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Bonfire of the Bards [Feast] - The Avatars - 06-01-2019

In the centre of an endless field, rolled by oceans of ivon green, laid a gargantuan tree of semblance to an oak. A girth far more monumental than that of redwood, vines both thick and thin enshrouded it rather constructively; ferns and vegetation peppered the floor, flourishing beneath the divine's branches. Amidst this celestial embrace, though more towards the ocean in search for warmth, sat a white-spotted serval. His size was of normality in comparison to the other avatars, but he was no less divine. It was not common for the Voice of the Downtrodden to visit the mortal realm, but there were exceptions when it came to sharing stories -- he did this annually, of course, and wouldn't dare forget to pursue such an extraordinary event. Although that may be the topic for today, a feast was most definitely compiled for those that wish to accompany him.

As if rewarding those who chose to attend.

Marlon hummed in vibrant tunes, warrior heart set like stone as a smile bore across the man’s features -- a mentor is what he was, or so he presumed to be. There was simply no end to his knowledgeable adventures to share across Yavania.

The skies danced in an abundance of colors, orange and yellow exploding from its setting sun. As the avatar remained silent, a bonfire was created in association to his bards; sown cloth rung across the field for mortals to lie upon, finding it a more comfortable solution to this wintry season that fell upon them once more. Cooked meats were arranged in chronological order, colors coursing from white to red. Marlon was sure to apprehend the likings of those whom may arrive, whether it be fish, poultry, elk or otherwise. Why, there would even be vegetables and fruits alike -- if one could name it, the Downtrodden had it. Everything promised sprouted from the earth in a twist of magic, “Come, children of Mother Earth,” He began, bardic stringing through a mellow tone in the minds of all mortals, “Join me in this bonfire of bards. We will feast as we share stories, memories, and experiences.” As it was spoken, haunches would thereon tuck against a white silken blanket, eyeing the horizon.

Marlon has invited all the creatures of Yavania to partake in a feast on the southern edge of Divine Fields to share stories! Attending the feast will grant your character the diamond (Quest Festival) for attending.

To partake, post your character gathering here. Marlon will post again on the 5th, and then your characters can begin to share stories -- true or made up. Characters that share stories will be entered into a raffle. Two will be chosen ("by Marlon") and given a gift!

Attending this thread will grant your character 4 AP. Apply for that AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Attended Bonfire Feast." Additionally, your character can also claim 4 AP here, with the Task filled out to say "Attend a Festival."

RE: Bonfire of the Bards [Feast] - Noam - 06-05-2019

Noam heard Marlon’s voice in his head and just HAD to go. But he did not want to go alone, nono, he thought this would be the perfect time for his family to gather together and share stories on how they came to Yavania, or just stories in general. Last time they did something like this was a long time ago in the Kingdom of Bones. This time it was different, this time they were free. So Noam dragged Helu, Xewk and Siekta with him to the Bonfire of the Bards. Once the four of them arrived they all realized they were the first. Noam laughed and gestured to the table of food, "Looks like we got it all to ourselves!” He turned to look at Helu, Xewk and Siekta smiling as he did so.

Xewk smirked, "Like you need to get any fatter.” He of course was teasing his nephew.

Noam raised an eyebrow signing as he spoke, "Very funny.”

Helu bowed their head to Marlon, assuming he was the one who called everyone and set up the meal. “Thank you sir.” Siekta followed suit in the bow of his head silently.

Xewk was the third to follow, "Yes, thank you.”

Noam smiled and signed ‘thank you’ as he spoke, "Gracias.” He then turned to the other three. "I’ll grab us some food, Genna (Xewk) you can help. Ma, can you put some blankets together. We can chat after dinner yeah?” Helu nodded and began pulling some of the cloths together to make a larger one for them all to gather around together.

Xewk helped Noam gather some food for everyone and walk it over to the blankets. The four of them quietly began to eat. Sharing stories would come in a bit, they had a lot to catch up about after all.

PPed Xewk, Helu and Siekta as they are mine

RE: Bonfire of the Bards [Feast] - Brynjar - 06-06-2019

Frigga recruited her father to ensure her youngest were looked after because, like her, Xewk had gone out (to the same event, she assumed). Loki, of course, was happy to stay at her house and look after the two. They were quite young, not yet very mobile, so it was a simple task. In return, however, he'd asked her to take her younger sibling, Brynjar, out with her.

Quality time with a younger sibling sounded like a wonderful way to spend the day, so Frigga happily picked Brynjar up from her parents house and headed towards Divine Fields. Brynjar was quite unique because, well, of their gender. They were Frigga's only sibling that couldn't easily be categorized, and when she'd asked her father, Loki had shrugged and said, "What's the point in making Brynjar label themself? To make others comfortable? No. This is the way they were born." And that was that. Frigga, of course, had no issue with that. She simply hadn't wanted to be insensitive.

"Where we going?" Brynjar asked, bouncing alongside Frigga as they walked to the west.

Frigga smiled at them, amused. "To a Festival."

Which invited a barrage of more questions. "What kind of Festival? Who else is going?" The last question was asked with a edge of nervousness. Would there be a bunch of creatures they didn't know? Brynjar wasn't sure how to feel about that. As they grew, as they became more self aware, they realized their differences and dreaded being asked uncomfortable questions. Then, realizing they had their older sister with them, they tried to calm down.

As they walked, they talked, and the more they talked, the better Brynjar felt.


As they arrived, Frigga smiled upon seeing Xewk and a few other semi-familiar faces. Gesturing for Brynjar to follow, she grabbed some food (and had Brynjar do the same) before approaching the group, hoping she would be welcome. "Greetings," she said. "I hope we aren't intruding. This is my younger sibling, Brynjar."

Brynjar came up behind their sister, partially hiding behind her. No longer was Brynjar the outgoing, rambunctious pup they had been. Instead, they laid down with their boar leg and began to eat.

OC: Post contains Loki (he isn't at the Feast), Brynjar (who is 1.5), & Frigga <3

RE: Bonfire of the Bards [Feast] - Dagrún - 06-06-2019

"Ready to go?" Regalia asked, leaning against the door to her daughter's new house. She'd moved into a house in the Peninsula when her jaguar-hyena-lion litter had grown up. Of course, Regalia was quite happy with that. It meant her daughter was closer, and so were her grandchildren.

"Yup," Sive answered. Turning over her shoulder, she called out, "Gunnr! Let's go!"

Gunnr, in her lion totem form, padded forward. Head held high, she basically dared her grandmama and mama to say something about the form she'd chosen to go in. "Ready."

Regalia smiled and moved so that Sive and Gunnr could exit the house. Behind her, Dagrun grinned at the sight of Gunnr in lion form. "Lookin' fine as hell, niece" he said, his tone sassy and feminine.

Gunnr rolled her eyes and stormed passed, leading the way west. Regalia and Sive laughed, following their kids.


As they arrived, Gunnr spotted a few familiar faces. She wasn't too sure what to do about that, so she paused and let her grandmother and mother decide what to do. However, it was Dagrun that barged past her and towards the group. "Hiiii, y'all. Name's Dagrun. Is this party open to more guests?" Then, his eyes fell upon the serval he didn't know. "Who's that?" he asked as Regalia, Sive, and Gunnr joined the group.

"Pretty sure that's an Avatar," Regalia replied, taking a seat. To the group, she said, "S'up? Those that don't know me, name's Regalia. Commander of the Valkyrja of the Kingdom."

Sive, grinning, sat down as well. "And I'm just Sive. This is my daughter, Gunnr."

Gunnr's eyes fell upon Siekta. She offered him a smile and returned to her true shoebill form so that he would recognize her. "Hi."

OC: Post contains Regalia, Dagrun (who is 1.5), Sive, and Gunnr (who is 1.75). <3

RE: Bonfire of the Bards [Feast] - The Avatars - 06-07-2019

Marlon smiled as the mortals gathered. Not as many as the first year, but numbers mattered little to him. It was the quality. A youngster asked who he was, and when their relative answered, Marlon saw no better opportunity to introduce himself than that. With a chuckle, he said, "She is correct. I am Avatar Marlon -- the Voice of the Downtrodden. I'm mostly known for my love of stories because stories are how we teach, share, and learn. Now, I shall share with you one of my favorites."

A dramatic pause followed in which he allowed them time to prepare to listen. Then, his voice, when he spoke was alive with the story on his lips. He did not sit still as he spoke; he was animated, and his voice was alive. "Once upon a time, there was a king named Midas. He had a lot of gold and everything he needed. He also had a beautiful daughter. Midas loved his gold very much, but he loved his daughter more than his riches." As he spoke, the terrain within a twenty foot radius began to transform as his words seem to come to life, his magic enacting the story as he told it.

"One day, a satyr named Silenus got drunk and passed out in Midas’ rose garden. Believing that Satyrs always bring good luck, Midas lets Silenus rest in his palace until he is sober, against the wishes of his wife and daughter. Silenus is a friend of Dionysus, the god of wine and celebration. Upon learning Midas’ kindness towards his friend, Dionysus decides to reward the keg.

When asked to wish for something, Midas says “I wish everything I touch turns to gold”. Although Dionysus knew it was not a great idea, he granted Midas his wish.

Happy that his wish was granted, Midas went around touching random things in the garden and his palace and turned them all into gold. He touched an apple, and it turned into a shiny gold apple. His subjects were astonished but happy to see so much gold in the palace. But all was not well, for you see, later, when he picked up another apple to eat, it too turned to gold. Everything, no matter his intent, turned to gold in his hands. Would he starve, Midas began to wonder?

He retired to his gardens, at a loss for what to do, but he found little daughter there picking roses. When she saw her father, she ran into his arms for a hug, and before he realized, he turned her into a lifeless, golden statue! King Midas cried at what he'd done. As his tears fell on his precious roses they turned to gold, but the king did not care. He did not care about his roses or his gold or himself. Aghast, Midas called for Dionysus. He begged the god to take away his power and save his daughter, and, one last time, Dionysus granted his wish."

Marlon paused, letting the moral of the story sink in. Then, after an appropriate amount of time passed, he spoke again to those gathered. "Who will share next?"

Characters may now share stories, and those that do will be entered into a raffle. Two will be chosen ("by Marlon") and given a gift!

RE: Bonfire of the Bards [Feast] - Býleistr - 06-07-2019

Býleistr Dame-Fritjov

'Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

He'd notice when Frigga had come to the house to pick up Brynjar. He glanced to his mother before he'd follow after them. He resisted, when he left the lands, to head into a form that would remove his outward characteristics. He didn't want to show Brynjar that they had anything to be afraid of. As the big brother, Byleistr believed that was his duty and he was going to take it seriously. He followed a little bit behind them.

-time skip-

As he arrived, he noticed that there was already a rather large gathering. Of course, all of them were from the Kingdom. Should he be surprised? It wasn't like the Kingdom was small, despite the fact that they had downsized. He made his way toward his sibling as they hid behind Frigga. He lowered his head, attempting to nudge against their right side in comfort. Once that was done, he confidentially, if not a little subconscious, presented himself. "I'm Byleistr," he greeted, because there were some that didn't know him. Some, as in pretty much all of them. How could he not know? Well, Byleistr was a little less outgoing than he wanted to be.

Before anything else happened, the Avatar would speak. He turned his head toward the large creature, not knowing what he was actually supposed to do. It wasn't like he actually had any stories to tell. Even those that he might have made up. So, with that, he kept his silence and hoped someone else would offer something to share.

Walk | "He talks." | Magic

RE: Bonfire of the Bards [Feast] - Soini - 06-07-2019

Soini Dame

Hold on for a second
If words can be weapons
Then what I say can affect it

Soini waited outside of the house, rolling his eyes as he glanced back to look for his mother. She was taking her sweet time, as his grandfather appeared walking toward him. He glanced to him, his lips twitched upwards because he was going to be watching the youngsters while Soini and Kari headed to the festival. As he thought o the devil, she appeared out of the house, looking toward his grandfather as Stark gestured for them to leave. "Móðir," he started, "let's go." He was becoming impatient as Kari took her sweet time. He didn't remember her being this reluctant to leave himself and his siblings when they were younger. Or maybe she had been and he had just been too young to truly take notice. Getting to his feet, he nudged against Kari's shoulder to get her to start walking. His mother was no small wolf, but Soini was a male lion and he was bigger than she was.

The gentle nudge was all she needed as she laughed. "Okay, okay," she said as she said goodbye to Stark as he went into the house. She was sure that her younger siblings were with their mother and that was the reason why Stark had decided to come alone. Whatever the reason, it didn't matter. She headed toward the Divine Lands with Soini.

-time skip-

They arrived, Kari instantly going to the gathering. Soini trudged behind her, knowing that it would be useless to say anything. They were going to a festival and while he was going with her, they were bound to run into others of the Kingdom. After all, the family itself was very large. The female wolf instantly went to where Helu was at, her body attempting to press into the other canine. Soini navigated his way until he was standing beside Byleistr. The male jaguar was in his actual form, though Soini didn't know any different.

Before he could even get a greeting out, there was speech that came from the Avatar. Like Byleistr, Soini didn't actually have anything to offer. He was an adult but he didn't have that many experiences yet to confidentially say anything.

PPed Stark and Kari - Stark is not at the feast.

Soini | Kari
Chris Smallwood

RE: Bonfire of the Bards [Feast] - Ranae - 06-07-2019

Ranae Rogers-Julien
So stand up, shout it out
We can put 'em in the air if you like it loud

Ranae headed out on her own. She needed to gain confidence back. At almost two years old, she could not rely so much on always having someone at her side. She stretched her legs, heading toward the feast without actually thinking that was where she was going.

She didn't know how she should feel with the absence of her father again. Maybe it was her fault. Was he gone? Would he come back? Did she truly care? Perhaps there was something wrong with her and she just didn't see it. The only stability that she had in her life was Pascal and his mother. They had taken her in, kept her alive, and that was all that mattered. Could she even call Stephen father? Ranae hated the way that sounded but that was how she felt.

Her ears were pinned against her head as she made her way into the gathering. Once she was there, she realized that the gathered group probably all knew each other. They had the mingled scent of being close together. As she took a harder look, she recognized Frigga and Regalia, though she was afraid to actually approach. As she took a longer look, she also noticed Gunnr. Excitement suddenly overcame the apprehension. She tried to make her way closer as telepathy accidentally manifested, aimed at the shoebill. Gunnr! Before she could verbally say anything, there was commotion and speech. She turned her attention onto the large creature - something that she had never seen before. She narrowed her eyes as she thought of something that she might be able to say. When nothing came, she figured that she could just sit and listen.

She walks. | "She talks." | She thinks.

RE: Bonfire of the Bards [Feast] - Pascal - 06-07-2019


Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary,
great minds with the ordinary.

Goodberry sustained him for the day as he made his way toward the festival. He wondered what things he was going to learn. He also had the thought of perhaps his mother appearing. If she did, that would mean he'd get to spend time with her. As he walked, he used green-paw, making tiny little flowers appear in his wake. He glanced behind him, eyeing them for a second with a wide smile upon his face. He didn't have the same concerns of his sister. He heard the call, arriving just in time to see that Ranae was by herself.

As he observed for a simple moment, watching her fail to interact. He didn't seem to think that was Ranae. Had she changed? What had happened? He frowned, approaching her with little to no stealth. There was no reason for it, even as sense activated, telling him that his sister had magic. It didn't tell him what kind or how strong. It only gave him a sense that she had it. Which, admittedly, wasn't surprising. In some ways, they all had some sort of magic, didn't they?

"Ranae," Pascal greeted, his eyes traveling over her before he glanced to the side to see what she had been staring at. There, he noticed that Gunnr was there. And with Gunnr was Siekta. He dipped his head toward them before he returned his attention to his sister. He nudged against her, attempting to give her comfort. As the story would be told, Pascal was taken in, fascinated in everything that was being told. When the story was over, the boy glanced around, waiting for another to be given. Because, surely, there were other experiences that were far better than his own.


RE: Bonfire of the Bards [Feast] - Iorek - 06-07-2019

Iorek Kaiser-Hughes

For once in my life, I'm scared to death
I'm taking a chance, letting you inside

Iorek stood on his hind legs, looking for both his father and sister. They were slow in approaching but when they finally did, the bear would lower himself back to all four paws. He gave them both a wide smile, happy to be out with them. The winter weather had set in, though it didn't feel like it in the south. The polar bear was merely used to the heat that continued to smack itself against his back. When it became too much, he easily just went into the water. "Are we ready?" The question was simple as he waited for any sort of response from the two cheetah family members. When they gave their consent, Iorek turned and started to walk. Large bumbling form meant that he took bigger steps than either cheetah family members. But he wasn't concerned about heading too far ahead of them. No matter how farther he went, they'd still be able to notice him. And there was a simple reason for that.

Iorek was no small fry. To lose him in an uncrowded area seemed laughable.

-time skip-

He made his way into the gathering, hearing the tail end of the story from the Avatar. He saw the gathering, noticing that it was getting bigger and bigger. Iorek glanced over his shoulder to make sure that Charleston and Kamile were both there. When he took notice that they were, he turned his gaze back to the Avatar. It was story time but unfortunately, the bear didn't have that many stories to tell. Maybe it would be different if he had spent more time away from the realm that he had grown up in. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

PPed Charleston and Kamile as they are my characters. "Talk here."
Matthias Wicke