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Winter Year 12
Dec. 25th - Feb. 4th



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Spotlights: Nov. '20
Most Spiritual

[played by Spirited_Away]
Cothurnus VS Perses

M F O Total
Canines 61 51 03 115
Felines 39 38 03 80
Herbivores 07 08 00 15
Other Mammals 21 14 00 35
Birds 07 09 00 16
Reptiles 02 03 00 05
Other 01 01 00 02
Undead 16 06 00 22
Overall 154 130 006 290



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In the beginning of time there was only chaos, an aching and empty nothingness. There was no Mother Earth, no plants or animals to roam her surface: there was only the Void. But even when there was nothing, there was potential. The loneliness and immensity of that potential is how life was first born. Out of the Void, Mother Earth was born, but she was not the same Mother Earth as she is known today. She was as empty as the Void she was born from, a tiny rock in the midst of a vast lonely space, filled with nothing except for one thing: magic.

She did not flourish in this isolation. It was not until the Sun emerged from the Void did she begin to grow, her celestial being expanding into the girth she is today. During her growth, her topography changed into that which it is today. Rivets eased into her surface, some large and some small, creating places for water to gather and be directed. Shapes came up from the ground, some smooth rounded surfaces that are now known as hills and others that are tall enough to pierce the belly of the sky. Canyons, mountains and deserts all found their places on her.

But Mother Earth is a mother in all of her essence, and desired life. Sprung from that desire and nurtured by the light and warmth of the Sun, came the first plants and foliage of the world. In some places, grasses and flowers spread over her surface and in others there were trees, and in others there both, but even this was not enough. The beauty of her land needed to be shared, and so she created the first creatures of the world. From predator to prey, creatures of all shapes and sizes were born into her world, some simple-minded and others of a more complex nature.

It was these sophisticated, sentient creatures that she spent the most of her time on, and it showed. Some of these creatures possessed abilities and powers that were a pale version of her own celestial magic, a byproduct of how much effort she put into her more complex children. Yet Mother Earth encountered a problem as she set loose her children; they knew nothing of her. They had been born and nourished from her body, but possessed no knowledge of her hand in their creation. This did not sit well with her, so she took it upon herself to create what are now known as Avatars.

Representatives of Mother Earth, they live in her world as immortals...


the Death Bringer
[Shadow & Healing]
the Child Giver
[Plant & Light]
the Spirit of the Hunt
[Fire & Metal]
Neutral and poised, she ferries the spirits of the dead to the afterlife. Life and death are complimentary in her view for one cannot exist without the other. Warm and compassionate, Syuna is the deliverer of hybrid babes and the patron of fertility. She adores all mortals, finding them fascinating, and promotes love. Aloof and wise, he is responsible for the balance between predator and prey. Though herbivores might champion him, he shows them no more favoritism than he does others.
the Spirit of Battle
[Water & Electricity]
the Keeper of Knowledge
[Air & Earth]
the Weaver of Fate
[Necromancy & Divination]
Stoic and stern, he is the spirit of war and his magic binds those who fight in the arena to honorable combat. Though he doesn't care for the daily lives of mortals, he cannot stand cowards. Intelligent and all-seeing, Mythys is one of the two divine librarians, alongside Talios. They know all and enjoy teaching more than anything else. She and Talios share a psychic bond. Contrary and rebellious, Defros knows the fate of the mortals below but tends to enjoy trying to lead them astray. He thrives on chaos and strives to challenge the world order.
the Downtrodden's Voice
[Bardic & Anima]
the Traveler's Guardian
[Kinetic & Cleric]
the Silent Scholar
[Psychic & Savant]
Bardic and kind, he is the champion of the underdog, favoring those that finds the odds stacked against them. Often he can be found sharing stories with lucky mortals. His wife is Maata. Icy and passionate, she is the protector of vagabonds, travelers, and rogues. She cherishes adventurers, those that go on divine quests. Her husband is Marlon. Mute, it is said Talios communicates with mortals with his mind. Visits from this minuscule Avatar, however, are rare, and he shares a psychic bond with Mythys.


Here on Yavania, each Avatar has their own special festival. They are as follows:

Fertility Festival. A time to celebrate couples and children, Syuna has been known to appear to gift couples with her blessings. She hosts a match-making game, attempting to inspire new friendships and romances, and creatures are encouraged to bond in threads marked [FF]. Unbeknownst to the mortals, all attempts to procreate will be successful during this festival.
Feb. 12th - 26th, every year

Feast of Knowledge. In honor of knowledge, Mythys & Talios hold a feast where creatures from all realms are welcome to come and exchange information and teach one another. This is a peaceful festival about culture and intelligence, and Mythys gives a personal lesson to the creatures of Yavania. Afterwards, she encourages creatures to teach and learn in threads marked [FoK].
May 1st - 15th, every odd year

Quest for Mother Earth. As Maata gathers creatures for a noble quest, Marlon hosts a feast where all creatures are welcome to come and share stories with the divine bard.
June 1st - 15th, every year

Hunter's Competition. Litar hosts a special hunting competition with groups of three, rewarding those who succeed. Meanwhile, hunt threads marked [HF] are given special bonuses.
July 12th - 26th, every even year

Festival of Fate. Defros gambles with the mortals, offering them a 50-50 chance of being cursed or gifted with a temporary ability. He has also been known to tempt mortals to commit sins against their nature.
Sept. 1st - 15th, every year

Kulla's Festival. In honor of the dead, Kulla allows the departed to return to the moral realm to visit their loved ones in any thread marked [FotD]. Unbeknownst to the mortals, any and all characters killed during this festival will be turned into spirits to haunt the Divine Lands.
Oct. 17th - 31st, every year

Cyfton's Tournament. A fighting tournament is held for babes, teens, and adults in honorable 1v1 battles.
Dec. 3rd - 17th, every year

The Avatars of Yavania are active with the mortals that call these lands home. Forever watching, they have been known to bestow blessings and curses upon those deserving of them. See here for more information and a list of these creatures.


Though not truly immortal like The Avatars, some creatures become so entrenched in the magic of Yavania itself that they become impervious to age, ensuring that they cannot die of old age. Any creature can become Immortal, but to do so a character must have 150 posts. With an Immortality Discount, you only need 100 posts to become Immortal!


On occasion, when Kulla comes to collect the soul of the recently departed, she finds the soul unwilling to go. When such a thing happens, the creature becomes a Spirit. Any creature can become a Spirit, but to do so a character must have 300 posts. Said character is free to gather more posts and Spirit Discounts until the end of the season that they died in. With a Spirit Discount, you only need 150 posts to become a Spirit!

Unless a character has restrictions set upon them by the Avatars (usually when they are made a Spirit without the required post count), the Spirit is free to post in any land or thread they desire. They are subject to the same rules as other characters concerning private [P] threads. Spirits cannot use magic or change their physical appearance to become someone/something else. They appear semi-translucent and appear as they were in the moments before death. If they enter a thread, they can be seen by anyone. They cannot feel, detect scents, or physically interact with the living in any way.


Based on your spirit's post count, they have unique powers available to them. You cannot earn these powers through purchase, and (unless stated), these powers do not have limits on how many times they can be used per thread.

Required Posts
This power enables the user to float up to 8 feet off of solid surfaces in the environment.
The spirit is now able to induce a cold feeling in others by passing through them.
The spirit is now able to appear invisible for 3 posts. However, their reflections still show in reflective surfaces, which can reveal them. This is only useable once per thread.
The spirit is able to physically interact with other spirits. The spirits being interacted with may, in turn, interact with the user.
The spirit has grown in strength and is now capable of moving small, inanimate objects within 15 feet of themselves. The object cannot be more than 5 lbs, and they cannot be thrown with more force than would cause a light bruise.
This ability is only available during Festival of the Dead. It allows a spirit to resume their mortal form and physically interact with the mortal world and its inhabitants. They cannot reproduce using this power or use magic.
The spirit is able to assume a terrifying black shape, red-eyed and demon-like, that induces fear in those that look upon them.
The spirit is able to make 3 claw-like scratch marks appear on a mortal creature. The scratches are light injuries, and they can only appear on the chest, shoulder, or back. They can only do this once per creature per thread.