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Pardon our ads; they're necessary to keep this lovely site running. Thank you for your understanding! Many sites boast a wonderful memberbase, but here at Yavania we pride ourselves on our community. We work hard to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making sure every member and guest is greeted and included in the fun, both OC and IC. Our staff is active, friendly, and always available. Each season we have a lot of fun OC activities that give our players fun/generous rewards, such as raffles, word searches, and crosswords. IC we have many festivals and site-wide events. Check out our Overview Guide and Character Creation (listed to the right) to see what we offer! You can make a vast spectrum of creatures, including but not limited to wolves, tigers, panda bears, leopards, African wild dogs, clouded leopards, ball pythons, and eagles! If the magic system seems overwhelming, don't worry. You do not have to build a character with magic. If you want to, however, we're available to help! Just drop into cbox. ♥
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Winter Year VIII
Dec. 1st - Jan. 14th



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Grennian & Exposed
Breakeven [AW]

M F O Total
Canines 57 81 02 140
Felines 61 72 01 134
Herbivores 08 08 01 17
Other Mammals 25 28 00 53
Birds 14 11 00 25
Reptiles 04 02 00 06
Other 03 00 00 03
Spirits 05 04 00 09
Overall 177 206 004 387



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Though we strive to be the best staff team we can be, remember that staff members are members too. We try our hardest to be unbiased and fair in all things when it comes to running Yavania, but we are only human. We have jobs and classes and get stressed and get angry too. Some days, we may not get all the staff work done; some days we might just wanna mingle with you all and write amazing threads. We want you, Yavania, to know that we care what you think; we host polls, we take suggestions, all to gauge what you need and want. We promise to be dedicated to Yavania -- to be as unbiased as humanly possible -- to be honest with you, the members -- to be forgiving -- to be patient -- to be friendly and welcoming towards guest, new roleplayers, and old members -- and we ask that you be these things in return. At the end of the day, we're all members of the same community, and it's that OC community we value here. ❤

"How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours." -Wayne Dyer


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Aides - These staffers are responsible for smaller updates. Their duties include: validating and updating AP purchases; validating rank change requests; validating claims/expansions; validating and updating leader logs; validating and updating elemental requests; answering questions that members and guests might have; archiving completed threads; making sure Realm Information threads are Sticky; being active on the c-box and the site in general; policing the site to make sure rules are being followed. They may do applications once trained. They may also use the AIDE account to roll for/post hunt and forage requests.

Acolytes - These staff-in-training are responsible for moderating cbox. They have to enforce the rules, even when it's tough, and keep the chat active and friendly. They delete comments that break cbox rules, defuse arguments, direct guests to resources, and greet every guest and member.

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Admin & Owner
'Aye, 'tis your birb-admin here! I'm a 21 year old Aussie from the outbacks of Australia, where we ride kangaroos & cook bacon on our car bonnets (legit tho). I'm currently a painter in the trade industry/retail worker in a fruit market, and that usually means my week days are jam-packed during the active hours of Yavania. That doesn't stop me from being online, however! My spare-time consists of watching netflix, gaming (e.g. Far Cry Primal, God of War, Okami, Final Fantasy), drawing, and roleplaying with this wonderful community! You'll see me lurking here and there, posting when I can. But thereon, I've been roleplaying for about 10 years now (such long, very much). If you see me around, don't be afraid to shout out oi!

Twitch: Akradr
Main Accounts: Akradr

Admin & Owner
こんにちわ (kon'nichiwa, hello)! This's the turtle-admin -- a 20 year old Oregonian that loves nature, music, drawing, and writing! I joined Yavania when the site started back in 2015. Been around ever since. While I may be busy with trying to attain a bachelor's degree in horticulture, or with video games, television, chatting, and taking pictures of bugs/plants if not online, you can always catch me in PM or on Twitch!

Twitch: dragonluvr9517
Main Accounts: Kaitlyn, Amari

Hello there! This is your friendly neighborhood owner! For those that don't know, I helped found Yavania back in 2015 with Marissa and Rico. Currently I'm 27 years old, with a bachelor's degree in biology. I have used to work in the petcare industry and have tons of pets: 10 finches, an orange tabby cat, a corn snake, goldfish, and a frog. When I'm not roleplaying on Yavania, I'm likely working on my novel (yeah, I'm just another inspiring writer) or playing computer games such as League of Legends & Minecraft. Or reading. I looove to read: fantasy & urban fantasy, science fiction, romance, and non-fiction subjects as well. I'm a huge comic-book nerd, and if a comic has been made into a movie I've probably seen it. Yup. I'm that person. The one that gets emotional watching the Dark Knight and the Avengers. xD If you have questions about the site or simply want to roleplay, don't hesitate to PM me. <3

Twitch: acelinwolf
Main Accounts: Amelia

Hello all! I helped found Yavania with Rico and Amelia back in 2015. I have a bachelor's degree in animal science and used to work with big cats. When I'm not roleplaying, I'm generally reading or watching something. If not those things, I will be playing on my Nintendo switch or taking care of the seven animals that I have.

Twitch: Kojitiger
Main Accounts: Marissa

Hello there! My name is Marylou, although I go by the name Ailes on Yava. I'm fifteen years old and live with my mum and da in the United States with our twelve dogs, two bearded dragons, two snakes, and various other little critters (mostly insects that I've caught to take a look at for a while). My da is a dog trainer and behaviorist and he also rehabilitates some dogs, meaning around half the dogs we have were ones that couldn't thrive anywhere else because of medical issues or their own personal quirks. I'm currently in online high school and, when I graduate, I intend to get a degree in zoology or animal science so I can eventually become the director of an animal sanctuary! I'm also an avid reader and gamer~ I've read the entire Warrior Cats series and I'm currently working on a series called Shannara Chronicles. I also play League of Legends, Minecraft, Riders of Icarus, TERA, Starbound, Terraria, and many more games. ^^

I'm always up for a chat or roleplaying and I'm very eager to help so don't hesitate to send me a PM if you have a question/concern or just want to talk a little! I also have a Discord (Lu #5768) which I'm on all day when I'm awake and I can be added on, just please send me a PM on Yavania to let me know that you sent me a friend request or I might not answer it.

Twitch: AilesDeCorbeau
Main Accounts: Ailes, Jamison

Hey there, the name's Wynter! I'm a young Brazilian teenager that's been role playing for about three years now. I love to watch anime and cartoons, and I'm a huge bookworm, the Inheritance Cycle being my favorite collection. In my free time, if I'm not reading, drawing, watching Netflix, or RPing, I'm probably playing games such as TERA, Riders of Icarus, and The Sims 4. Horses are by far my favorite animals, and I'm that kind of person that feels happy just by seeing a horse pass by. I live with a hyper Shetland Sheepdog and a Brazilian Terrier.

I'm always willing to talk and RP, so feel free to ask me if ya want to make a thread with any of my characters.

Twitch: wynterlealpaca
Main Accounts: Wynter

What’s up! Names Spirited_Away, I’m a Canadian Teen and I’ve been role playing since I was quite young. I live in Alberta and we’re huge animal people with seven dogs and a cat. I look after an ant farm and a tarantula. I’m a giant bookworm as is my family and we have a huge collection of books and movies. Not to mention a large assortment of candies as my family has a sweet tooth. Whatever I’m doing I’m probably watching Supernatural while doing it, I’m a big fangirl or I’m playing Shadow of the Colossus or Minecraft. I’m very friendly and I’m always open to talk if you need to ^^ Plots are very welcome as well.

Twitch: spiritspiritaway
Main Accounts: Spirited_Away