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[M] Family Reunion - Bohumir - 01-14-2019

Time did not stand still. It moved at its own pace. Caring not for others or anyone around it. Ticking away with endless patience. This was Bohumir. Months. Years had passed since he'd last seen any signs of a familiar face. But, of course, they were not fond of the cannibalistic male. Finding his ways off putting. They called him an abomination bred from hell itself. A Demon birthed to bring shame to his own kin. Oh! How right they were.

Bohumir was a true abomination. From the melanism of his fur, to the deep piercing blues of ice that was his gaze. Shaggy from unkempt grooming, his coat danced in the winds. Carrying his scent far from where he paced. He could merely taste the stench of his nephew, Akuma. The aroma salivating drool from Bohumir's lips as if he hadn't ate just recently. A poor nomad. A rogue and her pup.

They'd tried to hide. Easily finding the young adolescent nestled in the crevices of a tree. He enjoyed the chase. Giving it time to find another hiding spot. And another. And another. Until he grew even more hungry then he was. It was a small treat. The cries of its mother still a joyous ring in his ears as he shuttered at the memory. The blood still stained his muzzle. Not daring to clean away such a prize as he howled a deep and haunting song. One he knew Akuma would remember.

RE: [M] Family Reunion - Aryn - 01-15-2019

Aryn heard the howl. Who the hell was at their borders now? The blonde wolf moved elegantly to the call. Ignoring the fact that if she were late, then Grennian would probably be there before her. As she arrived, however, there was only one creature there and he was the one who called she supposed. He looked ugly. A dark body and a white head, had he sat in some mucky water only shoulder deep and got stained by it? He sure wasn’t attractive. Her lips curled lightly before they returned to resting over her canines. Eyes were narrowed in on him however as she approached. Tail swaying as she walked, held level with her back. ”What’s your business on the Blackhand borders?” She expected to be answered, if not there would be consequences. The she wolf attempted to stand a foot from the borders. Head held high and eyes narrowed (as mentioned before) despite there being no fighting active. Best to look intimidating was it not?

RE: [M] Family Reunion - Grennian - 01-15-2019

Grennian & Exposed

I hate you, I love you
I hate that I want you

There was a mournful-sounding howl from the borders. A stranger once more, hm? He wondered what might greet him this time. Grennian pushed himself up slowly from his den and headed in that direction. His eyes were peeled for any recently fallen animals he could perhaps reanimate. Sadly, all he found was a pitiful mouse, and that wasn't worth the magic.

When he arrived where the howl was cast, Aryn was already there. He raised a brow. This was different. Not a bad different, of course. It was always nice to see a realm member doing their fucking job. Unlike some people.

He echoed the Blade, eyes like daggers into the wolf that was before them. "Yes... What are you looking for at my borders?"

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RE: [M] Family Reunion - Akuma - 01-16-2019

Rated M for possibly mature language and blood

He hadn't really been paying attention to what he had been doing. It probably wasn't important anyway. He was most likely absently picking at the scab on his forearm. This hypothetical guess only proved to be correct as he rose to his paws to stretch. The stinging twinge had him growling irritably, and he was soon limping with an annoyed expression.
"You have no one to blame but yourself, you're the one who picked at your wounds. Stop throwing yourself a pity party, brat" the hallucination of his mother snapped as she drug her mangled form up next to him.
"I know....I've just been... I dunno" his words trailed off and he clenched his eyes shut; allowing the darkness that followed to encase him to be a sort of comfort.
It was odd really, over the few weeks he had been here but not mentally. There would be times that he would zone out for hours on end, and when he came back he simply couldn't remember what he had done. It was unsettling and unnerving, and he felt like he was losing it more and more each day. His mind kept drifting back to that blind hag, and her words.
You're going to wish you were dead, boy.
Oh how much he knew she was probably right. It was like he had been hanging from the ledge of a cliff. Below him stretched endless darkness that went on and on. He had been try so desperately to keep his grasp, and perhaps climb back up to safety. However, when he ventured into these lands, this old blind hellhound had reached up with those dagger like teeth and snapped around his legs. She had begun tugging and pulling until finally he had lost his grip. He was sent spiraling down, the abyss consuming his entire being. There was no way of getting back up, no way of return.

His eyes fluttered open at the eerily familiar song that called out to him. His cyan orbs were flooded with curiosity then slight terror and excitement. He grinned, those pearly whites gleaming menacingly for the first time in awhile. One would wonder how could you be terrified but excited at the same time. He was terrified of the monster his uncle was, and the control he knew he had over him. This monster made him cower more so then the blind hag. However, he knew that with his uncle came the promise of power. It's that one word alone that sends shivers coursing down his spine and he is quick to sprint in the direction the call had come from. The smell in the air even brings promise of him, and already tiny yips can be heard from that trembling jaw of his. However, as the scene comes into view he slows to a halt. His eyes are transfixed on him, and him alone. The mess that coated his snout has his stomach growling terribly. He wishes nothing more for him to lead him to whatever he had consumed. Other food was bad, at least that's what uncle said. Punishment would surely come if he ever ate something that wasn't a wolf. He creeps forward, hoping to maintain a distance of about fifteen feet from the gal and Grennian. He would lower himself in submission. His tail tucked against his stomach and single ear flat against his skull. His back is hunched and eyes gaze up at his uncle, but never directly in his eyes. He was displaying this submission in front of everyone, but it was meant for Bohumir. He was the one who deserved and demanded this respect. He had barely managed to catch the words of the blonde-- who he had never met --and Grennian. He smirks, but it soon turns into a sharp grimace.

"He's lookin for me, I assume" the words were spoken with trembling tones wrought with terror and joy.

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RE: [M] Family Reunion - Staff - 01-16-2019


Pardon the intrusion!

Quote:Punishment would surely come if he ever ate something that wasn't a canine.

There are two problems with the above statement.

1. If Akuma is referring to his status as a cannibal, eating another canine does not fit this description. Cannibalism is eating your own species. A falcon eating a pigeon, for example, is not cannibalism. Thus, I think you meant to say, "Punishment would surely come if he ever ate something that wasn't a wolf."

2. The above statement implies Akuma has never eaten anything other than canines. However, Staff believes you meant wolves (since he has a tendency towards cannibalism). Cannibalism doesn't mean he only eats his own kind, but this seems to be the path you chose. Since, according to the Rules Page, "No free-to-play predator may be an NPC," this means Akuma has not eaten since entering Yavania. He would be dead.

Severe clarification must be made. Akuma is on hold until this matter is cleared up.

Do you intend for Akuma to strictly be a cannibal? Please PM Staff account with an answer. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

RE: [M] Family Reunion - Staff - 01-16-2019


Akuma is no longer on hold now that proper clarification has been made, but keep in mind that he should be in poor health and just above the brink of starvation. Sparingly eating rodents out of pure desperation for months on end is in no way sustainable for a growing teenage wolf. Some effects he will feel as a result of such a diet are moderate fatigue, weakness, digestive problems, dull fur, and balding.

RE: [M] Family Reunion - Bohumir - 01-18-2019

A scent caught his attention. Snapping gaze in the direction it'd drifted from. The look of disgust he grew used to seeing pon others faces mirrored the one approaching him. A rumble of sorts greeting her in low frequency. Bohumir grunted at her question. Lips forming a sentence to answer such becoming interrupted when another spoke up. More masculine then the first. Now, who was this? The other male took on the same posture of the blonde woman. Like the Cannibal he was, he nearly salivated at such a delicious feast. An image of tasting their flesh almost drove him to bring the fantasy to life. However, today was for another occasion. He sent a wink to the both of them. A silent promise only he would keep to himself. The time would come. They had kept him waiting long enough and now he was ready to receive what belonged to him.

Bohumir proceeded in trying to speak. Jaws snapping immediately shut with a powerful click of teeth. The wind had alerted him to his prize. He was internally excited now. A hunter awaiting his prey. It was immediate. The submission casted to him by his nephew and no other pushed out a snarl of appreciation. Hackles bristled, frontal limbs spreading shoulder length with the lower of his head. Not in weakness; but, under a show of aggression t'wards Akuma. Something smelled fairly off about the young male. He no longer reeked of familiar musk. Just the stench that carried with these lands. "Oh! You little bitch. You've been hiding quite well, haven't you?" He straightened his stance. Showing his stature, though his tail remained neutral. The abomination wasn't here to fight. Only to either claim what was his or to join. No matter what, he would do whatever was necessary in getting Akuma.

Never once letting his attention waver from the white male, he spoke without hesitation to the king of these lands. "I wish to join."

RE: [M] Family Reunion - Staff - 01-18-2019


Pardon the intrusion!

Quote: More dominant then the first. This was the leader. A king of sorts as he sauntered forward with far more confidence then the blonde woman... Never once letting his attention waver from the white male, he spoke without hesitation to the king of these lands.

Quote:Something smelled fairly off about the young male. "Oh! You little bitch. You've become a slave, haven't you?"

There are a few problems with the above statements.

1. Grennian did not mention walking more confidently than Aryn and instead echoed her defensive stance. Since you are taking control of Grennian in order to convey what you know to Bohumir, this is regarded as powerplaying and metagaming.

2. Rank cannot be smelt.

This thread is on hold until the above matters are cleared up.

RE: [M] Family Reunion - Akradr - 01-22-2019


This thread is no longer on hold and may continue. <3

RE: [M] Family Reunion - Exposed - 01-22-2019

Exposed “Artio” Lebraid

Wrong me once, I'll kill you twice.

Oh, she was angry.

This wasn’t what Lebraid expected; none of it seemed right.

A bottle of wrath delved beneath the woman’s skin, combined by a broth of fire and disgust –– the confrontation with him didn’t go as expected, however those foul, sickled emotions seemed to never cease. Audition and radar bled against the oreg’s humidity, a mix of pain and hatred scorching inside her existence; it was inhumane, and oh, she was going to make him pay for it. In bones or by their own grave, she’d see it rise, one way or another. However, it was then did the irritable sound of him segregate beneath the winding vines, ashen hackles culled by dominance and smoketrail’s wisp -- fitted in white. Eyes of white searched for the whereabouts of this unnecessary commotion, soon unveiling the words of a slave –– her slave –– who, pray tell, will dare to associate themselves with such a disobedient child? He would not leave, ever. A snarl gargled atone those velveteen-lips, savored by saliva and grit-torn hisses; coming forward, radar gave a visual representation of a man she will not accept. They dare speak as if they own him? Was this a ploy to steal from a wolf of psychotic tendencies? Lebraid might been blinded, but that did not mean she was fuckin’ stupid -- the stench of Grennian had her maw wrinkling, devilish and foul. She’d never forgive him for impregnating her under the influence of a weakness she could not control. The woman’s expression was null and void of emotion, therein attempting to stand between Akuma and the unfamiliar cunt, “The kid doesn’t belong to you.” It breathed off her tongue like raw leather, dismissing him altogether as she turned to face the o’mighty king, stomach bloated by their unexpected doings. My, he was going to die for it. “You,” She seethed, curdled and rotten by the drain of disgust, “You think this is funny, king? You dare do the unthinkable?” Slam attempted to weaponise Lebraid’s spat, signed by an anger she could not concede. How could she not?

It was ravishing and cruel, “You have no idea what you’ve done –– I’ll make sure you regret the day you ever fucking breathed.” It was almost whispered as she moved to abstain the distance she may have caused, those over-extended canines lurching with intensity and confusion. There was, however, a flick of conviction in those dead eyes; perhaps uncertainty for the unknown.

Turning, she left in a heave of contempt.


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