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Spotlights: Oct. '19
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Trick or Treat &
Zombie Ape

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Canines 61 51 03 115
Felines 39 38 03 80
Herbivores 07 08 00 15
Other Mammals 21 14 00 35
Birds 07 09 00 16
Reptiles 02 03 00 05
Other 01 01 00 02
Undead 16 06 00 22
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Unique Magic

Unique Magical Powers

Below are unique powers un-associated with the 15 elements. However, like the elemental powers, these must still be practiced in the same fashion. Each power may only be used once per thread. These powers can be imbued in any jewelry or bestowed upon the creature directly. Spells worth 200 AP and below may not be placed on crowns. Spells worth 100 AP and below may only be placed on rings or earrings.

Can't find a power? The list below aren't the only Unique Powers available! See here or in the table below for Unique Magical Branches of magic -- powers that are connected to create their own specialized branches of magic.

the Archer
the Sadist
the Occlumens
the Summoner
The Beguiler
the Aviator
the Battledancer
the Shapeshifter
The Brew Master

Elemental Combinations

LEVEL 1 - Default

These abilities cost nothing, but they still must be requested for HERE. Please consider them carefully before doing so. These abilities can be put upon jewelry your character already has, but you do not get jewelry for free when requesting these abilities. Remember: each character may only have one free unique level 1 power. To have additional Level 1 powers, you must purchase them for 100 AP (as a Level 2 unique power). These are the equivalent of level 1 elemental magic.

This ability allows the castor to change their entire body to another color (one color and one shade of said color; even unnatural colors are possible) in an attempt to blend into their surroundings. They may not take on the texture or pattern of the land around them, and this ability does not mask the user's scent. This power lasts until the user moves again.
A character with this power always instinctively knows where true North is, which can help them navigate without getting lost. This power is passive and is always active.
When the user activates this power, their entire body adapts a color scheme and pattern that matches the surrounding area. This does not render the user invisible, but does make it far harder to notice them by sight. If the user moves more than breathing, the ability ends and they revert to their normal coloration. Must have chameleon to purchase.
You can now see in complete darkness but only in a 20 foot radius of yourself.
Your character can grow gills at will and can breathe underwater like a fish. These gills last a maximum of two consecutive posts.
This ability allows a creature to detect if an item is magical or not. It does not tell them what magic, if any, an item has.
This ability allows a creature to change their eye color for three consecutive posts to another color(s). Eye colors still must follow the rules of the site, meaning you cannot have black or white eyes without loss of eyesight. Nor can you have a mixture of more than 4 total eye colors at once.
Your character is excellent with plantlife. If someone describes a plant to your character (physical description and name), they can concentrate and discern the direction and location of said plant. This does not give you an advantage in forage rolls.
The user can choose to ignore the influence of a single emotion (fear, anger, guilt, sadness, etc) of their choosing for an entire thread.
This power allows the creature to pasively detect poisonous plants within 15 feet of themselves. They can only tell if a plant is poisonous to their species. They cannot tell to what degree something is poisonous/venomous. This part is passive and thus always active. The user may activate this ability to detect if a creature is venomous/poisonous/toxic. It has the same restrictions as the passive portion.
This power lets the user identify the official name of a territory in Yavania. The user must have posted in that specific territory 5 times in the thread they wish to learn the name in, and they must be standing in that territory when the power is used.
The user can leave behind a non-vision imparting trail of smoke in their wake. The color is up to to the user.
Your character can make fire spring to life in a small spot that they touch. It doesn’t spread, can’t burn anyone, and doesn't it produce heat. However, it lights up an area in a twenty foot radius.
This ability allows a creature to mentally translate any written symbol they see. They will perceive it in their native tongue, and they will not know the foreign word the symbol stands for.
Your character is remarkably good at finding traps such as those found in quests. If they're actively looking for traps with this power, they will spot all traps within ten feet of themselves.
For three posts, this ability allows the castor to walk without leaving footprints in the land, regardless of terrain.
Your character's fur/feathers/scales are hydrophobic, like a duck's feathers, making it harder for them to get soaked (though not impossible).


These abilities cost 100 AP each, and they are the equivalent of level 2 elemental magic.

See Occlumens.
The user is able to discern the name of a power, either elemental or unique, after either: 1) They see it used and the effects of the power are over. 2) Alternatively, if they have a few minutes to study a piece of jewelry containing it. This does not give any further information beyond the name. The user must know (by seeing or other magical sensing) that a power is being used to 'classify' it.
This ability allows the user to make figment sounds happen anywhere within 20 feet of them without using their voice. They may only make 1 animal sound per use, and the sound is very realistic.
This power makes the user super sensitive to touch. They can feel the minute shift in the breeze, for example, as well as the body heat of others who are within a few feet of them. BEWARE: this can be a huge problem in battle, as pain is felt much more fiercely and because this power is always active. Minor cuts and scrapes can be agonizing. Anything more can be debilitating.
The creature is able to command spirits. Though this is a passive ability (meaning it is always active), it only lasts so long as the spirit is in a thread with the user. Once the spirit leaves that thread, they no longer need to obey. The orders given are up to interpretation by the spirit so though they must obey, they can try to work around commands.
See Occlumens.
The creature is able to walk vertically up trees, cliffs, etc. This power takes concentration. This power lasts 2 minutes at most.
The castor is able to manipulate non-living things. He cannot manipulate more than ten pounds at once. This power takes concentration. The objects cannot be thrown with a strong force, so objects moved with this power cannot be used as weapons. You must be within thirty feet.


These abilities cost 200 AP each, and they are the equivalent of level 3 elemental magic.

See Sadist.
This power grants the user a super sense of hearing. This power enables the user to hear any sound, so long as it is within the same land as the user. This power is always active and thus can lead to headaches and migraines. To hear specific words you must be within 50 feet of the target. Within ten feet you can hear heartbeats.
See Occlumens.
See Archer.
This power grants the user a super sense of scent. The user can pick apart scents that are up to two OC weeks old, no matter their conditions. You can even detect how old they are. For instance, the user can scent what land a target has been in, what they've eaten, who they've been intimate with, etc. This power is always active and can lead to migraines and headaches from sensory overload if overstimulated.
See Battledancer.
This power can create a glue-like goo that rises from the ground below in a 10 foot diameter area. The foreign material created from this magic is sticky with a consistency of syrup, and if used on a certain type of terrain, it can be strong enough to bind a large creature to the ground if practiced enough. Temperature and territory will affect how effective this power is: cold, dry territories will only be strong enough to slow down the target, no matter the size. Wet and warm territory will be strong enough to hold a large creature in place. The target has to be stepping in the glue to be affected, such as running into the path or having the power activated directly below them. The glue formation is instant. The user must be within 5 feet of the edge of the area or the power ceases, and the user is not immune to its effects. This power lasts 2 posts.
This power enables the creature to instantly make a 10 foot diameter area of ground very slippery, as if its covered in grease. The user is not immune to this effect. The user must be within 5 feet of the edge of the area or the power ceases. This power lasts 2 posts.
The creature is able to make themselves appear scent-less for 5 posts.
The castor is able to create a small (no larger than 5 pounds and 12 inches tall for mammals, 12 inches long for others) apparition animal to carry a message to one other creature that they have met before. The messenger speaks in the castor's voice.
The creature is able to make someone of their choice appear scent-less for 5 posts.
The castor is able to create an obviously unreal illusion. It can be a single creature or even an entire scene. These illusions have sound but not scent. The illusion cannot be larger than a 10 foot diameter area.
The castor is able to create a 10 foot diameter area (centered around the user) of complete silence. No sound within it can be heard, including creatures. This move lasts 5 posts and remains centered on the user even if they move.
When this power is acquired, the user gains fine control of the muscles in their eyes. When using this power, the user is able to focus their vision on anything within half a mile of them. This focusing requires that they have a clear line of sight to the target. This ability does not allow you to see through objects, and it can last up to five posts. The longer one focuses, the more one risks a headache from the strain.
This ability allows the user to set a ward across an area (no more than 20 feet by 20 feet) that will alert them when it is tripped. This ward does not leave a trace and nor does it physically keep trespassers out. This ward can be set to allow certain creatures in (so long as the user knows their name) and must be designated upon being set. This ward stays in place until it is triggered or the user wards a different area. Thus only one ward can be set at a time. If triggered, the user may crash even private threads to investigate.


These abilities cost 300 AP each, and they are the equivalent of level 4 elemental magic.

See Beguiler.
See Sadist.
This power enables the user to create a sonic boom-like blast. To do so, the user must hold their mouth closed for an entire post before this power can be used, and the user should state they are charging it. On the second post the user is able to release a targeted blast of sound in one direction from themselves. This blast of sound is any noise the creature can naturally make, and it only affects a target area: a cone 10 feet long and 2 feet wide. The sound itself is very brief. Should a creature be caught in this blast, they will suffer a serious headache from the noise, their equilibrium will be heavily thrown off, and they may be temporarily deaf. These effects fade after 2 posts. This move has the ability to shatter glass caught in the blast.
See Archer.
See Occlumens.
See Beguiler.
See Beguiler.
For 3 posts the user is lost in the thralls of their emotions (pain, pleasure, or rage). This makes the user both physically stronger (bite force and physical strength double) as well as increasing their reflexes. Their pain tolerance increases, though this can lead to the user sustaining more serious damage than they realize. This power comes with a cost: the user may not full dodge an attack or activate another power while this ability is active. This power cannot be ended early.


These abilities cost 400 AP each, and they are the equivalent of level 5 elemental magic.

See Archer.
See Aviator.
When using this power, the target must willingly (not magically or mundanely coerced) give a small amount of their blood to the user for the express purposes of this power. Once done, the user is able to mark a patch of the targets fur with their mark (chosen by the castor). It may not be in any of the Avatar colors. Once in place, this mark lasts until either the caster dies or willingly (not magically or mundanely coerced) removes the mark. As long as the mark is in place, the user may create the urge in the target to come to their location (expressed by a mild discomfort in the skin where the brand exists) in the fastest means available to them, including magically. It does not actually aid them in arriving, just makes it so they know where to go and that they are being summoned there.
This spell gives your character an animal companion that that they can summon and dispelled at will once per thread. The creature must be small (as defined by Yavania standards), and the species will be chosen upon purchase. The character will have a spiritual and metal link with this companion, meaning that they can communicate with it telepathically and verbally. Any pain you feel, your companion will feel and vice versa. This creature can only speak with telepathy, and it cannot speak with other characters. Though it has a physical form, these companions cannot be used to attack other characters. Should they attempt to, they will be immediately harmlessly dispelled. When your character dies, this creatures dies.
See Battledancer.
See Sadist.
See Occlumens.
This power gives the user a radar-like ability. Sounds bounce around and give the user a 3D mental image of their surroundings within 20 feet, enabling a sight-like sense for the blind. This ability is always active but requires focus to harness. When not concentrating, images may some across as blurry. Concentrating for more than 3 posts in a row will cause migraine-like symptoms that last for the number of hours equal to the rounds you concentrated beyond two. After a break of 1 post, you may concentrate for 3 full posts again without consequence. To purchase you must have Audition.
See Battledancer.
Your character is at his or her physical peak, as superb as the finest of their species. They can now move 5 miles per hour faster than others of their build and jump (both vertically and horizontally) 1.5 times further. Their physical attacks hit harder, including their bite, and they have increased endurance and quicker reflexes no matter their body type. Your character will not show signs of deterioration (mental or physical) due to age until the age of 8 years, unlike others of their kind. Your body's natural healing ability is improved; you can now heal injuries, with the proper care, two times faster than a normal creature. This power is passive and thus always active, but your character now requires more food than normal to thrive as they now have a quicker metabolism.
Summon I
See Summoner.
Summon II
See Summoner.
Summon III
See Summoner.
See Aviator.


These abilities cost 500 AP each, and they are the equivalent of level 6 elemental magic.

See Occlumens.
The castor is able to manipulate non-living things. The user can now passively manipulate non-living objects less than fifteen pounds at once. This takes no concentration. These objects cannot be thrown with a strong force. You must be within thirty feet of an object to manipulate it. The active part of this power allows the user to either pick up and throw/manipulate non-living things up to sixty pounds. Objects over 30 pounds cannot be thrown with a strong force. Alternatively, the user can lift living creatures regardless of weight. The user can hold them in the air but cannot throw them with force. The user must remain within 30 feet of targets being manipulated and using the active part of this power requires intense concentration rendering the user unable to move for the duration. The user is not able to release a target from a height of more than a foot off of solid ground. This active part last one post in a spar. To purchase, you must have Telekinesis.
The user is able to create, at will, an arrow of pure energy and simultaneously shoot it up to 20 feet away. These arrows can pierce flesh and are tipped with a potent sedative. This can cause extreme fatigue, drowsiness, and lack of coordination and focus. It can cause complete loss of consciousness within three posts, and this unconciousness lasts for three posts. You must have Arrow to purchase.
The castor has the ability to end the shift/disguise/morph/or skinwalker of other creatures, but they must first suspect the creature is not what they seem. If they are wrong, gut-wrenching pain will slam into the user that lasts a single post.


These abilities cost 600 AP each, and they are the equivalent of level 7 elemental magic.

See Shapeshifter.


These abilities cost 700 AP each, and they are the equivalent of level 8 elemental magic.



These abilities cost 800 AP each, and they are the equivalent of level 9 elemental magic.

See Shapeshifter.
See Shapeshifter.


These abilities cost 900 AP each, and they are the equivalent of level 10 elemental magic.



These abilities cannot currently be purchased with AP. They must be foraged for. See Forages for more information.

Upon gaining this power, the user's cellular regeneration rapidly improves. In doing so they can now live to be 12 years old and are not considered an elder until they are 10. In addition, their body can heal from most forms of damage. Light injuries are healed the post after they are taken. Moderate injuries are healed completely after a thread ends. Severe injuries will heal by themselves (without care) after 1 OC week, or (with care) after 1 IC week. This means that broken bones can and will mend themselves correctly after this time. This ability is passive.
See Shapeshifter.