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Fall Year IX
April 15th - May 31st



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Spotlights: Winter Y8
Regalia & Vitani

M F O Total
Canines 57 81 02 140
Felines 61 72 01 134
Herbivores 08 08 01 17
Other Mammals 25 28 00 53
Birds 14 11 00 25
Reptiles 04 02 00 06
Other 03 00 00 03
Spirits 05 04 00 09
Overall 177 206 004 387



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Here on Yavania, we like to celebrate our members and characters with a seasonal spotlight! Members nominate and vote for each category. Winners are rewarded with 5 points and diamonds!

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Character OTS


With a post count of 228 (at the time of this post), Aurelius has been active since he was born, and it shows. Ever since he was a youngster, he dreamed of leading, and his dream came true! He now leads Aldrnari, a part of the longstanding Kingdom of Gullborg!

“…” ~ NAME
Member OTS


Though I try not to nominate Staff members -- to give other members the recognition they deserve -- Spirited was a regular member long before she joined the staff team. She's always been active, eager to RP, eager to learn the rules, and eager to answer questions. She's got a diverse bunch of characters, which really adds to Yavania's IC and OC community.

“She’s a fun, entertaining and enthusiastic member of our community!” ~ Akradr
Best Relationship

Grennian & Exposed

A vicious hate-love relationship between two chaotic, unpredictable characters that constantly leaves me wanting yet another post to read. It's clear that they don't really want to acknowledge their attraction towards one another, but do so anyways in an extremely entertaining way as insults are traded and violence occasionally comes into play whenever they're near each other.

"..." ~ NAME
Best Thread

[RAID] Breakeven

A raid on the Julianna domain that ends in embarassment and failure on the Julien family. It was a thriller, and one of the most intense reads I've had in a while.

"…" ~ NAME


Character OTS


She's come a long way from baby bird to Queen of Raionoko. She's always getting out there, dipping her wing into different situations and showing that the little guys can't be pushed around!

“This bird has come a long way, from leaving the Kingdom to returning and after being in the Kingdom for a while finally becomes a Queen of Raionoko alongside Caspian. She’s always been a funny character to read at times and a very interesting character too, any thread she’s in I’m excited to read. I can’t wait to see how she reacts to Caspian stepping down as King. ” ~ Spirited_Away
Member OTS


Rumbl is a very fun, enthusiastic person to role play with and I find they always have something positive to say about any thread. They have some interesting characters and are involved in many threads (and OC threads) in Yavania!

“...” ~ NAME
Best Relationship

Mako & Jamison

A pair of star-crossed lovers, parted for a while, but reunited in mutual unrequited love, who could resist their threads!

"Perhaps one of the fluffiest combinations I’ve ever seen around Yava. I love how their story in Yavania is based off this reunion of theirs, and how they finally manage to find each other after a long time." ~ Wynter
Best Thread

[Sirus] Don't Stop Believing

All the drama involved in this thread always make me want to read more of it. Not long after being promoted to the rank of duchess, Star manages to anger queen Narcissa to a point where a death match begins. I love how what was meant to be a simple meeting suddenly turns into this serious fight.

"This thread brought a lot of drama into Star's life, including Morsmordre. With the dishonesty, failure and misuse of Narcissa trust in their subordinates, finding out that another was to do just that with a known traitor of the Malfoy family became rather devastating to discover. An interesting thread, and very fun to participate in!" ~ Akradr


Character OTS


He's shown brawn, hardiness, resilience and persistence in the face of anything. A character that holds a very interesting path of development, I'm excited to see where he goes next!

“The male has proven his resilience after sustaining a blowing injury. The injury was delivered while trying to protect a girl he hardly knew and and ended up paying the consequences for interfering. I look forward to seeing what he'll do next. ” ~ Burneh
Member OTS


An interesting character developer, I must say. She's got diversity and is always on the lookout for threads to join, making plots interesting in not only the IC world, but within the community as well.

“An admirable member with diverse, interesting characters! Jordan is a joy to roleplay with, and she's quite open to tossing her characters into casual threads for a good time.” ~ Mewwn
Best Relationship

Kicheko & Mitis

Though their marriage was arranged, I find the way they act with each other very adorable. It’s really fun to read their threads, and how they try to make things seem “normal”.

"…" ~ Name
Best Thread

[RAID] End Of Days

With Aghadi's rise in chaos, the raid on Liebe was a monstrous turn of events; it held plot, integrity, fun and a whole lotta' ass whoopin'. A very interesting read - had me on the edge of my seat!

"This thread brought a lot of drama into the world of Yavania, spreading chaos and even I learned a lot with this thread! I think it brought a big plot twist in, really great to read through!" ~ Spirited_Away