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Akeela Dusk
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Paws carried the woman from den and up to the meeting hill, her daughter in tow. It had been a while since she’d called a meeting and there had been several new additions to the realm since then. She knew their realm would operate most smoothly if everyone knew each other. Thus she was going to call a meet and greet today to get everyone acquainted. Though, the woman had no intention of making the meeting mandatory, as some of the members may be busy with their rank tasks. Her magic still wasn’t working and she was beginning to get worried. She hadn’t noticed it prior to her conversation with Perses, but she knew that illness didn’t spread that fast. If she got infected by him, it wouldn’t have taken effect immediately like it had. That being the case, she didn’t feel it necessary to call for any type of quarantine or cause panic. If someone brought it up, she’d be willing to talk about it, but that would not be the focus of this gathering. Standing tall atop the meeting hill the woman let out a calling roar, summoning any and all members of the legion. Hopefully vast majority would show, even if it wasn’t mandatory.

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OOC: Akeela is calling a meeting for all the members of the realm to get to know each other a little better as there have been a lot of new additions since the last meeting.

Theia Lykaios-Dusk

"Nobody can bring you peace but yourself."

The 3 month old tigress followed after her mother, her ears twitching atop her head. She wasn’t really sure what they were doing, but her interest was quite peaked. Being a few months old, the girls sense of wonder was growing steadily each day and she found herself following her mothers paw steps like their tiny shadow. Theia was a quiet young lass, but she was highly observant and enjoyed taking in new information. Though she was still young and she scanned the area for her brother, while she liked learning, she also enjoyed playing. He was much larger than her, but Evander was always gentle with her when they played.

Following her mother to the top of the hill, Theia seated herself beside Akeela’s front legs. The cub hadn’t met many of the realms inhabitants yet, and she was kinda nervous. What if they laughed at her because she looked different. Her canine teeth were beginning to grow outside the cover of her upper lip, extending kinda like fangs over her lower lip. Neither of her parents had those, and she couldn’t figure out why she did. In addition to the two longer teeth, the girls fur was a light strawberry blonde, something else unlike both her parents. While her bear mother and her brother had lightened fur, hers just came out different.

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Kallisto Ariadne Lykaios


Kallisto hadn't been the most active lately. She had mostly been around the cubs, protecting them and making sure they didn't get into much trouble. They were only a few months old, they needed supervision! She was being rather protective. Sure, she was protective over Akeela but the cubs? In this situation, she was the poppa bear you needed to fear. Kalli dared anybody to try and hurt these babes, she would go crazy. Her attention would turn as she noticed Akeela leave the den (as the bear was hovering outside to get some fresh air). What was she doing? Her eyes tracked the small strawberry cub bumbling along behind her, she waited and Evander soon came out of the den.

Whatever the tigress was doing, Kallisto trusted her and would begin along behind the white tiger cub. Her eyes followed along him, before up to Theia. They were beautiful and she loved them with all her heart. As she came up to where Akeela had stopped, she heard the call and would attempt to approach with a smile on her face. However, she didn't question the woman or what was going on as she would find out soon enough.

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Evander Lykaios-Dusk


Evander was sleeping when he noticed his sister leave. He always attentive to where she was at all times. Despite being young, he just always wanted to be around her. He'd known her since his very first times in the world. His mothers had his love too but his sister had it all. Sure, he was too young to fully process it but if he was older, he would know exactly what this was. Paws stumbled as he would hurry to catch up with the two other tigers, faintly aware of his mother behind him.

They were going farther out than he was allowed before, everything was all so new to him. New scents, new sights. Evander's curiosity only pulled him further and further out. It egged him on as he sped up before he realized that they stopped. Coming to a halt he looked up at his tiger mother before back his albinistic one. He would attempt to stop nearer to Theia, smiling widely as a little kid would do before he sat down. What were they doing out here?

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Iris has been out hunting the entire morning, wishing to make sure the realm would have the kill storage in check. And after an extenuating hunt, she finally managed to go back home with something. A small doe was pulled and brought back to The legion as she intended and as she placed it she smiled. She felt happy with herself, she was fulfilling her oath.

But then a call from her queen echoed through the woods. Quickly she cleaned the blood from her maw and would then hurry to the meeting place of always. Eyes of gold landed soon in those already there. Akeela, the new queen and two little cubs. That was a surprise but she decided not to comment on it. And those tiger cubs remained her of her own child, Sholi. But she was old enough to take care of herself but she still wanted to make sure she was okay.

She sat down and in silence, she waited. A soft smile forming on her lips. And from there she just looked at them, wondering what would be today's matter of discussion.

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OC- Iris rolled a 2 in the MA event.
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Bulf was trudging through the forest when he had heard the call. He wasn’t sure what it was, who it came from, or what it meant, but he followed it anyway. He slowly made his way towards the sound, mindful of the trees that he damaged so regularly. Snapping small branches and crushing anything that ended up beneath his hooves, Bulf lumbered towards the meeting. He destroyed less than usual, he was slowly getting better at navigating the everlasting wall of trunks. He approached from the north, and poked his head into the clearing. He first saw the hill, then akeela, then the bear, and two smaller tigers, but they didn’t look like simply smaller tigers, something was unique about each of them and finally, his gaze fell on the wolf. He was a little nervous, and remained at the edge of the clearing, his head and horns hanging low under their own weight. Despite his large size, all these predators he didn’t know scared him a little. After watching the group for a while, he calmed down, the bear was extremely protective of the small not-quite-tigers, and the wolf seemed docile. He reasoned that, since they all must be legion members, they should be kind people with a similar mindset to his own. He approached the group, his enormous bulk causing small craters to appear in his footsteps.
I heard a loud roar which startled me awake from my daydreaming. I looked around, recognizing the voice as Queen Akeela's and hurried out of my chamber to find out where the noise came from.

Is she in danger? What if we're being attacked? What help can I be? I probably couldn't help, anyway, I thought as I felt the faint sting of scratches on my legs as they hit the ground. These wounds still haven't healed and I'm not even--

My thoughts were stopped abruptly as I arrived, looking around as Queen Akeela stood on a hill, several others surrounding her.

I felt relived, but then immediately nervous, due to how many animals were there around me, including anything from wolves to bears to tiger cubs.

I sat down a bit away from the others, just close enough that I could still hear the Queen. I was barely visible, as my red-gray fur and small-ish body blended into the earth around me.

I jumped as I turned, seeing a giant furry creature beside me with a large pointy horn reaching out to the sky. I made myself even smaller, hiding in my own fur.

After a few seconds of watching, I figured the creature wouldn't hurt me so long as I stayed put. The energy felt dangerous around me, as shown in my spiked-up fur.

I finally fixed my eyes on the Queen, waiting for her to initiate.


OOC: excited to meet everyone! unlike Randie, haha.

Perses had been patrolling and marking borders when he heard the call. He was almost done and the call didn't sound urgent so he finished marking the borders before he headed over to the meeting. The beast observed for a moment who was there. Akeela, Kallisto. Iris, the Queens' children, Bulf, and Randavae. Where was Anastasia and Valravn? He hoped they didn't miss the meeting. Nor the new members Kenya and Rynumen. Speaking of that, he should tell Akeela or Kallisto. Padding over, dipping his head towards the other members. He headed over towards Kallisto and Akeela, attempting to stop two feet away from the tigress.

"Hello, my Queens," the red-eyed Lord said with dip of his head. He then attempted to activate Telepathy towards Akeela. 'I've accepted two newcomers into the Legion, Kenya Esma, a Knight and Rynumen Red, a Commoner. They took their oaths and I hope you will get to meet them.' He hoped he hadn't overstepped. He smiled and stayed close scanning the area for Anastasia and Valravn.

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Akeela Dusk
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Her mate and cubs were first to join her at this gathering. A smile spread across her maw as she watched them approach. She was so undeniably happy to have a family that she could love and truthfully call her own. While she would have been just as loving and happy if they had adopted, there was something different about having babies that were in their likeness. Watching as a few more members arrived, Perses being the last, she decided to get things moving for now, others could come whenever if they chose to. Though before she spoke, Perses would telepathically tell her about the new members. Nodding in acknowledgment, and in greeting, she turned her attention to the rest of the gathered members. ”Thank you all for coming this morning, I hope to see some others coming as well, though this meeting isn’t mandatory and not attending won’t be held against anyone.” Pausing she smiled warmly. ”The reason I called this gathering is because it’s come to my attention we’ve had a lot of new members join, and not a lot of meeting of those members. So, I created this opportunity for you all to take a break from your duties and daily activities, to get to know on another.” She explained, her ears twitching atop her head. ”Of course, this is completely voluntary, I just think that the realm will function better as a unit than as a bunch of individuals. So, if you wish, converse, make new friends, get to know each other.” She added, her words even but friendly. Then, she would look to Perses, motioning for her mate to follow, Padding down the hill to stand beside him, he wasn’t Forseti, but he should still known about her encounters with avatar Syuna. ”I’ve been meaning to call a Council meeting, but I believe Forseti had been rather busy with her devout studies .” She murmured, seating herself beside the male, waiting for her mate to join them.

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OOC: Anyone in the legion feel free to join in anytime during this thread. Also forgot to say it last post, but since this is a meeting, no posting order. <3

Bulf first watched as the small wolf approached him, he seemed not to notice Bulf for a while, but Bulf could tell when he did. He unfortunately had that effect on people, despite his attempted pacifism. Bulf decided not to react as he sat, almost cowering in his presence, others might have enjoyed it if they afflicted this terror upon others, but Bulf was always saddened by it. Poor wolf, fearing him for no other reason than his size, but most did the same, he couldn’t blame them or himself for his imposing presence.

And then another wolf approached, and akeela addressed them all, he heard all her words, yet he didn’t process the full meaning of her speech due to his poor vocabulary, all he could really understand was “new members join” and “get to know each other.” The rest was fragments of sentences that didn’t make sense to him, but he didn’t mind, she was addressing, as far as he knew, the majority of the legion, and dumbing down her speech for him shouldn’t be expected or happen. He hoped he had at least understood the purpose of the meeting.

He slowly came out of the trees, careful of where he placed his feet so he didn’t crush Randavae. He moved to the left, to give the young wolf some space as he entered the clearing, and he sat, his head barely moved as his shoulders went up, held low under it’s own weight. With great effort, he lifted his head so his horns pointed skyward, to avoid harming anyone. He tried to make himself as small as possible, despite how big he was. Although he did want to get to know the legion, he was nervous, he had met very few of them so far, and most had first seen him as a threat. He was a large herbivore in a group of predators, an ideal hunting target, but also a frightening sight to the tiger cubs and wolf pup. His small blue eyes dart around, and his minuscule ears flick about and his nostrils flare as he sat there, waiting. He wanted to make friends, but meeting new people was always hard: what do they think of me? How will they be? How will my awful speech go over? And, most importantly, are they simply afraid of what I’ll do if they aren’t nice to me? All of these questions and more float about in his head, and he curses in Ugnaric, something that can’t, and probably shouldn’t, be translated to English.
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