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Eternal Realm Rules - Staff - 12-22-2018

The Eternal Realm
Rules & Information

The sanctuary of the Divine -- the Eternal Realm, also known as the Astral Plane. There are three playable lands, each with distinct, unnatural qualities.

1. The following characters may post within these lands:
  • Official Spirits, listed here. They can travel between the Eternal Realm and the lands of the living freely.
  • Any character that has died within Yavania, listed here. This is their eternal resting grounds.
  • Divination mages who have mastered Spiritwalk. Their Astral Form may enter the Eternal Realm.
2. In order to post a dead character (who is not an official Spirit) within these lands, you must:
  • Post on their account. If you have deleted their account, remake it.
  • Have their rank changed to 'Deceased.'
3. As long as they are within the Eternal Realm, characters have solid bodies. They may use their senses and interact physically with one another. This means they can feel pain.

4. Characters cannot successfully reproduce.

5. Though characters may spar each other, death matches are impossible, as characters here are already dead. Additionally, all wounds heal without infection or complications (though it takes the natural amount of time to do so).

6. Hunting is not possible.

7. Eternal Residents (the Deceased) earn AP per post, but -- like Spirits -- cannot have points spent upon them.

8. Characters cannot use magic.

9. If your character reaches 300 posts, they may become an official Spirit and travel between the Eternal Realm and the land of the living!

10. Characters cannot see what is happening in the land of the living. If they wish to learn about what transpires there, they must do so in character.