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Season & Time
Autumn Year 10
Oct. 16th - Nov. 30th

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the Algiz
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Spotlights: Oct. '19
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Trick or Treat &
Zombie Ape

M F O Total
Canines 61 51 03 115
Felines 39 38 03 80
Herbivores 07 08 00 15
Other Mammals 21 14 00 35
Birds 07 09 00 16
Reptiles 02 03 00 05
Other 01 01 00 02
Undead 16 06 00 22
Overall 154 130 006 290



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Roleplay Guide

A Guide to Roleplaying


What is roleplaying?
Yavania is a writing roleplay game. This means people (roleplayers) create different personas (characters) by making accounts and they interact with each other to create a story. The following is an example of what roleplaying looks like.

Roleplayer 1
There was war colored on the horizon, and Sansone did not like it one bit. War meant pain and death, of friends and enemies alike, something that the healer within him found disgusting. The political side of the coyote understood the necessity of this particular raid and would therefore not protest it, but that did not mean he had to like it. It was this looming presence of devastation that had urged the coyote to seek out as much medicines as possible to ensure that his den and the healers alcove was stocked full. Paws had brought him to a land where he had traveled earlier, his memories suggesting to him that there were herbs here that could be harvested even in this cool winter climate. A wooden bowl had been brought from the alcove, one that made carrying herbs in bulk a more realistic task than in his muzzle. Sansone had been in the midst of doing exactly that - gathering herbs when a familiar scent touched his awareness, and he lifted his crown in curiosity. Nashad? For a moment, the man pushed his current task aside in favor of seeking out his old friend. Paws carried his champagne hued figure through the sea of lavender, following the familiar scent until the dark-haired man filled his beige hues. "Nashad!" His masculine voice called out as a greeting, paws slowing his stride to a halt as he stood only a few feet away from the other coyote. A hint of a smile could be found on his otherwise amicable facade as he faced the other man, waiting to be acknowledged and silently curious as to what the other man was doing in these gardens.
Roleplayer 2
Lavender was a useful plant, but the concentration of it in this land was far too potent. It was giving Nashad a headache. He continued to walk, trying to get away from the dense patches of it scattered throughout the landscape. The scent had saturated his senses and ended up missing Sansone's scent, but it appeared that Sansone did not miss his. As far as Nashad was concerned it was pure chance running into each other, as this was clearly not the land of the Verja, Sansone's home. Nashad resisted the urge to smile slightly, far too refined to feel comfortable doing such a thing. It simply wasn't his nature to wear his heart on his sleeve, no matter how long he and the other coyote had been friends. "Sansone," he greeted, much calmer than the greeting Sansone issued to him. "I have a grievance against you," he drawled, no malice or anger in his words. Truthfully, he probably sounded amused. Perhaps with hint of exasperation. Sansone had a wild dog woman as his mate and claimed, not long ago, to have pups with her. Too late did Nashad realize they were hybrids -- that such a thing was possible. Now Nashad was stuck with five new pups, and Sansone was partially to blame.

Getting into character
As previously stated, roleplaying requires you to make a character. Generally these personas are all different than each other and different from yourself. When writing, take care to stay in character. A good aligned character is unlikely to attack and kill an innocent on a whim just as an evil character is unlikely to help an innocent without benefit. Staying in character makes the game genuine and fun for all. Always keep IC (in character) and OC (out of character) knowledge and feelings separate from each other. Remember: a roleplayer is NOT their character. Just because someone's character doesn't like your own doesn't mean the roleplayer does not.

Roleplaying Mistakes
The three big no's of roleplaying are called metagaming, godmoding, and powerplaying.

Metagaming is giving your character information he/she should not have and is considered a form of 'cheating' in a roleplay. . For example, just because you know the names of all the lands doesn't mean your character will. This also means just because you read a thread doesn't mean your character knows whats going on. They also won't automatically know the names of others or even the alignment (good vs evil) of others automatically.

Godmoding is making your character appear to have god-like qualities. This could be full dodging ever attack issued against them in a spar or even being perfectly flawless.

Powerplaying is taking control of another roleplayer's character. This can be something as simple as saying you touched them. Always attempt to interact with other characters to give roleplayers a chance to reply. For example, in stead of saying "Syfka walked up and nuzzled Rai" write it to say "Syfka walked up and attempted to nuzzle Rai."


Writing more than the minimum
Here on Yavania we have a 12 sentence minimum per post, and we encourage roleplayers to write as much as they wish. We welcome all level of writers. That being said, we focus on quality over quantity. Sometimes long posts aren't possible for a lot of reasons. Generally, if you're not pleased with the post you made, feel free to take more time on it than post it. Those you roleplay with will notice the effort.

Give your thread partner something to reply to
Though we have a 12 sentence per post minimum, don't forget that this is a roleplaying game. The person or people you are roleplaying with need enough content in your post that they can reply to it with ease. If you're unsure if your thread partner will have enough to reply to, then this may be a sign that they do not. A good question to ask yourself is 'how would I reply to this post?'

Mirror posting
Though this is by no means an official rule, a nice way to tell if you've put enough detail into a post is to see if it matches the word count/length of your roleplay partner. Now, just because someone writes 1000 words does not mean you must. However, replying with 100 words may not be enough.

Add feeling, describe thoughts
Character don't exist in one emotional state. Just like you, they will be happy, sad, frightened, etc, as the roleplay develops. Don't be afraid to really go into specifics and to be realistic. Is your character going through a breakup? Are they overwhelmed in social situations? Thoughts and feelings are just as important environmental detail.

Be specific
This goes with the previous topic. When writing, be specific. Add in details about your surroundings, your environment, what your character is doing. Are they in the middle of the land? Are they at the border of two lands? Is it night or day? Is your character walking, sitting, running, or laying? Details will help you and your fellow roleplayers.


Yup! You read right. Grammar is an important part of roleplaying. Simple typos or even using the wrong word altogether, on accident, can lead to misunderstandings IC. Always make sure to proof read your posts. Additionally, remember that we do not allow chatspeak on the IC forums (c, u, bcuz, etc).