knew for… other more toxic reasons, but he was far knowledgeable enough to know that these trees could not grow here, and this child would die from lack of food… here. Maybe someplace else, but not here. He would not use his hands to sign, instead shoving them into the large pouch of his outfit, hoping to subtly attract the attention of the babe to the pouch. Despite knowing he would probably get a lecture later from Xewk about speaking out of turn, he spoke out loud making sure to have a friendly and warm tone in his voice, "I apologize Queen Frigga for speaking, but... I know a lot about her species... The short dimmed down version is… she is a Koala, unsuited for cold environments like this one… as is her food source. You can’t grow it here… What is your name little one? My name is Noam.” He looked at Kohana as he spoke that last question, maintaining a warm smile on his face.

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