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Winter Year 12
Dec. 25th - Feb. 4th



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Spotlights: Nov. '20
Most Spiritual

[played by Spirited_Away]
Cothurnus VS Perses

M F O Total
Canines 61 51 03 115
Felines 39 38 03 80
Herbivores 07 08 00 15
Other Mammals 21 14 00 35
Birds 07 09 00 16
Reptiles 02 03 00 05
Other 01 01 00 02
Undead 16 06 00 22
Overall 154 130 006 290



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Disciples of
Mother Earth

What are Disciples? They are creatures dedicated to Mother Earth and Her Avatars, and they are unaffiliated to realms.


Your character unlocks the Element of Cleric and, unlike usual, they unlock additional levels with their post count. As long as they are a Disciple, they will have access to this magic. If they already have chosen their two free branches of magic before they become a Disciple, Cleric unlocks for them regardless - no Elemental Jewelry needed.

Mother Earth's Mark

Disciples are magically granted a ☼ marking on their forehead upon entering Her service. The color is either white or black, depending on which is more visible on your character. This is the only way to get this symbol on your character in this exact spot.

How to Join

There are two ways. 1. Your character can be invited to join by a current Disciple. If they accept, your character will suddenly unlock the Elemental of Cleric, and Devout will give them knowledge of the Divine and their new role. 2. Your character can feel an unexplained 'calling' to Avatar Temple. There, if the roleplayer desires it, their character will see an inscription on the Temple's walls that they will magically be able to read. 'Those that seek the light need only pray. Open yourself to Her wisdom, and all things become possible.' From there, your character will suddenly unlock the Elemental of Cleric, and Devout will give them knowledge of the Divine and their new role.

How to Leave

Your character need only make the final choice that they are leaving, and then you apply for a rank change in Updates. Be warned that once your character leaves, they will no longer have access to Cleric unless they buy it/have already bought it. Their unique marking will also disappear.

Their Magic

Based on your character's post count, they have the following magic available to them (from the Element of Cleric). These powers still follow standard Powerpool rules, as found on the Elements Page.

Required Posts
Due to your character's religious devotion, they have been magically granted the following knowledge: Mother Earth, the creation story on the Religion Page, the names of the Avatars, the elements associates with each Avatar, the brief description of the Avatars on the Religion Page, and the names and times of each Festival on the Religion Page. This is a passive ability and takes no powerpoints (PP) to use.
Due to the Cleric Mage's divine devotion, Defros has granted them immunity to one default (level 1) elemental spell. This should be chosen at the time that they unlock this level so that Staff can take note of it in the Elemental Records. This ability costs 2 PP each time it blocks the chosen default power.
With the use of this power, the Cleric Mage can detect the motive of a target by reading their aura. This means that they can tell if the target has had harmful thoughts towards the user or others in the last 3 of their posts of the thread. If the character has had harmful thoughts, their aura will appear red, but the user cannot hear what those thoughts are.
With a quick prayer, the user is able to channel one of two spells, depending on who they prayed to. If the user prays to Syuna, Mythys, Maata, Talios, or Kulla, the user can heal up to five small cuts, bruises, or 1st degree burns on any targets within 10 feet of themselves. If the user prays to Cyfton, Litar, Marlon, or Defros, the user can channel a force of radiant power. Originating from the user, this bolt of light-like energy can be directed towards a target within 10 feet. If hit, the radiant bolt causes first degree burns with fleeting glances and up to second for a direct hit.
No matter where the Cleric Mage is, the Avatars are listening. With this ability, the user makes it far more likely that the Avatars will appear. It is not a guarantee that they will do so (a dice roll will determine it), and the user cannot choose which Avatar might appear, making this risky.*
Due to the Cleric Mage's divine devotion, Syuna has granted them the ability to unleash a flash of white light that automatically smites any undead in a 30 foot radius. This ability lasts 1 post per casting.
With this ability, the user can negate the effects of any single spell on themselves or on another creature. For example, it can end the effects of a spell currently affecting them, such as Aphasia, but it can also vanquish a spell in mid-use, such as a Flamethrower coming right towards them.
Due to the Cleric Mage's divine devotion, Kulla has granted them immunity to disease, both magical and nonmagical. This passively gives the Cleric Mage to an incredibly healthy lifespan; they will not be an elder until the age of 8 years. Additionally, the Cleric Mage may use this ability to purge a target creature of a disease, magical or nonmagical.
Your character glows with white, radiant light-like energy. Any targets (chosen by the user) within twenty feet that look upon the user will be rooted with awe, enthralled by the divine power imbued in the user. This enthrallment lasts 2 posts or until the target(s) are caused pain or physical discomfort. It makes them unwilling to move.
The user can bestow curses on targets (up to 5) within a twenty foot radius. Targets at Excellent Health are slowed (by 1 body build) for 2 posts; creatures at Good Health are deafened for 2 posts; creatures at Fair Health are blinded for 2 post; and creatures at Poor Health are stunned (unable to move) for 2 posts.