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Caves of Woe or Not - Verndar - 03-27-2019

Verndar Dame

to look beyond the glory is the hardest part
For a hero's strength is measured by his heart

Verndar walked, letting his large paws hit the ground at a steady pace as the ground from his home slowly turned way into the stone from the tunnels. He ventured into the ground and looked around. He hadn't been out of the kingdom lands in awhile. A change of pace was needed. Perhaps his mother would come and keep him company. He wanted to make sure that she was ok. He hadn't seen his sister even longer than his mother. It saddened him that they didn't pop in just to see him.

He shook out his mane as his wine colored eyes adjusted to the dimness of the cavern and moved forwards. It smelled slightly musty but he was able to ignore it as he walked. It was his first time here. He didn't see any shrubbery here so he practiced Flame-Wall He glanced at the flame as it started in front of him. The heat licking his nose but not actually touching him. It warmed his fur. After he practised Dynamo but he barley passed a glance at it.

He turned down the tunnel without the flame in it and sat down. He brought a paw up to his mane to fluff it back down.

"Talk here."

RE: Caves of Woe or Not - Kaitlyn - 06-05-2019


Pardon my intrusion, but Diablo’s profile was made on 5/04/2019. This thread is timestamped for 3/26/2019.

Since Diablo cannot be in Yavania before they entered it via the date listed on their profile (per here), their post will be deleted and PM’ed to the roleplayer for use in a more current thread.