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Spotlights: Oct. '19
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M F O Total
Canines 61 51 03 115
Felines 39 38 03 80
Herbivores 07 08 00 15
Other Mammals 21 14 00 35
Birds 07 09 00 16
Reptiles 02 03 00 05
Other 01 01 00 02
Undead 16 06 00 22
Overall 154 130 006 290



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On Yavania, we give options to those characters that don't fit into the fantasy aspect of the site, with Feats. Once you buy one (100 AP each), you own it for the character's life. They give your character a special ability without giving them magic. These are not spells, so they do not have a power pool and can be used as often as you want. However, when your character is using one of these feats please state it in bold in your post.

At this time, the available Feats are:

Your character is faster by one body type. Bulky characters are now as fast as average characters. Average characters are now as fast as slender characters. Slender characters are now faster by 5mph. Please refer to this page for more exact numbers. Keep in mind that being faster doesn't mean you can run forever. Your character will get tired quicker, the faster they run.
Due to their prowess as a fighter, characters with this feat can dodge one set of simultaneous attacks, if it's realistic to do so. This will count as their full dodge.
Your character is fit and, as such, can jump 1.5x further than the average of their species.
Combat Reflexes
Your character has one extra full dodge (a total of 2) per thread, but this extra dodge may only be used in spars that are 4+ moves long.
Your character has a heightened sense of hearing, if they're not too distracted by a task that currently occupies their hearing.
The user has a higher pain tolerance than most. They can almost tough out the pain from a serious wound in a fight, more so than just a creature running on adrenaline. They do still feel the pain. The creature should be careful, however, as this can risk them increasing the damage they sustained by ignoring their wounds.
Eidetic Memory
Your character has the ability to remember details and events flawlessly, no matter how long ago it happened (excluding when they are under 0.50 years old).
Your character is more tolerant of hunger and thirst. This enables rogues to have excellent health for up to five threads after entering Yavania and up to five threads between realms. In battle, this feat enables bulky characters to tire slower.
Unlike other creatures, your character is more fertile than average. This means that your character can have more children as soon as their current litter is 0.25 years old (1 season).
Your character has a knack for plant life. Should they successfully forage for a magical herb in the Divine Lands, they may replant it somewhere of their choice. These plants will not grow in deserts or arctic lands, and plating them in winter conditions, will automatically fail. Replanting must occur IC in a post and cannot be assumed. You must inform staff once you have replanted a magical herb. This will not work with Idun's Blessing, which may only grow in Syuna's Courtyard. Despite the replanting, characters must still forage for the magical herbs to find and use them, even if they think they know the exact spot they replanted it themselves; however if your character was the one that replanted them, the forage will be rolled as an easy forage. Magical herbs are, after all, quite the tricky little things!
This upgrade offers players a chance to have their character be an exceptional hunter. This does not mean that their character will always be successful or never get hurt, but it gives their character a higher rate of success as well as a higher chance of either not getting hurt or sustaining lesser injuries. If the character who has this feat is leading the hunt, two entire hunt rolls will be rolled and offered to the participants. However, the group must agree on one set of results or the other. If the character who has the Hunting Upgrade is merely a participant, they will get two rolls for their injury, and they will be able to choose which they desire.
Your character has heightened observational skills; they're able to better read micro expressions and pay closer attention to detail. For example, a character with this ability might be able to tell if two characters are involved in a relationship or not just by the way they act towards each other.
Legend Lore
This feat should be purchased before a character enters Yavania. It enables characters that have no biological ties to Yavania to enter with complete knowledge of Mother Earth and the Avatars, including their names and what elements are associated to them (though no specific spells). They may also know the names of the current realms (not the leaders' names, past leaders' names, or alignment of those characters), due to rumors, so long as that realm has existed IC for at least one OC month. Additionally, they may know the physical description of the realm's most prominent members if those members have lived in that realm for 6+ OC months; they may not know these characters' names. They may also know of these characters due to their prominence.
This feat has two functions. It allows a character to join the site knowing up to 5 total languages fluently (if purchased before their account is accepted). Or it allows a character on site to become fluent in a certain language, if they have 5 completed total threads where they are being taught that language by a character who speaks it fluently. This feat can be bought multiple times with each purchase for a specific language, chosen upon purchase.
Your character has luck on their side. They can re-roll the success of any hunt or any forage as well as any injury (in a hunt or forage)l. Your character can only do this once per thread. To use this feat, tell staff when you request one of these rolls that you have the lucky feat. This feat can no longer give a re-roll for escape attempts, as it was found to be overpowered.
Your character is better at being deceitful with body language. So long as their words do not betray their lies and they speak a plausible truth, others will have trouble deciding if they are being truthful or not. Even to those with investigator abilities, they are capable liars. Magical abilities that can detect deceit can see through this feat with ease.
Your character, when concentrating, can become incredibly covert. They're harder to hear, spot, and scent.
Your character has an even better sense of smell than most. They can pick up very faded scents, ones that others would miss.
If your character has hands (naturally or with magic), they may purchase this feat to bear weapons in spars. For example, a chimpanzee may purchase this feat if they wish to wield a spear in a spar. This does not provide them the knowledge of how to make weapons or magically give them one to wield.