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Pardon our ads; they're necessary to keep this site running. Thank you for your understanding! Many sites boast a wonderful memberbase, but here at Yavania we pride ourselves on our community. We work hard to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making sure every member and guest is greeted and included in the fun, both OC and IC. Our staff is active, friendly, and almost always available. We are a sandbox roleplay, but we have many sitewide events to spice things up! We have very few limitations when it comes to character creation, and New Members get a huge bonus! We offer a vast spectrum of free-to-play creatures, including but not limited to wolves, lions, hyenas, panda bears, wild dogs, clouded leopards, ball pythons, and eagles! Check out our Overview Guide and Character Creation to see what other species you can play! If the magic system seems overwhelming, don't worry. You do not have to build a character with magic. If you want to, however, we're available to help! Just drop into cbox. ♥
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Winter Year 12
Dec. 25th - Feb. 4th



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Spotlights: Nov. '20
Most Spiritual

[played by Spirited_Away]
Cothurnus VS Perses

M F O Total
Canines 61 51 03 115
Felines 39 38 03 80
Herbivores 07 08 00 15
Other Mammals 21 14 00 35
Birds 07 09 00 16
Reptiles 02 03 00 05
Other 01 01 00 02
Undead 16 06 00 22
Overall 154 130 006 290



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I. General
II. C-Box
III. Time
IV. Aging
V. Elements & Magic
VI. Non-Magical Upgrades
VII. Realms & Leaders
VIIA. Claiming Additional Lands
VIIB. Leader Log
VIIC. Realm Inheritance
VIID. Challenging for a Realm
VIIE Factions
VIII. Breeding, Pregnancy, & Babies
VIIIA. Cross-Species Breeding
VIIIB. Homosexual Couples
IX. Sparring & Killing
X. Raids
XI. Spirits
XII. Graphics
XIII. Activity Points (AP)

  • There is no limit to the amount of characters you can have. Make as many as you can handle. They all require separate accounts, each with the username as the character's first name. Additionally you may have an OC account, which can be created before or after you make a character account.
  • Be polite to your fellow roleplayers. They are people too!
  • There will be no tolerance for prejudice comments based on gender, gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, etc.
  • You must be at least 16 years old to be on Yavania.
  • Remember that people of all ages roleplay here. There is no graphic content (gore, breeding, birth) allowed; fade to black instead. Swearing is allowed both IC and OOC, but use good judgement and try not to be excessive. If a thread might be too mature for some, mark it with an [M] tag. In addition to that, it's a good idea to make an OOC warning above your post to list what triggers and/or mature content the thread may contain: violence, self harm, non-consensual breeding, adult language, etc.
  • There will be no tolerance for taking IC to OC and OOC to IC. Try to remember that a roleplayer is not their character and may like or dislike your characters independently of its roleplayer.
  • Absolutely no metagaming, godmoding, or powerplaying. Metagaming is giving your character information that he should not have. For example, knowing a character's name before they tell it to your character. Godmoding is when you're being unrealistic about your character's faults/limitations. For example, taking no damage from any attack or writing your character as if they are flawless. It's alright for your character to be arrogant or think they're flawless, but it's entirely different for it to be true. Powerplaying is taking control of another roleplayer's character, such as saying your attack in a spar hit another character before they reply to it or saying you touched another character without giving them a chance to reply. Always attempt to touch another character.
  • Chat speak is not allowed in posts. 'Wolfspeak' is: audits, pillars, hues, etc, is fine. Try not to overload your posts with it though.
  • You can make a (Role)Player account if you desire, but they are not required. Please use your OOC name for the username of this account.
  • There is no word count on Yavania. We are an all-level roleplay, but we require a 12 sentence minimum per post, including chat logs. However, staff recommends at least 200 words per post to aid your fellow roleplayers in having enough content to reply to.
  • Do not advertise for other roleplay sites while on Yavania. This includes cbox, PMs, etc. Advertising belongs in the advertising forum only.
  • Every exit (from a thread) is an attempt; characters have 48 hours to attempt to stop you. If no one has physically challenged your exit (usually by issuing a spar or moving to stand in your way) in 48 hours, you're exit is assumed to be successful.
  • All threads (except meetings, festivals, feasts, and lessons) have a posting order. This means you take turns posting. The only time you may post out of order is if you are issuing a spar or replying to a spar -- as spars have their own posting order, dictated by the issued time limit.
  • To keep threads from dying off the following rule exists: if someone hasn't posted in 7 days, they may be skipped in the posting order. They are free to rejoin at any point, but until they post again they will be considered to be removed from the posting order. In threads that have 3+ characters this time limit drops down to 5 days before you can skip someone.
  • The only time you should really play an NPC (non-playable character) is during a hunt. No free-to-play predator may be an NPC, and (to avoid issues such as metagaming, etc.) NPCs cannot speak with characters or may all NPC's be killed off in a species-wide extinction event by a character. Neither should large destructive events (such as wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and large earthquakes) occur and cause extensive damage without staff input via a site wide event or otherwise.
  • Staff reserves the right to delete inactive accounts, with or without a formal activity check, if you vanish without leaving a note in the Absences/Inactivity thread for 1.5+ months. This is to keep Yavania's census up to date and more space available for the site. However, we have no minimal posting requirement. Post as often or as little as you wish. If you're going to be gone for an extended period, toss up an absence or inactivity. We don't mind!
  • In the interest of being fair, upon entering a thread, your character may not see or hear things that happened more than 5 posts before they entered. The only exception to this is meetings and festivals.
  • Private [P] threads are allowed, but please know that characters with a valid reason may crash the thread. The following reasons were agreed upon by the community, and they are the only valid reasons for a thread to be crashed:
    • A parent/guardian crashing the thread of their underage child/ward, especially if that child has wandered outside of the land they live in. An underage child is any character under 2 years of age.
    • A kidnapper can crash any thread their hostage is in.
    • A leader, duke/duchess, baron/baroness, and knights can crash any thread in their land if there is a rogue present.
    • A leader can crash any thread on the borders of their land, especially if the thread prefix "borders" is used.
    • Leaders, duke/duchess, baron/baroness, and knights can crash any thread on the borders of their land, especially if the thread prefix "borders" is used.
    • A leader can crash any thread in their land.
    • A character with the Divination ability Farsight can crash any thread if their character has some connection to one of the character's present, such as being family/friends/someone of their realm.
    • A character can crash a thread if they are summoned ICly to do so. For example, if a Character X is being attacked and they call for anyone from their realm, anyone from their realm may crash.
    • A character can crash a thread if all of the roleplayers involved in the [P] thread agree they can do so. Never hesitate to ask if your character can join, so long as you aren't offended if they say no.
  • Signatures with disclaimers that say "this character is allowed to crash any thread my character is in, regardless of if it has a [P] tag" is not allowed on site. Every roleplayer and character has to treat [P] threads the same, meaning they must follow the rules above.

  • Be polite. Discussion is allowed, but respect the opinions of others. Arguments will not be tolerated.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not advertise for other roleplay sites. This includes providing links to them.
  • Use common sense.
  • Keep it clean. Swearing is allowed but it should not be directed at anyone nor should it be every word in a sentence. We do NOT allow racial slurs or derogatory names for any group of people. This includes other forums and websites.
  • The name you go by on C-Box should be your Player name or a derivative of it, to avoid confusion.
  • Try not to ask staff about your updates and applications in cbox; we know when they are pending. We promise! Sometimes staff just wanna hang out and chat, like you. ♥
  • We do have filters on the c-box (Avengers themed sayings in place of swear words). This isn't to annoy anyone but instead to provide humor and keep the c-box looking more professional for guests.

  • Yavania's official time is GMT -6:00, which is displayed on the left sidebar. It will be the time that is used to judge defaults for spars and to mark the timeline of events. It has come to our attention that the site's timezone has caused some issues for members. Yavania is based on Chicago, Illinois, USA. Because of this there is what is known as Daylight Savings Time. Account settings is defaulted to select auto adjust display times for that. However, if you do not live in an area with DST then it will not adjust your time correctly. As such, it is recommended to not wait until the last hour to respond to things with deadlines such as spars. If ever you are confused by time differences, clicking the clock at the top of the sidebar can show you the time compared to your local time.
  • We allow liquid time, which means your character can be in multiple threads at once. However, we ask our roleplayers use good judgement. If your character is in a life-threatening situation in one thread, don't start any more until it is resolved. Try to be realistic about travel time. If your character is in the very southeast of the map, it will take them more than seven minutes to get to the northwest half. Use the Geography Page for more information.
  • Despite being allowed to be in multiple threads at once, there is a timeline. The date your thread was posted is when that thread happened in the timeline. If thread A is posted at 2pm on Monday then it takes place before a thread posted on Tuesday. The first post in a thread marks its position in the timeline.This applies to the entire site and includes chat logs, with the notable exception of certain festivals. This also means you cannot enter a thread that was created before your character joined Yavania; AKA your first thread is your character's first time in Yavania.
  • Every IC season is about 6 OOC weeks, meaning that 1 IC year is about 6 OOC months. This is called double time. 1 OOC day = 2 IC days.
  • In the interests of keeping things fair, we do not allow timestamps (except for births), post-comings, or spot claims in a thread. Timestamps are threads posted just to hold a spot in a character's timeline and can be too easily abused.

  • Characters should be aged every season. Since ages are recorded in years, each season a character will age up by .25. For example, 2 year old character, who was born in Spring, will be 2.25 years in Summer.
  • A character is considered a child until they are 1 year old, a teenager until they are 2 years old, an adult until they are 7 years old, and an elder onwards.
  • Characters can only live until they are 9 years old, unless they buy the Immortality Upgrade. Note that immortality does not mean they cannot be killed.
  • Characters under the age of 2 are able to be claimed by realms and cannot freely leave them. Adults, however, can leave a realm at any time, unless they are a slave. Adults can be force-claimed/hostaged, and more information on that can be found below.


We offer 18 elements here on Yavania with 10 powers each. Each character can have two elements, which are unaffected by what realm your character is in or what powers their family has. More information on the elements powers can be found HERE. Additionally, unique powers un-associated with the elements are offered as well. More information on them can be found HERE.


If you do not want your character to have magic, we offer non-magical upgrades in the form of Feats. More information can be found HERE.



On Yavania, both females and males can claim a land and become a leader. Groups are referred to as realms, and each group gets to create their own name. Only 10 realms may exist at any given time. So if there are ten realms and you wish to be a leader, you can challenge for a realm and make it your own or attempt to disband it by raiding it. Any land can be claimed (except the Divine Lands), but there are a few conditions that must be met before a character can do so.
  1. Your character, the leader, must be at least 2 years of age.
  2. Your character, the leader, must have 40 posts. This is required to be a leader, whether you start a realm, inherit it, or are offered the co-leader position. The only exception to this rule is that creatures challenging for a realm only need 20 posts to do so.
  3. There must be four total creatures willing to join the realm, including the leader.
  4. The realm should have at least three different roleplayers within it, including the leader.
  5. The leader should announce their claim (from inside the land they wish to claim) with a howl, roar, etc.
Once all these conditions have been met, you can apply HERE to have your realm made official.

Other characters have 24 hours to dispute that claim. Those disputing a claim have 3 OoC days to reply to each post the challenged makes (unless it's a spar post and a different time limit is chosen) or else their challenge is considered void. If your character loses to someone challenging your claim, you may not attempt to claim that land again for 1 OOC week. If your character does not complete their claim in 2 OOC weeks, it is considered failed and they cannot attempt to claim that land again for 1 OOC week.

Additionally, a roleplayer may only have two true leaders total and, if they wish, one co-leader.

Once your realm is verified, you can make a thread in your land that holds the information for your realm, such as who has what rank/task, the motto, rules, allied realms, etc. Staff will pin it for you so that it remains at the top of the forum. A free-to-use tables can be found in the Creatives forum.

Realms on Yavania are customize-able. Though we have a list of ranks that are available to every realm, you are under no obligation to have each rank exist. For example, your realm could be one leader and all residents, it could have no council, it could have no slaves. Each realm is allowed to make unique worker ranks (ranks in addition to hunter, knight, and healer), but they must be clearly defined on the realm information page before you can hand them out.

Claiming Additional Lands

Once you've made a realm, you can expand your territory to a total of three lands. All lands within the same realm must border each other. Other characters have 24 hours to challenge these claims. To claim a second land you must:
  1. Have 10 total members in your realm.
  2. Have explored the land you wish to claim.
In order to claim a third land you must:
  1. Have 20 total members in your realm.
  2. Have explored the land you wish to claim.

Please note, that there are member requirements to keep second and third lands. If you have three lands and fall down to half the members required to claim that third land (10/20 members), you will be forced to give up one of the three lands. The same will happen with those who have two lands: if you fall down to 5/10 members required, your leader will be forced to give up one land. Your leader may attempt to reclaim lands once they have the required member count again.

Leader Log

Leaders are encouraged to be active. To avoid having inactive leaders, it will be required for the main leader of the realm to submit a leader log (found HERE) roughly every two weeks. Should you miss 3 strikes, your realm may be disbanded if no one can assume the throne. Please read the updates thread for more information on how leader log due dates are calculated.

Realm Inheritance

If a leader misses their leader log or abandons the throne without disbanding the realm, the Avatars will come down to encourage others to step up. The following is the order of inheritance: co-leader, heir, duke, baron. These characters have first dibs even if they do not show up first (though they must show up within 24 hours and have 40+ posts). If the realm has no one of these ranks who meets the requirements to be a leader, the Avatars will open claiming up to any realm resident and any non-realm resident.

If multiple creatures of rank wish to take the throne, they must either fight for the crown or they may attempt to settle it peacefully between themselves. For non-ranked members, should negotiations be rejected and no spar has been started before the first 24 hours have passed, the realm will go to the first creature that laid claim and the grace period for leadership begins. If a spar start, the winner of that spar (should the spar be for King/Queen) will be the new leader and the grace period for leadership begins.

Each realm has 24 hours for someone to attempt to seize the throne before it is disbanded completely by the Avatars.

Challenging for a Realm

Any character that is over 2 years of age may challenge for any realm if they have 20 posts. Note that this is half of the requires posts to start a realm normally. The do not need any followers to challenge.

After your character assumes the leader rank or wins a leader challenge, there is a grace period of 2 OOC weeks during which they cannot be challenged for their position. This rule applies only to the true leader. However, after that period ends, anyone (who meets the requirements for being a leader) may challenge the leader for their position if they desire. During this grace period, this leader may not be challenged for the following spars, as they interfere with the 2 OOC week grace period: death, hostage, and leadership. Please note that this rule means a realm cannot be raided until the grace period ends.

A leader must answer any challenge for leadership.


Does your character want to create a group but there's no realm slots left or they don't wish to defend a territory? Try a faction! Only 2 factions are allowed at a time, and factions function similarly to realms except for the following things.
  • They will not own territory or be able to defend a territory as their own.
  • Each faction is led by a single creature. The leader title is decided upon by the group/leader at the time of creation. For example, it may be king, queen, ringleader, alpha, empress, etc.
  • Factions have no council ranks.
  • Unique worker ranks may be created, as with Realms, but they must be clearly defined on the realm information page before you can hand them out.
  • Those that have no defined rank will be 'Vagabonds.'
  • Leaders will have a leader log due every 14 days, as realm leaders do.

What does my creature need to start a faction?
It's required that a leader must have 40 posts with 3+ members, excluding themselves, and at least 3 different roleplayers. Furthermore, they will need an icon/name to distinguish their faction. This means colors will need to be picked as well (like with realms).


The Basics

  • Breeding and birthing can occur in any season.
  • Creatures are the most fertile between the ages of 2 and 6.75 years old and thus breeding is normal for them. Characters may attempt to breed successfully between the ages of 1.75 and 6.75 years of age. However, creatures under 2 years will have a lower chance of success and overall fertility.
    1. There is only a 20% chance of success if both of the creatures are underage or overage. Litter sizes will be 1-3 babes. The breeding upgrade/hybrid upgrade surpasses this restriction.
    2. There is a 40% chance of success if only one of the creatures is overage or underage. Litter sizes will be 1-3 babes. The breeding/hybrid upgrade surpasses this restriction.
  • For all creatures, their current children must be at least 1 year of age before they can have another litter, unless they abandon them/they are killed. The Fertility Feat cuts this waiting period in half.
  • No creature can successfully breed if they are younger than 1.75 years old. There is no upgrade to surpass this restriction,
  • No creature can successfully breed naturally once they are an elder (7 years old), unless they have the unique power metabolic which allows them to reproduce until they're 10 years of age. The Infertile Hybrid/Infertile Hybrid Upgrade surpasses this restriction, but no pregnancy will occur. See below for more information.
  • If one of the creatures in a coupling is naturally infertile (due to old age, genetics, etc) but are still intact, they can reproduce with hybrids, but each hybrid now costs 300 AP. If both creatures are naturally infertile, they may reproduce similarly with the hybrid infertile upgrade for 400 AP.
  • Just as in real life, inbreeding is risky: children will have a chance of inheriting health problems or deformities, depending on how close the relatives are.
  • When breeding occurs and it is reported HERE, whether or not it was successful/how many babies there are will be decided with two dice rolls.
  • Pregnancy lasts 3 OOC (out of character) weeks and thus 6 IC (in character) weeks.
  • The conception date is decided from the date the thread started.
  • Graphic breeding is not allowed: please fade to black.
  • Force-breeding is allowed. Staff understand this can be touchy subject. If this bothers you, please avoid these threads. They must be marked mature. Additionally, characters under the age of 1.75 may not, under any circumstance, be force-bred. Characters the age of 1.75 and over may be force-bred (and the thread marked as mature), but you should obtain roleplayer permission first. Remember: the roleplayer you're threading with could be as young as 16 years old. Try to be sensitive.
  • Any adult may adopt any species, but the child should be younger than 1.75 years.
  • When your character gets pregnant, you'll want to toss up an adoption thread as soon as possible to find the babies roleplayers. Any babies that do not have a roleplayer by the time they are born/delivered will not be playable characters. This means that if your character is pregnant with 4 babes, but there are only 3 adopted out by their due date, one will be born stillborn.
  • For hybrids that are delivered, a private message (PM) must be sent to the staff account to tell us the species, gender, and number of children. If no PM is made, no delivery (and thus no children) will occur.

Cross-Species Breeding

Here on Yavania, creatures can cross-breed, and these babies are called "hybrids." However, the resulting babies are not true hybrids as they will be physically the species of only one of the parents. Please make sure the two species breeding is physically possible and does not physically damage either party, unless that is the aim. Use THIS guide to help. In order to roll for a successful breeding, you mush have an appropriate hybrid purchased before you make the request. To figure out which hybrid you need, check the Points & Buyables Page/read below.

If your characters are heterosexual (regardless of their species):
  • a Hybrid Basic may be used to make a child that is the species of the mother.
  • a Hybrid Upgrade may be used to make a child that is the species of either parent, but the roll for success is automatically successful.

Homosexual Couples

If your characters are homosexual, regardless of their species, a Hybrid Upgrade may be used to make a child that is the species of either parent. These children are exclusively delivered by the Avatars, and no pregnancy will occur. All hybrids gifted by the Avatars will be 2 months old unless one of the parents is producing milk. See the Points & Buy-ables page for more information)

  • It is considered in poor taste to use more than one of your characters to gang up on another character. Do not do this.
  • No character can be challenged to more than one spar per thread, unless the roleplayer agrees to do so.
  • Cyfton's Arena is the official fighting grounds of Yavania. To challenge an opponent, simply post in the area to summon the character your character wishes to fight. It is a battle between the challenger and the opponent only. No one else may intervene. More info can be found here & here.
  • Anyone can jump into any fight at any time, unless it is in Cyfton's Arena.
  • Killing a character does not require roleplayer permission, but you cannot kill a character without a valid reasons. Valid reasons (decided upon by the community) include, but are not limited to:
    1. Being threatened with physical violence. Your character can retaliate with lethal force to protect themselves.
    2. For trespassing into a realm. The realm may choose to attack your character with fatal intentions if they cross the borders uninvited
    3. For attacking your character's loved ones, such as friends/family/realm members one with forcebreeding/hostage/maim/fatal intentions. Your character may use lethal force to protect their loves ones.
    4. Being challenged to the following spar types means your character try to kill their attacker: maim match, hostage/kidnap match (of all types), dominance with maim, force-breeding (of all types). If your character fights for self-defense (and it is stated in your spar stats), then their opponent cannot upgrade the spar to a DM, unless your character attempts to use a fatal attack (as that would not be considered a maim/DM attack).
    5. Silencing a witness to a crime, such as and limited to murder, forcebreeding, and hostaging.
    6. Committing treason (a crime against the character's realm) may be met with lethal force. This may include giving away their realm's secrets, knowingly conspiring or conferring with their realm's enemies, or even willingly abandoning their realm.
    7. If your character's hostage attempts to escape for a second time, you may attempt to kill them.
    8. Participating in a raid/war thread. A death match can be started without reason if the thread prefix is 'raid.'
  • The following reasons have been voted on (by the community) to be invalid DMs.
    1. You may not DM babes born from forcebreeding.
    2. You may not DM someone just because they challenged for a realm.
    3. You may not DM the loved one of your enemy to hurt your enemy.
    4. You may not kill prey merely to hunt them.
  • Spars may not take place in chat rps.
  • When a character wins a death match, they have the option of killing the loser OR sparing them. If they choose to spare the loser, they may do any of the following: maim, force-breed, or take them hostage, or let them leave unharmed.
  • More information can be found on the Spar Guide.

Hostage Rules

If your character is hostaged/force-claimed (i.e. loses a hostage or force-claim match), that character is considered to be a prisoner of the winner until they can escape. Your character may not attempt to escape for 1 OOC week from the day the kidnapping is official (AKA the day it is determined OOCly if they lost the spar). They will be a prisoner of the land that their captor chooses. If the kidnapper is in a realm, the hostaged creature can post in any of that realm's lands as a hostage. If the kidnapper is a leader/council member/given special permission to take prisoners/slaves, the loser becomes a hostage of that realm. Please be aware that if you're made a slave of a realm, you cannot escape that rank even if you successfully escape being a hostage.

Others creatures may try to fight to free you at any point. To do this, they must fight the creature that has claim on the hostage.

To escape being a hostage (aka being kidnapped), your character should make a thread in the land they are being held hostage in with the words [escape attempt] in the title with spar stats that declare the spar "For Escape" as the spar type. If the kidnapper doesn't reply in 3 days, the hostage will successfully escape. If they do reply, a spar will take place to determine the fate of the hostage. Please be aware that the first post in the thread is a spar post (move 1/?); you must include spar stats, with the spar type "for escape [escape attempt 1/2]". Additionally, if the character is a hostage of a realm anyone in the realm may attempt to stop them if they desire, though this doesn't mean they will be successful.

Despite that the hostage must initiate a spar to fight for freedom, no matter the outcome of this spar they may NOT be challenged to another spar in the same thread.

Wars/raids can happen on Yavania. Be mindful of the following:
  • You do not need a valid reason to kill in a raid.
  • You do not have to be a realm to raid a realm. A band of rouges can raid a realm.
  • The losers of the war become slaves of the winning Realm if they do not escape. So, if your character posts to the raid but flees and escapes successfully, he/she does not become a slave.
  • The winners of the raid, be they rogues or a realm, may claim the land and throne of the raided land for themselves. If the winner is already King/Queen of a realm, the land they raided must be adjacent to their own in order to claim it.
  • Rogues only need 20 posts to take over a throne of a realm they defeat in a raid.
  • Both realms risk being disbanded if the leader is killed and there is no one suitable on the council to take over. If the leader does not post to a raid on his land within 3 days, he forfeits his right to rule.
  • Do not post to a raid unless you are okay that your character could die during it.
  • A war will continue until one side surrenders or until all battles are finished. Whichever side incapacitates the most enemies wins the war, generally. The leader, however, may surrender for the realm.

If your character dies and has 300+ posts, they are eligible to become a spirit! What is a spirit? They are a ghost version of that living character. They are translucent and appear as they did in life, just before their death (minus injuries). They do not age. They cannot use elements or interact physically with the world. Spirits may gather AP as normal.

Tables/Postscripts (PS) are allowed on this site, but please be mindful of the following:
  • Avatars are 140W x 170H.
  • Postscripts should not be wider than 560px. This is to avoid stretching the board.
  • Try to make sure your table is legible. Dark font on a dark table can be hard to read, as can super bright fonts.
  • Please make sure the photos you use are free to use! As writers/artists, we want to respect our fellow artists.

Activity Points (AP) is Yavania's NewPoints system. It is an automatic point system that awards you per post (6 AP), per thread you start (6 AP), per official poll vote (2 AP), and more! Your AP total can be found on your profile and your mini profile.

With NewPoints, you can purchase many things for your characters from the SHOP.

You are allowed to switch your AP between characters and your Player account as desired. If you wish to buy horns on a character, simply transfer (donate) points to that character until they have enough. Try not to do many small transfers; let AP accumulate and then transfer it all at once. Then you purchase the items (in this example, horns) it in the Shop (located under Resources). Make absolute certain that if you want character A to have horns, that horns are bought on character A's account. For hybrids and other creatures, you may buy them on whatever account. Once you wish to use them, you must transfer the hybrid/creature to the account of the hybrid/creature upon registration.

Items that are 'consumable' such as breeding upgrades, elemental levels, feats, etc, will have a note in the shop that says "Send to Staff account when you wish to use." You MUST send these items to Staff if you wish to use them. This is very important for elemental levels and feats, so that they can be added to the records. For more information on how to do this, see the Points & Buy-ables Page.

To be clear, you may not donate your AP to another roleplayer. If you are caught doing this, your AP total will be set to 0 on all characters.

As a note, AP will be awarded to the account you are logged into when you post, regardless of the Username you select in Advanced Reply.