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A thin layer of snow had settled over the ground. Dusting it in a light blanket of white that showed every movement made by any kind of creature - be it large or small. Ana lay stretched out in the Legion's camp, basking in the last of the dying light. Her ice blue eyes were open but seemed to be unseeing as she stared off into the distance. She felt as if she were stuck in some kind of rut, the urge to find new things was still there but it was a matter of looking for places to find them - especially since she wasn't allowed to leave the grounds. Three times seemed enough for out of the three times she had been caught twice.

Shifting on the ground she rolled to her back and stretched her paws into the air, straightening her legs and then relaxing them, allowing her paws to become relaxed, barely touching her belly. Her gaze locked onto the array of colors that streaked the sky - from oranges and reds to pinks and even dark purples. Things seemed peaceful, quiet.. As she lay there staring into the sky, companion activated once again, for the second time.

Hello again kid. A voice sounded from a few feet away from where the tigress lay. The word kid struck a nerve. Rolling to her side her blue gaze raked over the small, brown, furry creature. "Who are you call--- she stopped and frowned, this was the second time this creature had shown up. Rolling herself to her paws she stared hard at the little bat. "Appearing out of nowhere, lack of manners, no explanation as to where you came from or who you are..." she said with a twitch of her tail, her gaze narrowing at him. "You must be my companion.. At least you aren't a bird.. I suppose..

"Bird? Why on earth would you think I would be a bird? Kids like you don't know anything. the bat scoffed and waved a wing in the air as if annoyed.

"I suppose you know everything thing there is to know? Perhaps , then, you know that you are mine and I, therefore, get to name you whatever I wish to."

The bat frowned and tilted his head. What if I have a name?

Ana smiled a strange smile. "Regardless of whither or not you have a name, I am going to name you and that is the name you will answer to.. Or.. I will never summon you again and you will be left in whatever dark world you came from."

"Are you even a child? Are you even REAL! What if you were summoned by me? the bat questioned as he strolled closer to her, staring straight up into her eyes with a strange gleam in his eyes.

If Ana could purr she would purr here. Her blue eyes locked with his as she lowered her nose and moved it closer to his face. "I am bigger then you, I could crush you like a bug.." she murmured lowly. "Your name will be Sergey." she told him as she stood up and shook the snow off of her pelt.

Sergey frowned even deeper. It was clear he was unhappy about his name and the situation that he was being put in. "You are the strangest creature I have ever met! So... Cruel, so scary.. no emotion.. .. You must be stupid..

At his words Ana shot him a look that said shut your pie hole or I will shut it for you. Sergey smiled weakly and nodded his head, groaning inwardly.

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Valravn padded through the Legion's lands once again. His large head was held low as he padded through the forest. Being Stealthy, he moved through the woods like a ghost. His silver fur and skeleton face only adding to the ghostly image. Around his neck was a necklace of bones: a corvid's skull flanked by three pairs of fangs. The clink of the bones would be muffled by the thick fur around his ruff; the beast's winter coat had grown in. Around his foreleg was a bangle of bone in a floral pattern with amber. Hellfire eyes observed the world in front of him, a spark in his eyes. One of life.

Valravn decided to wander through the lands. He had finished cleaning the dens. So he padded through the woods to see if he could find something interesting. He scented a familiar scent.

He scented Anastasia. Curious, he padded over, being Stealthy, he would be difficult to detect. He observed the girl talking to nothing. Though upon closer look, he saw a little bat. Anastasia was talking but there was no response but she was talking towards a bat. He knew that there were magics that summoned companions, Perses had a blackbird that Valravn had never heard speak. But, he rarely left his friend's side. Was this bat like the blackbird?

And then the Grimm heard Anastasia threaten to crush the little creature. That wasn't right. He decided to make his presence known. Stepping out of the forest, he would stop three feet from the girl.

"Hello Anastasia," the beast said. He looked down towards the bat. "And is this your companion?"

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Valravn's voice filled Anastasia's ears. Her head lifted and her eyes angled towards the skull faced male. Her blue eyes locked on to his face for a moment before she looked back towards Sergey.

Sergey looked up towards the wolf and frowned at the wolf. "Who said I was her companion? he asked the wolf rather sharply. "Hey, who are you kid? you look mighty interesting. Never did see a wolf like you. Nope, not once in my life have I seen someone like you before. You must be tough, am I right? Can you teach this kid lesson here?

Ana twitched her whiskers. "Hello Valravn... I suppose this little guy is my companion. He showed up once before called me kid and then left.. This time he decided to stick around a little longer." she said with a raised eye brow towards Sergey. Turning her attention back to Valravn the girl moved forwards and attempted to press her muzzle against the side of his cheek. If the touch was accepted, dread would activate for the second time, being a newer power and not practiced much it would flicker and not give a deep sense of dread.

Withdrawing she looked back to Sergey who was eyeing her carefully. The little bat suddenly smiled and took flight before landing on top of Ana's back. "I think I will sit here! he announced proudly.

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