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Perses decided to check up on Anastasia. He also wanted to see if she learned any new magic or he could teach her something. Padding towards the den he shared with Valravn and now Anastasia, he would look for her. If he did not find her, the beast would raise his head to the sky and howl for her.

The carmine-eyed titan was still new to this entire ward-guardian thing. But he was trying his best. His mother hadn't had to deal with magic, position of power, or other such responsibilities. But, if she could make things work, he could.

The red-eyed Lord summoned his Companion. Abaddon perched on his shoulders.

'I hope you passed on all I've taught you,' the blackbird hissed in his mind. The beast wasn't sure if the young girl needed anything close to the teachings of the red-eyed black bird. So, he sat down and did his best to look ready.

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Anastasia was just returning to the Legion's camp and was heading back to the shared den when she caught sight of Perses and his bird companion. Her eyes swept over the bird before she decided to move to Perses's side. "Is something wrong with the cave?" she asked, peering into the cave before looking up towards her guardian. "why are you going in? she asked and looked up towards the bird before trying to catch Perses's gaze.

She hadn't seen him for a few days so it was good to see him again, the bird.. She could get by without seeing him but Perses was different and despite her not knowing what it was that she felt , she felt attached to him in a strange way that she couldn't express. The young tigress sat down and stared into the cave and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm glad to see you, I've been looking for you because there is something I wanted to ask you. the cub said without looking to Perses.


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Perses actually took a second to look around. Was there anything wrong? No, he couldn't see anything wrong. It hadn't been leaking, right?

"No, nothing's wrong with the cave," the red-eyed Lord replied. And then she asked why he was going into the cave.

"I was looking for you," the carmine-eyed titan replied. "I wanted to check on you. I know I haven't been around as much as I should," he admitted.

The knight was a bit worried when she wanted to ask him something. Was it about magic? Or something else? He was worried, but he sat down and tried to meet her eye.

"What is it, Anastasia?" he asked gently.

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Ana glanced towards Perses when she heard him speak and shrugged her shoulders. He was an adult, he probably had things to do that a child like her didn't have to do yet and on top of that the large wolf was a lord in the realm they were in.

The tiger cub waved her tail. "That's okay Perses, you have probably been busy. I've been going around the territory and practicing my magic." the cub said with her odd little smile "Queen Akeela told me that my little newt can ignite and I learned some hunting knowledge from Miss Iris." Ana continued with a tilt of her head. She had also activated her necromancy magic for the first time on Akeela but she only knew that because Akeela had said she felt something at the touch between the two of them.

"As for my question..." Anastasia started and looked away. She had thought on this for a while and had been wanting to ask Perses but hadn't had the chance to yet. Shooting the bird a curious look she cleared her throat. "Would you be willing to give me your last name? I do not have one that I am aware of and since you are my guardian I was curious as to if you'd be willing to share yours. If not I understand and will not hold it against you." Ana said, her tone held it's usual bluntness.


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Perses was glad Anastasia understood but he still felt bad for not being there. But he was happy to know that she had learned new things. He realized that he hadn't told her about that part of the Fire Lizard.

"Oh, I guess I forgot to warn you about that part of the Fire Newt," the beast admitted. "There's other spells you can use once you're able to. Like summoning a blue mink or your own companion." The carmine-eyed titan activated Telekinesis, focusing on bringing a small stone over. And then he activated Stoneshape to shape the stone into a mink standing on its hindquarters.

The red-eyed Lord was suprised but happy to hear Anastasia's question. He smiled. His heart swelled.

"Of course I'd be willing," the crimson knight replied. "Anastasia Stormbringer has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?"
'A bit of a mouthful, isn't it?' the blackbird whispered. The beast elected to ignore him.

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Ana waved her tail as if to say that's okay . She offered the wolf a small smile before turning her attention to the stone he had brought over. Summon a mink or a companion? "What does the mink do? and what about the companion? what would it be or what would it do? the little tigress asked and looked back up to Perses. "Are companions different from each other or are they all the same? Do they have names are are you suppose to give them one?.

The cub fell silent for a moment , her eyes studying Perses as she waited for his reply. Not knowing emotions well she wasn't sure what the male was feeling and relaxed slightly at the smile. The smile meant something good right? At his words the cub smiled again, strange enough her own heart swelled and her smile faded. "Strange.. my heart feels funny.. I think I might die soon." she said flatly and looked away from Perses, confusion written across her face but despite having said she was to die the child was relatively calm about it and showed no fear about the possibility of dying. "I like the name Anastasia Stormbringer." she added.


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Perses hadn't ever used the mink to do anything like the lizard and the raven. Fire lizard and a raven that created gusts of air. Blue mink. Water?
"I've never used it like the fire lizard but I suspect it has something to do with water. It was blue." He thought back to the Companion.

"Crowley was a raven I could summon. We could speak both telepathically and she could speak. I could feel her pain. I believe Herleif, King of Aldrnari had a Companion like my own but she was a large eagle. I named Crowley but everyone may be different."

His ward smiled and the red-eyed Lord felt a spark of happiness. In all respects, he had a daughter, not by blood but by adoption. But it was all the same to him.

And then the Stormbringer was absolutely horrified by the next sentence out of his ward. Her heart felt funny? She felt like she might die soon? That nearly gave Perses a heart attack. But the compliment calmed his speeding heart a little.

"It's great that you like the name, Anastasia, but can we please go back to the part about your heart feeling funny and feeling of dying soon?" His tone was concerned. Stars and spirits, did they need to call a healer? Did they have a healer? Spirits be willing, he would bring Ratonhnhake:ton here.

"How do you feel and should I call a healer?"

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Anastasia nodded in understanding. This was good, this was nice. She was learning more about her power, it was nice to have someone that understood what she was trying to learn. It was nice to have someone teach her and guide her through this. The cub listened closely to what Perses had to say about Crowley and then someone in a Kingdom somewhere with a companion that was an eagle. so some can be named and others might come with a name? she thought to herself.

The little tigress seemed unaffected by her words as she watched him curiously. Her blue eyes a blank canvas. It was clear she wasn't aware of what she had said nor the affect that it had on her father. She flashed a smile when he spoke again but then frowned as fast as the smiled had appeared. Was he afraid of death or others dying.. The cub reached up to attempt to press her nose against the wolf's side, her muzzle cold like ice.

A healer, why was a healer needed. Could a healer fix this weirdness in her heart.. The cub shook her head "The feeling is still there but it doesn't hurt, it just feels weird." she said with a tilt of her head. "The feeling is something I've not felt before but in ways if feels good and other ways it hurts."

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Perses calmed down a fraction. He was scared but she was alright. He knew Anastasia didn't feel emotions normally. He knew how it felt to have pain the his heart. That was love. Was that the feeling Anastasia had?

"Is it love? That's something you feel in your heart." He hoped it was that. He hoped it wasn't something else. Perhaps the girl had mistaken it for a sign of dying? "Feeling love is okay," he added. He didn't want his daughter to get the wrong impression.


Ana looked up at the mention of love. "What is love?" she asked with a tilt of her head, her blue eyes narrowing onto Perses. What was love, why did it feel strange, did dying feel like this too.. The cub fell silent as she thought about this.

"Perses, is there something wrong with me?" Ana asked bluntly, her gaze locking with his. She knew she wasn't like others her age, not that it bothered her any she just was aware of a strangeness that coated her. "Am I sick? Do I lack something others do? I can see something... different in others but I cannot quite figure it out. Again, Ana wasn't bothered by it, no in fact she was curious about it. Intrigued by it. She wanted to know what difference there was and why it was there.


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