Full Version: [Fang] The world is at my feet and I am standing on the ceiling
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The beast padded through the woods. He was a large creature, fur of monochrome hues with a skull-like face: charcoal marking alabaster in the shape of the skull. He padded through the woods, a necklace of bone around his neck, a raven skull at the center, three pairs of fangs flanking it. A tiger's, a bear's, and a wolf's.

Valravn decided to wander around the Legion's lands. Winter had swept the lands, snow crunched under his paws. He had been born in winter, so now he was three years old. He didn't think he would have made it this long. But in the Kingdom and now the Legion, he flourished.

The beast was close to the dens, but not quite at the dens. He was wondering what he should do. He had cleaned out a den. What else should he do today?

The beast decided to practice magic. First, the beast activated Greenpaw which caused flowers to spring up in his footsteps in the snow. And then he stopped to gaze at a flower springing up on its own in the snow. A Hellbore flower, it grew in the snow but had yet to bloom. Gazing upon it, he activated Flourish and suddenly, the flower bloomed.

Word Count ⟶ 206
Plant: 3/6 | Necromancy: 0/6 | Shadow: 0/2 | Negation: 0/1 | Stealthy:
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