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Akeela trotted slowly along the borders, her ears twitching a top her head. She hadn't been very productive lately and truth be told she felt quite lazy. She had been spending a lot of time in the den that her family shared, and hadn't ventured out much to remark borders or interact with other realm mates. Perhaps it was the winter getting to her. While she wasn't a species that typically hibernated, the cold, drab atmosphere really seemed to drag her down. Giving a sigh she continued to scent mark the borders, carefully ensuring no one would miss them. Her mind wandered as she went about her mundane task. She thought of her family and of the realm members that she felt like she was failing. Was she failing? She hadn't been to start, she felt she had been quite successful here. Maybe she just had to get back into the swing of things. She thought about calling a meeting soon, catch up on all the current happenings. Hopefully when she did, everyone would attention and no one would call her out on her absence. While she had still been kicking around realm territory she recognized that her actual presence had been quite lacking. Shaking her head she moved along, she refused to bring herself down with thoughts of failure. She was a queen, she had built something spectacular, and she wouldn't be giving up on it any time soon.

Her visit home had been a short one. The heat of that place had quickly made her restless. Most of the year it didn't bother her much, but it was winter now. It was meant to be cold. It was her favorite time of year and she was going to enjoy it the best she could. Besides she could only listen to Jápmin complain for so long before it drove even her insane. Her Spiranima walked beside her grinning, but the wolverine didn't say anything. There was no need. Both of them where happy to just walk and see where the wind would lead them today.

That was until they came upon a border. That in it self would not matter that much, Just meant they had to walk around. Except Inga recognized the scent. "Akeela" She said quietly walking a little closer. She had realized the tigress had joined a realm, but marking the border. That was the job of royalty if she was not mistaken. Now she was curious.

Her companion on the other hand didn't seem to agree and did not hesitate to voice her opinion on the matter. "*What the hell are you doing? That's a predators border.*" Inga chuckled. That had never stopped her before. Besides she considered Akeela a friend even if they had not really spoken much. "*Every border here belongs to predator, besides I know her.*" She said before looking around to see if the tigress was anywhere close by. It would be nice to talk to her again.

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