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Pardon our ads; they're necessary to keep this site running. Thank you for your understanding! Many sites boast a wonderful memberbase, but here at Yavania we pride ourselves on our community. We work hard to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making sure every member and guest is greeted and included in the fun, both OC and IC. Our staff is active, friendly, and almost always available. We are a sandbox roleplay, but we have many sitewide events to spice things up! We have very few limitations when it comes to character creation, and New Members get a huge bonus! We offer a vast spectrum of free-to-play creatures, including but not limited to wolves, lions, hyenas, panda bears, wild dogs, clouded leopards, ball pythons, and eagles! Check out our Overview Guide and Character Creation to see what other species you can play! If the magic system seems overwhelming, don't worry. You do not have to build a character with magic. If you want to, however, we're available to help! Just drop into cbox. ♥
Season & Time
Winter Year 10
Dec. 1st - Jan. 19th



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Spotlights: Oct. '19
[played by Amelia]
We Could be Immortals

M F O Total
Canines 61 51 03 115
Felines 39 38 03 80
Herbivores 07 08 00 15
Other Mammals 21 14 00 35
Birds 07 09 00 16
Reptiles 02 03 00 05
Other 01 01 00 02
Undead 16 06 00 22
Overall 154 130 006 290



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Comprehensive Overview
I. Setting
II. Map
III. Free Species
IV. Other Creatures
VI. Magic
VIII.. Cross-Species Reproduction
IX. Realms

What Makes Yavania Special?

Many sites boast a wonderful memberbase, but here at Yavania we pride ourselves on our community. We work hard to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making sure every member and guest is greeted and included in the fun, both OC and IC. Our staff is active, friendly, and always available. Each season we have a lot of fun OC activities that give our players fun/generous rewards, such as raffles, word searches, and crosswords. IC we have many festivals and site-wide events.

Warm & Welcoming
Friendly & Active


This roleplay takes place in a time where humans do not exist. The lands are called Yavania and are not based on any real location. Mother Earth is said to have created all the world, and her divine servants (the Avatars) grant magic and mutations to those that live here. That being said, your character does not need to believe in the Avatars or partake in magic use.



We offer many free to play species: 6 felines, 6 canines, and many others. The following creatures have been resized for fairness and, despite that some of them are Large Creatures by Yavania's standards, they are free to play. They are as follows: African wild dogs, coyotes, foxes, maned wolves, and wolves (African golden, Ethiopian, Red, and Grey) & cheetahs, cougars, leopards, lions, and tigers & crows (including ravens) and eagles, & deer (Mule/White-tailed/Musk/Fallow), ponies (aka small horses), and springbok, & black bears, hyenas, panda bears, and otters (American river & sea) & green iguanas.

Additionally, ALL species that, on average, meet the following requirements are free to play: 60 pounds or less (for mammals) and no more than 30 inches tall/long for birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The only exception to this rule is snakes: snakes that are non-venomous and are 72'' inches or less on average are fine, so long as they weigh less than 15 pounds on average. To be considered free to play, venomous snakes must be 30 inches or less on average. Examples of this include dholes (Indian hunting dogs), clouded leopards, lynx, raccoon dogs, ball pythons, etc.

We allow a lot of creativity when it comes to design. All species can have partial or full melanism (darker than normal fur) or albinism (lighter than normal fur). With a Rare Color Pass, characters can even have both! Characters can have almost any eye color. We also offer physical traits (for purchase) such as feathers, scales, scutes, extra tails, tusks, longer teeth, and horns, which can even be bought after a character is created. If you wish to play another larger species, we offer that as an option as well. They vary in cost from 400 AP points to 800 AP, depending on their size.

UPDATE: Until further notice, we are offering roleplayers that are new to Yavania a New Member Bonus. Come check out what cool characters concepts you can create!

Character Creation
Other Creatures


AP is the currency of the site; it is a NewPoints System that is automatically tallied each time you post. You do not need to use them if you do not wish to do so, however, they are how your character progresses their magic. Additionally, they can be used to buy physical upgrades and other creatures.


There are many options when it comes to magic. We offer a total of 15 different elements (power sets) with 10 powers in each. Every character has the option of choosing two elements. Upon requesting the elements here, your character will get the default power in the element(s) for free. Afterwards, each additional level costs 100 AP . These elements are not the only form of magic that we offer. Characters also have the option of buying magical jewelry. This jewelry can be used to buy additional elements for characters that already have chosen their default 2, for a cost of 500 AP. Unique magic also exists, offering powers to characters that are not associated with any of the 15 elements. They can bestowed directly upon the character or placed upon jewelry.

Elemental Jewelry
Unique Magic


If you or your character isn't into magic but you don't wish for them to be handicapped, we offer feats for characters. These are non-magical upgrades available to all characters.

Cross-Species Reproduction

We do allow cross-species reproduction on site, but the resulting babies cost 100 - 400 AP per child (depending on the age of the parents). Homosexual couples can also have children (via Divine delivery), thanks to the Avatars. More information can be found on the rules page.


Almost any land can be claimed on Yavania and both males and females can claim and start realms. Characters must be at least two years old to lead and have three followers (at least 3 total roleplayers between the four characters) to start a realm. More information can be found on the rules page.

Realm Map