Full Version: Lazy Spring Days.
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Kenya was lazy by nature, even if he wanted to get up and do something the urge to remain still and bask in the warm sun always overcame him and almost always won. He wasn't someone that needed to get up an patrol as he wasn't King of anything, he had given up that right when he left his home pride lands. But being someone that enjoyed being in a pride or a group of some sort, Kenya decided to join the Legion. He, since joining, had stayed to himself and lazed about but now, the male decided it was high-time he got up and did something, met someone.

The male had been lazing somewhere in the Whitebark woods when he decided this. Getting to his paws the male's jaws parted in a wide yawn and he stretched his front legs out in front of him, his back arching. Straightening his posture the beast looked around with his golden gaze, part of him wanted to go looking for his sister and that ragged little creature that she decided to pick up but the other part of him wanted to go venturing around the the Legion's borders.

Shaking his body, the lion began to slowly walk. His eyes narrowing around the land. The warmth the Spring was bringing was comforting to his golden fur. It warmed him to the bone and the very feeling made him feel even more lazy but he continued on, moseying along at a leisurely pace. As he walked the male Anima activated for the first time, before him a fire newt stood staring at him curiously before disappearing quickly. The male stopped and stared dumbfounded at it. "uhm.. uh.. What.. What was that? he stammered.

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