Full Version: Hear Me Calling
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Kallisto Ariadne Lykaios


Kallisto was worried out of her mind. Where was Akeela? Her mate was somewhere else and it was just biting at her. Could the tigress be somewhere within the lands of the Legion? That was most likely as she could not see Akeela just abandoned the Legion and going off into the middle of nowhere. But once again, it was possible. She just did not want to leave her children here in order to look for the tigress. Perhaps she'd talk to Perses about it, maybe he'd be more open to scouring the lands for the tigress as Kallisto was doing whenever she could but she just felt it wasn't enough.

Her brain kept racking up and going over all the different possibilities. Of course, there was still the scent of Akeela in places but she had not legitimately seen her in awhile. Was it something she had done? Was the tigress avoiding her? She didn't know. She had been patrolling the borders and when she was done she was looking in the lands to see if she could find her mate. Even called for her once or twice.

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Ana walked silently through the trees of the Legion, her icy blue eyes staring blankly forwards. She was beginning to feel restless and wasn't sure why. Her urge to move around and meet others was growing bigger and bigger until finally it began to consume her. She hadn't seen Perses for a while and had briefly met Valvran when she discovered Sergey and named the ungrateful little creature.

Her mind moved towards the bat. Speaking of which.. Coming to a halt the young child Summoned the creature, Sergey. Who sat unhappily in a tree, staring down at her. Mind telling me why you called me during this awful time? his voice hissed with annoyance.

Anastasia stared up at the bat blankly for a moment. "Come here Sergey, we will go and explore the Legion's lands. I will show you where we live. Since we are now attached we might as well get along, I will keep you summoned -perhaps you will be of some kind of amusement to me." she spoke to the bat in a flat tone.

Sergey moved his wings nervously but silently obeyed and flew down towards her, landing lightly on her head. Ana glanced upwards towards him but said nothing. Do you have some kind of issue? Sergey questioned her. There is just not something normal about you... Like... So.. Strange.. And you are cold too, are you a living dead or something?.

At this Anastasia lashed her tail but still she said nothing and she started walking once more, ignoring the loud protest of the creature who was now laying flat on top of her, gripping to her short fur with his little hands.

Ana walked silently through the Legion's lands when she caught onto the scent of a bear.. Her gaze narrowed just slightly as she turned to follow it. It was a scent she had smelled before so she knew it was the Legion's but nonetheless she decided to venture closer.

Resting her eyes on the large figure she paused. She had seen the bear before though she couldn't remember the name.. It was Akeela's mate, wasn't it? Edging forwards once more she tried to stop a good five feet away from the bear. "Greetings Bear. she said and dipped her head towards her, causing Sergey to slid off of the top of her head and topple onto the ground.

She walks. | "She talks." | She thinks.
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