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Season & Time
Autumn Year 10
Oct. 16th - Nov. 30th



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Spotlights: Oct. '19
[played by Dikui]
Trick or Treat &
Zombie Ape

M F O Total
Canines 61 51 03 115
Felines 39 38 03 80
Herbivores 07 08 00 15
Other Mammals 21 14 00 35
Birds 07 09 00 16
Reptiles 02 03 00 05
Other 01 01 00 02
Undead 16 06 00 22
Overall 154 130 006 290



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Below are frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have a question that we didn't answer here, feel free to ask.

What if I want to play a species that isn't on the free-to-play list?
For varying prices, almost every animal can be purchased and played on Yavania. For those prices, please see the Other Creatures guide. Currently the only creatures banned from Yavania are elephants, rhinos, and hippos due to their large size.

Can I choose any elements I want?
Yes! Once you make a character, you can request 2 elements here and get their default levels for free. Additional levels cost 100 AP each. Buying 3+ elements costs even more, but it can be done.

Can my character know about magic before coming to Yavania?
Yes, they may. Yavania isn't the only land in the world to have magic. However, they will not know of Yavania's magic until they experience it here.

How does my character discover magic?
To discover a power, they can accidentally use it. They may not (at first) understand that they were the ones that used a power (if they know they did at all). Powers such as chill, telepathy, and fatigue may require someone telling them. Just try to be realistic.

Can my character have a unique special ability?
Currently, the only abilities and powers your character can have are the feats, elemental powers, and unique powers that you must purchase on Yavania. If you have a power idea, you can suggest it here. Staff will approve, disapprove, and/or rework it to fit Yavania.

Can I only use the plants found on the herb guide?
No. You may use any herb you wish. Please be careful researching whatever herb you use, however.

Is there a character limit?
Nope! On Yavania you can have as many characters as you please! There is no waiting period between creating accounts, but try not to overwhelm yourself.

My character was born near the end of a season. It's now the next season. What age should I put on their profile?
Until a character is at least a month old IC (2 OC weeks), they won't tend to be out and about on their own. For roughly the first two weeks of life (1 OC week), baby canines and felines on site cannot see or hear, which makes them difficult to play. So if your character is born near the end of spring and it is now summer, record them as 0.25 years old to make things easier on yourself, even if they aren't truly 0.25 years old IC just yet. Just remember when your character was born and when it would be viable for them to be out on their own. The only exception to this is if the babe is bore 1 - 2 days before the turn of the season. In this case, record them as being born in the next season.

Can my characters come into Yavania knowing the Avatars?
Now that Yavania has been open for 2 IC years, it is possible that creatures outside of Yavania heard rumors about the Avatars. They may not know everything about them, but their name and species is not too much to know. If you wish them to have extra knowledge, have them obtain Legend Lore (found on the Feats Page) before entering Yavania.

Can my characters come into Yavania knowing the names of long-standing realms?
Your character can come in knowing the name of a realm if you can say who (from Yavania) told them and have permission from that roleplayer to their character told them. The only other way they can know this is if they possess the feat Legend Lore (found on the Feats Page).

Is any sort of metagaming allowed on Yavania?
Metagaming, as a rule, is not something we allow. However, there are some things that do not require IC interaction for your character to know (such as the above). An example of this isthat littermates/siblings do not need to roleplay in a thread together to learn each other's names, as they are assumed to be raised together in a den/house. They may also know the names of their mother, father, or whoever raised/nursed them. Please note that if they weren't raised by their mother, they wouldn't know her name unless they learned it IC. Same for the father.

Can my character give birth to a hybrid child and have one delivered by the Avatars at the same time?
Yes, of course. Your character can have as many hybrids as you want in a single 'litter.' The species of the child determines how they are given to your character. Children that are the species of the mother will be birthed by the mother; children that are the species of the father will be delivered by the Avatars. Additionally, if you want them both to occur at the same time, the delivered child can start as a newborn. Usually delivered children start at 2 months old because there is no mother to nurse them.

Can I buy a hybrid for a character couple that isn't my own?
Yes, you can! Just make sure you have the permission of the roleplayers who play the couple you wish to buy a child for.

Can I buy a hybrid and put it up for adoption?

If my character doesn't give birth to the child, how will my character know that a hybrid is their child?
The Avatars can personally deliver the child to your character.

If my character doesn't give birth to the hybrid, do they have to meet the Avatars when the child is delivered?
No, they do not have to. If you wish for the Avatars to remain anonymous, they can. However, your character might not realistically know that the hybrid is their biological child.

Can I bring a hybrid into Yavania that was born off site?
Yes, you may! You must pay for the hybrid, however, and it must meet our standards for a hybrid (in design). See the Rules page for more information.

Can my character buy jewelry and give it to another character?
Your character can do whatever he wants with his or her purchased jewelry.

How does my character get jewelry on?
We are a little flexible on this one. Be vague if you wish just try to keep it realistic. It's unlikely a wolf will be able to grab something with their paw and place it over their head.

Can my character pass on his/her magical jewelry? Or does it die with the character?
They can pass it on to whomever they wish. Simply make sure the jewelry is a semi-realistic size for the creature they wish to pass it on to.

Can I purchase a unique ability and put it on an existing piece of jewelry?
Yup! You can always add a unique power to a piece of jewelry later. Additionally, you don't need to put a unique power on jewelry at all.

Can I purchase an additional element and put it on an existing piece of jewelry?
No. A character's 3rd+ element must be imbued into a piece of jewelry and gifted to that character via divine delivery or them finding it. You may only have one element per jewelry item.