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Anjay's presence filled her with relief. She wasn't helpless, but being pregnant made her vulnerable. Slower and heavier.

The koala woke then, asking who 'they' were. Frigga didn't reply because the question wasn't for her, but she smiled softly all the same. When the tigress began to speak, Frigga turned her attention to her. Ah, so this was about the koala child. As Frigga contemplated the problem -- for she knew what koala's ate and where it grew -- she became aware of Xewk's mental presence. She let her relief wash over him via link. It makes me nervous as well, my love, but they called for me. I'm unaccustomed to hiding away. She was glad to hear that Noam was an expert in many creatures. It would be good to have multiple opinions.

Without delay, Noam gave his opinion of the situation. Frigga frowned, dwelling on the plan she'd been forming. She glanced to Queen Akeela. "I know about koalas, but I must defer to my advisors. Let us see if a solution can be reached that is agreeable to all." That said, she glanced to Noam and Anjay. "Can a greenhouse not help grow the food here? I know they're large trees, but they don't start large. My magic enables me to help plants grow quickly, so if a greenhouse would work, we could have one set up relatively quickly." Anjay could build a greenhouse easily. "Or is it your opinion that this land would be too cold for the girl regardless?" They were pretty far north, where the winters were harsh and full of snow.

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He listened, watched, and stored the scents of those present. For the moment, his services were not needed. So, instead he just catalogued all that happened. In his mind, he was already making and discarding plans. Some to make structures here, some to remove the child from this ridiculous situation. When the ape spoke, he had to assume this was the one mentioned to him in the council meeting. Who else would have similar areas of knowledge as his from distant lands? They made a decent point, and then when Frigga asked him if it could be done he guessed the jig was up. Oh well, it was fun to be nobody for a moment. "Well, technically speaking, sure I could make the greenhouse. But it wouldn't house more than one tree. And even then it wouldn't hold most of the full grown species. However, I can do nothing to improve the soil quality to reduce the toxicity of the plant. Nor could I do anything to improve the irrigation that the trees need. As for the koala themselves, I could try and make a habitat chamber, but the area would be small, they wouldn't be able to leave it without risk to themselves, and it would be a large undertaking as they have no infrastructure set up to create energy such as a water wheel or solar boiler. With that said, I see two options available. Well three, technically, but the last one will not be happening.

First, we take the babe and aid it in becoming an adult. We have the trees growing in our lands already, and they are in the right temperature range for the child to not die and be able to roam and explore.

Second, whoever this realm is just move. I recommend crossing Defros' Pass and go claim somewhere in the southern lands. Plenty of the trees grow there and it is warm.

Third, just for completeness, is do nothing and watch the child die in your care."

He chose to not mention the various parts of his thoughts that would be beneficial to himself, because they weren't of concern to the majority of those present. So, after his speech he went back to just sitting there. Only this time, he was more alert in case they didn't choose the second, and were resisting the first.

K o h a n a

It didn't seem long before yet another face appeared, well two. One was a large creature similar to her mother, minus the stripes and the horns, and the other was something, again, she had never seen before. She stared long and hard at them as if she were trying to figure out what in the world they were but finally pacified herself by just thinking;

'They are not the momma so it is okay.'

Kohana shifted on top of Akeela's back before gripping a hold and scampering down, her eyes watching the ground wearily as she made the long, or what she viewed as long, journey downwards. Once down she sat down on her tailless rump and stared wide eyed at the creatures that surrounded her. There were so many and each looked really different to her, not one was the same - well that was except her and her mother they were , of course the same thing. Hearing her mother speak she glanced up with trust filled eyes. How she loved her momma and then she heard the dark furred creature speak and instantly looked at him.

What was he? Not the momma, of course.. Her little eyes narrowed and she shifted to sit closer to what she thought to be her mother in attempts to 'protect her'. The creature called her a Ko whoda? Ko tata? What on earth was that!? She didn't know much but she knew she was not a Ko ldod or whatever it was he said she was. After claiming he knew what she was he looked to her and spoke to her asking what her name was. Well that was a silly question. "Well dat is silly. My name is Kohana and dis." she paused and pointed upwards "My momma."she grinned happily and looked back down staring at each one. It was funny. One moment she was in the darkness of something warm and the next moment she was sitting under a tall thing by herself and now she was surrounded by lots of not the mommas and her momma

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Listening carefully, the woman absorbed as much information about the new babe as she could. So she needed special trees, that couldn’t grow here. Frigga mentioned that she could grow them and the bird mentioned nearby lands that could. Ears flicking the woman took a few moments to process what had been said to her before giving a brief nod. "The trees she eats, they can’t grow here long term, but, It was mentioned that some nearby lands can. Queen Frigga, do you think that if you were to grow one, it could live long enough for me to get to find a suitable land for her to survive in? I will move my realms main base of operations there, and then everything will be sorted. I would need perhaps a few days?” She asked, her gaze dropping down the young girl.

She was willing to do whatever it took, she wouldn’t let this girl starve. She would find and claim a suitable land, she had the members, she knew they could hold two lands. It would be fine. And if they couldn’t, she would let the forest go. This girl needed her, and while they hadn’t had the forest long, she didn’t care. This girl’s well-being was more important, and if the members of the legion could not see that, well, then they had no business being in the legion. Returning her attention to Frigga her heart rested in her throat. This was her only chance, this had to work.
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Perses did not expect Xewk to show up. Was everyone from the Kingdom going to show up? Sprits and stars, what if Regalia showed up?

The mountain lion king with a strange creature, one the beast had never encountered before. The male was strange, foreign with a peculiar face and paws that were long like bird's feet with blunt nails and five fingers. He was wearing something like a blanket but not a blanket.

The strange creature spoke, identifying the baby as a koala and saying that they could not survive in cold temperatures because their food could not grow in the woods.

Queen Frigga offered to create a "greenhouse" to help grow the food. He didn't quite understand but he could understand that they were trying to grow a plant -- tree -- that couldn't grow in these temperatures using magic?

Then, the bird spoke. The first part of his words, the wolf couldn't understand what they meant. But he could understand that the conditions for the tree would not be able to be met, even with a greenhouse. And the koala would not be able to survive due to the temperature, unless they made a "chamber" for it that would be small. That wouldn't work.

The bird then offered options: give the baby to the kingdom, move to the southern lands, or let the baby die.

The raven king considered the options. Definitely not option three. He thought the first option would be the best. The kingdom members seemed like the most equipped to handle this child. Especially that peculiar male (Noam), whom the beast could see some similarities between him and Kohana.

The Queen thought otherwise.

He wasn't sure they should move their entire realm to southern lands. He considered who was in their realm: Hail, Forseti, Kallisto, Archime, Iris, Valravn, and Sholi. Would they agree to this? Should Akeela make this decision without consulting with the council? If she did make a decision without the council, how would the other council members react?

Or would they extend their borders? Could The Legion protect such borders? They had one Ranger and two Knights. And had a child among their ranks as well. A smaller territory was easier to protect.

Part of the red-eyed Lord thought of this as some degree of selfish. He knew their realm was built on helping those who could not help themselves. But was moving their entire realm or extending their borders the answer? Did she consider the consequences? Or the first option? Kohana was young and she may not remember Akeela if they gave her to the Kingdom, which was better than them having to give her to the Kingdom when she was older and they found they could not care for her.

Would their realm members agree to move? Could they make the move and carve out their own territory in the south? Would they know how to care for Kohana? There was more to it than just feeding her. How did they raise a child completely unlike them? Especially in a realm that was so new.

The wolf waited for the answer from the Kingdom. He stood there, wanting to reach out to Akeela with his magic. But she seemed determined to care for this child. He swore to support her and serve her. But doing this?

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Tl;dr Perses considers and isn't totally on board but hasn't said or done anything.
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Noam had been able to keep track of the conversation by looking around frequently to see if people were talking. Frigga spoke about a greenhouse idea, then the small bird man expanded upon the idea, saying why it wouldn’t work. Noam agreed with him. Then the small child spoke, saying he was silly and that her name was Kohana, pointing up at Akeela stating she was her mom. So… Kohana hadn’t seen her mom before? That was… shocking, as Koala’s have upwards facing pouches, so Kohana, though in the pouch, would have had ample time to see her mothers face. It wasn’t like it was an egg and she suddenly hatched. "Ah… yes, I am a silly silly man. It is nice to meet you Kohana.” His hands remained in the pouch in the front of his outfit.

Then, it was the Queen’s turn to speak, and honestly Noam wished he could hear so that he could make sure that what he just read off her lips was correct. It sounded an awful lot like the kingdom he and Genna (Xewk) had lived in. He was trying not to relate it to the fact that the ruler of this Kingdom… and his past were both tigers, but rather to the fact that she was being incredibly selfish, and basically not caring about her other subjects. Though he was angry, Noam spoke in a calm manner, a smile pulled up on his lips as not to worry the child, "In the best interest for the child, I will speak openly. I think… at some point Queen Akeela, during this whole interaction, or even possibly before you called out for help… your interests already overshadowed the child’s best interest. Because they positively overshadowed the interest of your realm members. Including the one standing next to you. Unless you have magic that can just read everyone’s mind at a distance. I also think, if this matter is going to be discussed upon further or… for… other reasons” He glanced between Akeela and Perses before continuing. "That perhaps it is best… if the child is temporarily pulled away out of hearing distance.” It wasn’t fair to the child to be pulled into adult conversations.

Xewk had felt the sense of relief coming from Frigga. She was happy that he had showed up, and Xewk was happy she was safe next to him. He heard her mental words she spoke via their link, and knew she was unaccustomed to hiding away. He would never ask her to ‘hide’, he just wanted her to be safe and careful. Xewk paid attention to what everyone had to say, though, it was Akeela’s words that caused him to pause. He was a master at external expressions, so though he externally kept a friendly and overall inviting appearance, he was appalled, angered. Xewk allowed Frigga to feel via their Link his anger bubbling, as well as his deep concern. This… sounded like a dictator masking under the ruse of a queen’s crown. Xewk was not having that. He would not allow the kingdom to be associated with a dictatorship. He attempted to speak via Link to Frigga, "I am putting my foot down on this. I want to help the child, but I will not help if this is a dictatorship. Though, I am trying my best to rationalize this. Perses left recently and now is in her realm… perhaps she is new to this. She is young… so perhaps she is.. But even then what creature wouldn’t even bother to ask the man next to her how he felt… We… need to get this kid out of here.”

It was only then when Xewk had heard Noam speak, pointing out similar things that he had. Now though… was his time to speak. So, he opened his mouth, words coming out in a calm and controlled tone, with hints of scolding like a father would to a child, his green eyes meeting directly with Akeela’s. His gaze was stern, he wanted her to know he was upset. "As Perses here knows… I believe in honesty, and speaking openly. Which is what Noam has done, and what I shall do. My name is Xewk Langas, King of the Verja, and mate to Queen Frigga. My advisor gave you options, but… you have done something that has caused me great concern. So, let me rephrase what my advisor here has said, and I will kindly let you choose again. To fix your… error. You have only two options, as we all would not let a kid die and you will get to pick from only these two. We have the resources to take care of the child back at the Kingdom. Your two options are one, to hand her over to us, and let us raise her, we have plenty of people who know about her species and can take wonderful care of her.

And two, to temporarily let us take care of her whilst you take the time you should have before you answered last time to see if your realm members even wish to relocate. There is one even standing right next to you. As a Queen you work for your realm members, doing what is best for all of them the best you possibly can, as a Dictator they don’t get a choice, you need no permission from them. Which… is exactly what you just did to Perses, and your other members. And… I assure you the Kingdom will not help a dictatorship.”
Not while he was alive at least. He would see to it.

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Anjay gave his verdict, offering several options to help the child (although only two were viable). To her surprise, the Queen of the Legion chose to move the realm. Well, it wasn't what Frigga would have chosen, but Akeela was not Frigga. Perhaps she had no council members to confer with? Regardless, Frigga knew the child would need to be temporarily moved while Akeela relocated.

Then, Noam spoke freely. Rather blunt but polite. It was actually impressive.

Xewk spoke into her mind. I believe she's just new. Her intentions are good -- helping a child. Regardless, she did not interupt Xewk when he said what he needed to say to Akeela.

Tone and expression gentle, Frigga added, "We are more than willing to help, as my mate has said. It is hard to see a child in need, but if you have a council, I encourage you to speak with them."

With a glance to Noam, Frigga attempted to use telepathy to speak to the ape. I called you an advisor, and you clearly have the talent for it. Would you consider accepting the role of Baron of the Verja? If not, I suggest you seek a seat on the Algiz council at the very least. Truthfully, it mattered little what official council he sat on. The leaders of the Kingdom were obligated to their council members as a whole.

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K o h a n a

The little Koala's mother had been so embarrassed by the horns that had started forming on her head that she often kept her face upwards to try and hide her face from the little child and while Kohana had seen her mother she had been so afraid of being on her own that her little mind had tricked her into thinking that whatever she saw first was her mother - besides it was logical to her since Akeela had horns just like she did.

Her little eyes moved to watch the ape and she smiled. She quite liked him, he was a silly man and he amused her so. Glancing up at Akeela she smiled brightly before looking back to the ape and moving at a slow, wobbly pace towards him. She was curious about the pouch on his waist, what was in it. While she was unsure of the others - the giant wolf, the Wild dog, the bird and the giant cat she knew she liked the ape and therefore was not afraid to approach him.

She would then stop a few feet in front of him and sit on her rounded, tailless rump, and stare at his pouch with wide and attentive eyes. Pointing to the pouch with a little finger she blinked a few times before asking. "what's in there?" she asked curiously, her head cocking to one side.

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As each of the people in front of her spoke, Akeela listened intently. They were right. All of them. She had been foolish. Expression going blank, she cast Perses a brief, yet apologetic look, hoping he saw it before she returned her gaze to the king and queen before her. Dipping her head briefly to the ape, she looked to Xewk. "I apologize, King Xewk, Queen Frigga. You’re both right, I should have taken the time to speak with my council members and call a meeting with my realm. This all happened on such short notice, and not having proper time to think it over, I was letting my heart speak instead of my head. I spoke irrationally and without consideration for the rest of The Legion." Pausing, she looked over to kohana, seeing her thoroughly distracted by the primate and his clothing. “I know this may be a tall order, and will fully understand if you decline either part, but, I ask that you try to forgive my poor choice, and, in addition, take Kohana to the kingdom, where she can properly feed and grow." She murmured, her voice sincere though not pitifully pleading or anything of the sort. While she was asking for forgiveness she didn’t wish to sound like a whimpering cub. After all she was a leader, just like the two of them. While giving Kohana away hurt, she knew, after properly getting her brain in the right place, that it was best. She couldn’t even believe she had considered uprooting her friends, her family, her realm. It was selfish and stupid, and she was glad the pair had pointed out the error in her ways and set her straight before she did something she would have most certainly regretted.
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