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I weaved carefully through the tall trees, my ears tilting and turning in all kinds of directions. My tongue held tensely in my mouth, as though careful not to be bitten if something were to spook me.

Whitebark Woods had become a very familiar place, yes, but the people? Not so much. And now that the Queen has been replaced by some grizzly bear, I was especially vigilant.

A fool leading fools. That's what I thought of the Queen. But now we have an idiot leading fools.

Well, I didn't know the bear, so I wasn't one to say if she was an idiot or not. I was just angry. Angry at that stupid ghostly mind-controlling moose thing, angry at the Queen for not doing a good enough job, angry at that grizzly for taking her spot.

I say I was angry. But the more I thought about it the more I thought I was just scared. And it made sense. That was why I was holding my tail between my legs, why I was darting my eyes back and forth, why I was thinking about this so much.

Because I was scared.

Me. A Worthe. Scared. It happened way too often. And the more it happened the less and less surprising it got.

Finally, I decided to relax my racing mind and sat down beside a tree. Never would I stop my vigilance as that moose's evil minions might creep up on me from behind at any second, no way, that had a reason.

But thinking...didn't. Not the kind of stuff I was thinking about, anyway.

I just needed to catch my breath. I just needed a moment to myself to let the worries subside. A moment to relax.



Maata quite enjoyed watching the mortals, just as her compelling and courtly husband did. Their vocations may be different, where he be the underdog and herself in passions for exploration, adventure -- it mattered not, of course. It’s how they worked, compromised and loved. But today, she would not be dwelling much in Marlon’s presence, for a need to make an appearance upon the mortal realm was paramount. You see, a certain boy caught the woman’s attention. There would be no use dillydaddling, and thus the almighty goddess appearance before Randavae in the blink of an eye, kinetic particles wafting like roses; yet, they disappeared. Standing before the wolf, she smiled in spite of their troubles –– why, she would not be here if it wasn’t important –– that's how Maata gave.

Gifts, from her to them.

"Randavae Worthe, do not let anger best you when opportunities await at every turn," The serval began, voice harmonic and sweetlike, "Be blessed, my child, and may this be a lesson for you to learn." And just like that, she vanished, back into the immortal realm.

Something has happened!
As voted upon in the site-wide poll, Randavae has been blessed! He has received a blessing marking (#ab751a) that may be placed anywhere upon his body. Randavae has been granted access to the Blessed powers found here.

Of course. Just as I had suspected.

Though I knew what was coming, a bright flash of light, a bellowing voice, a mind-controlling demon, I still jumped out of my fur when it appeared before me.

And the creepy thing smiled at me, radiating an energy that told me it was much stronger than me, much smarter if you will, even though I was the only one in a fighting stance.

It spoke some silly words that didn't make any sense to me. Of course they didn't. Freaky demon thing.

I can think of a lesson to learn, I thought. I'll teach it to you, if you'd like.

I was very careful not to say these words out loud, because I very discreetly thought that it might end up being the other way around and then I'd look like a fool.

Might. Of course, it probably wouldn't happen if I did theoretically say that, but you know. Ahem.

Suddenly, without giving me a moment to speak, to think, to something, it vanished, right before my eyes.

And like a deer I stood, frozen, watching the spot it originally stood. As though I had just suddenly become conscious, I rushed over to that spot, sniffing the ground vigorously.

It was as though it was never there.

"Demon," I breathed.

My head was led away from the ground I obsessively studied, making its way back atop my shoulders.

"Damned demon."


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Perses Stormbringer
winter is coming
When the snows fall and the white winds blow,
the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives

the north remembers

Perses had been patrolling The Legion's borders. He marked and checked the stretch of land before walking through the territory. It didn't hurt to check inside the lands as well as the borders. As Lord, he should be aware of all things inside the borders as well.

His Companion perched on his shoulders. He scented Randavae and decided to pad over to see what the youth was doing. The male glimpsed a familiar entity. He remembered Maata from the Quest. He didn't quite catch all of the words other than "blessed". But, if the beast knew anything about Randavae, he knew that the kid would be freaked.

The red-eyed Lord was not disappointed. The boy called the Avatar a demon and a "damned demon". Perses was a bit worried since the Avatar didn't seem to take insults lightly if Vox was any indication. He padded forwards, approaching the youth. It was best to educate the boy -- well, now an adult -- about what little the beast knew about the Avatars.

"That was no demon, Randavae," the beast said as he stopped six feet away from the young wolf. "That was the Avatar, Maata." The beast decided to get right to the point. "Avatars are powerful, they can make their voices heard through the land such as bringing you to find good things like candy and feasts. But don't disrespect the Avatars."

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A heavy breath of air escaped from my mouth. I was getting bored with those demons. It was almost like they were trying to scare me.

I leaned back down to study the patch of ground further. Even though I knew it wasn't of my concern, I still felt curious about the demon's lack of scent.

I inhaled.


The demon was never even there at all. The only smell present was the Beast and I found it hard to believe he could transform into another animal entirely...though, the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was possible.

I mean, being able to morph yourself to become one with the air is definitely a thing they could do. So why not morph yourself into an animal?

Wait. The Beast?

My head whipped up and around to face him, my wide eyes locking closely onto his. He immediately started yapping about some stupid thing.

"They bring you candy and feasts, Randavae," the Beast said. "I assure you they're not poisoned," I thought with a brief sarcastic grin.

He ended by telling me not to disrespect the demons -- or Avatars, whatever stupid thing he called them. I rolled my eyes. This time my gaze landed on a tree. A very interesting tree at that, as I didn't look back at the Beast.

This tree was more interesting than him, yet somehow I found myself curious about his reasoning. Maybe not curious. It would just bug me if I didn't find out why he was being so dumb.

"Why not?" I mumbled, my gaze eventually landing back on him.


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Perses Stormbringer
winter is coming
When the snows fall and the white winds blow,
the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives

the north remembers

Perses wasn't sure if Randavae was listening. But considering how distrustful Randavae already seemed to be of magic itself, the sarcastic grin caused the wolf had the urge to add, "The feasts weren't poisoned, Queen Akeela and I both ate at the feasts and we're both alive." Once he finished the sentence.

The red-eyed Lord heard the boy ask "Why not?" Was he thinking of going off in the middle of the forest and yelling curses at the Avatar. Honestly, Perses would have let him considering it might teach him a lesson. Though considering how fearful and distrustful the wolf was, it wasn't a good idea.

"On the Quest I was sent on by Maata along with many others, including the healer you met when you first came here, a she-wolf named Vox called Maata a liar and Maata took away her speech. Temporarily." the beast said. 'I hope.' Perses thought internally.

Noticing the new mark Randavae had, the Stormlord remembered the mark that Akeela had near her eye, a one she hadn't had before. And seeing a new mark on Randavae caused him to connect them.

"I think Queen Akeela was blessed by an Avatar. The pink flower marking near her eye wasn't there before like that brown marking on you." He tried to make the boy see reason. He seemed to trust her. Hopefully he could use that to get the boy to think.

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I'll bet you're only alive because of that magic stuff protecting you, Beast. But sure. Go off on your tangent, I'll listen.

Actually, maybe I won't.

Even as I tried to make sense of him, I didn't see his point. Those demons didn't seem to believe in free speech. That was another reason I didn't like them.

And the Queen was blessed? Well, that likely explains why she trusts in those things so much. They've probably been hypnotizing her.

Bored again, my eyes began to wander the intricate patterns of the Beast's fur and markings...fur and markings...marking?

"What marking?" I spun in circles trying to find this "brown marking" the Beast mentioned, but I saw nothing, no matter where or how hard I looked. Was he playing tricks on me?


OOC: sorry for the wait! i've been designing Randie's marking.

Perses Stormbringer
winter is coming
When the snows fall and the white winds blow,
the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives

the north remembers

Perses was honestly wondering if Randavae would ever adapt to being in Yavania. He was so unsure and distrustful of everything magic related. Stars and Spirits, the wolf didn't know if he would have been better off or worse in The Kingdom. Could Queen Frigga have rehabilitated the boy? She was a shapeshifter and seemed to be skilled in magic. Or would Regalia have served better? Even though she had cast him fron the Valkyrja, he still respected her nonetheless. He knew Akeela was trying her best but it seemed like nothing had changed.

The beast didn't know how to show the boy the marking on his face. Perhaps bringing him to a puddle.

"I'm going to use magic," the red-eyed Lord said, hoping it wouldn't frighten the boy if the magic was announced. Or it would make it worse. Honestly, the beast didn't know what to do.

The male would activate Condense to try to show the boy the marking in the puddle of water that would be formed a foot in front of the wolf. And then Projection would attempt to activate to show the wolf the recent memory from Perses's eyes of the boy's appearance with the marking on his face.

Projection will be used to show Randavae to show Perses looking at Randavae from 1st person from post #7. To see his face
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Hello there roleplayers!

It looks like the spell projection was used. While used correctly to a degree, the description of what was shown was vague. You did not state if it was first person or third person, or when the projection begins and ends.

Projection is like viewing a specific memory that person has experienced, as if it were a movie, either first or third person. You need to specify which. If you do not wish to ICly type out all the details you should OC explain exactly the moment your referring to. You can OC note it at the bottom. Some memories can happen before Yava, those obviously need to be detailed in explaining what the target sees. As for memories that have happened in threads, those should be documented somehow for an easy to understand explanation on what the target sees.

For example in an oc note at the bottom say something like.

Projection information: this thread (or link to the thread it happened in) post number X, (or posts x-z) Randavae views as if from perses eyes. Etc etc. You can even quote the beginning and ending of the persons sentences, if the projection your trying to display is only part of a single post.

For example say I was using Post #7 as the 'projection'. I could say.
Projection information: This thread, post #7, first person PoV from Perses eyes. Starts: "Bored again my eyes began to wander..." Ends: "Was he playing tricks on me?"

In this thread its obvious the target of the spell was Randavae, but you need to be clear, these are attempts of projection, not guarantees. Randavae could have some magic that could have blocked Perses use of projection.

Please OC note exactly what Ranavae was supposed to have seen in the projection.

This thread is no longer on hold

Woah, woah, woah, magic? A little unnecessary, don't ya think, Beast?

Ah, who am I kidding. He's all about unnecessary. With his stupid long boring explanations. I'd call those very unnecessary.

In a flash of demonic power a puddle formed close to my paws, a little too close for comfort.

I watched that puddle. I could see the tips of my ears. But no brown marking was present.

So I decided to lean forward, just a little bit, until I could see the top of my head. Still nothing.

Again, I leaned forward, only the tiniest amount. And I realized something was off.

Even though I could only see the top of my eyebrows, which, mind you, still had no brown marking, I saw that same marking clear as day.

And it was a scar. Really? Of all the things in the world, they chose a scar. The most unflattering thing you could put on someone's face.

Were they mocking me?

Right over my eye, too. It felt like if I closed my eye and opened it again I'd be blind.

After this thought I immediately tested it, maybe as if I actually believed this. And I thought my suspicion might've been true, as when my eye opened again I was back to seeing my eyebrows.

I thought this to be kind of strange...but I figured the Beast was playing some silly magic trick on me.

Finally I backed away to my original spot, standing with anticipation for some other weird magic to appear.


OOC: i was trying to simulate the memory suddenly appearing interfering with reality. like the memory is so vivid it feels like he's seeing it, but then he kinda snaps out of it. that sometimes happens to me when i daydream.
if i simulated Projection wrong, please someone let me know!

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