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[AW] Family Matters - Herleif - 10-18-2019

Herleif Dame-Fritjov
Settle down and listen to me

Herleif had puffed up his fur and made sure everything was perfect. Being a little vain never hurt anyone. Especially because that's what made him a Dame. He crossed into his realm and a smile came to his face. Scents and smells of his family assaulted him and he wanted nothing more than that. To be surrounded by his family again. He wondered briefly if anyone would even come but he pushed that out of his mind. No need to even think that his family wouldnt be there they loved him.

Avrid his Spiranima sat on his back and held her head high this was as much her home coming as well because she had never seen the kingdom lands. It was something new and he could feel her excitement at being here in his home. Herleif turned his green eyes back to make sure that he was walking slow enough so that Mononoke could keep him and that he wasn't out pacing her.

Once he got just a little bit into the grove he let out a howl for his family. He wanted them all to come. For 2 reasons, he wanted to see which of his family was still here and 2 to see who cared that he came back.

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OOC: Permission from Spirit to assume Mononoke is with him.

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RE: [AW] Family Matters - Erling - 10-18-2019

Loki led Erling out of the kitchens. A tour of the Kingdom was important for children, especially those that might one day lead. Erling was too young for Loki to know if that was in his future, but he had hope for all of his children to take their place among the hierarchy.

An unexpected howl froze Loki in his tracks, making Erling looked up at his father with a frown.


"Come, Erling. It's time you meet your older brother -- returned home to us."

Older brother? Erling followed his father until they came across a red and gold wolf -- with a smaller canine. When Loki spoke, his instinct was to use Old Norse, but seeing the young lady with him made him stick to English. "My son. I cannot express how glad I am to see you whole and well. I see you've brought a friend. Welcome to the Kingdom, Lady--?" Via the privacy of telepathy, he tried to tell Herleif, We thought we'd lost you. Have you come to take your place in Aldrnari? Without delaying any further, he stepped to the side to give Herleif and Erling a chance to truly inspect each other. "Erling, meet your older brother, Herleif."

Erling peered up at him, trying to keep his features neutral. However, he was still young, so his hesitation was clear. "Hello."

At that moment, Frigga landed in the form of a sandhill crane (via shift), lead by her younger brother's call. As soon as her wings were settled, she resumed her wild dog form. "Bróðir," she greeted him, eyes softening.

It seemed as soon as Frigga arrived that Regalia came in from outside the borders, assessing the woman Herleif had led pas the borders -- just to ensure she wasn't a threat. "S'up," she greeted, raising a brow with a grin. "You go missing and everyone assumes you've died. Turns out you were just out findin' a girlfriend." Was she just givin' him a hard time? Yup. For sure.

It was then that Loki noticed Brynjar's approach. Gesturing to zir to come closer, Loki said, "Brynjar, this is Herlief, your older brother. He went missing when you were young."

"Hi," Brynjar said, nervous at being the center of attention -- even if only for a moment.

OC: Erling is actually 0.75 (I haven't aged him yet). Brynjar's gender is complex; for details on zir physical gender, see their profile here.

This post contains Loki, Erling, Frigga, Regalia, and Brynjar.

Summary: Loki leads Erling towards Herleif, talks/introduces them, and Erling greets him. Frigga arrives as a crane, shifts back, and greets him. Regalia comes to tease him, and then Brynjar is introduced.

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RE: [AW] Family Matters - Salvi - 10-18-2019

Salvi was leading his mother out of the rainforest. They had gone on a short enough exploration and so, it seemed like it was about time that they headed home. Rai made sure that her son thought he was the one that was leading the expedition, in truth, it was Rai that was calling the shots. She had enough experience to herd young without them actually being aware that was what she was doing.

It paid to be a mother for years.

What she hadn't been expecting during this little expedition was the unexpected howl from her son. Her entire body froze, Salvi blinking as he glanced over his shoulder to realize that his mother was standing still. "Mother?" His voice was soft as Rai let a grin stretch across her features. "Come, Salvi. It is time for you to meet your older brother." The lion cub's head tilted, his jowls opening as mouthed the word 'brother' as if he had never come across the term before. Before he could verbalize the questions that he had, his mother had already taken the lead. The lion cub had to scramble after her, despite the fact that he was slowly approaching the same size that she had.

"Herleif," the mother wolf called when she noticed that Herleif was actually standing there - along with the faces of the rest of her family. What she hadn't been expecting was the appearance of the little female standing next to her son. She ignored Regalia's teasing, her eyes mainly focused upon that of her son. "This is your younger brother, Salvi. Salvi, meet your older brother Herleif."

"Hello," the lion cub said, his voice coming out slightly confident. He puffed out his chest, even as his coyote brother seemed to be more hesitant to do so. Salvi didn't have the same sort of reservations, though he should.

OC: Salvi is actually 0.75 (I haven't aged him yet).

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RE: [AW] Family Matters - Yngvi - 10-18-2019

Kari was out with both sons - well, for the most part. Yngvi was by her side for the most part, Soini was elsewhere.

It wasn't like it was a necessary thing for the adult male lion to spend time with his mother. She hadn't been the best mother for him in the first place. She knew that - and she was attempting to correct her errors. Perhaps too late, though wasn't that how it was for the first litter? They were the experiment.

She snorted to herself, amused by her own thoughts, no matter how dark they actually was. That insecurity, the one that she didn't think she made a great mother, would always haunt her. It would never be something that would easily be wiped away. She'd been leading both boys toward the kitchens, hoping to see if Helu was there. Of course, she hadn't been expecting to be side tracked by the unexpected howl at the borders.

Kari's ears flicked as Yngvi listened as well. Mimicking what his mother did was how he was gonna learn, right? "Who is it?" The inquisitive wild dog couldn't help the question as his mother snorted. "Someone that we thought had disappeared a long time ago. Why don't we go say hi, yes?" Enthused, the wild dog pup nodded his head rigorously and rushed off to the borders. Kari didn't bother to correct him, knowing that he wouldn't be able to get far from her sight.

As they arrived, Yngvi noticed the large gathering of family more than he noticed the two strangers upon the borders. His tail whipped back and forth as he danced in side hops toward his great grandparents. Little barks and whimpers came out of his mouth as Kari took notice of the fact that Herleif wasn't as alone as she thought he would have been. "Hey, kid," teased the niece to the nephew, "you've been gone for a while and instead of comin' to check in, you've been busy meeting a girlfriend. My, how they grow up so fast!" She rolled her eyes before she gave a sharp grin. "When's the knot gonna be tied?"

OC: Yngvi is actually 1 (I haven't aged him yet).

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RE: [AW] Family Matters - Hallvarðr - 10-18-2019

It seemed like each time Stark would blink, the boys would merely get older and older. Soon enough, they'd move out of the house that they currently occupied, setting themselves up to be their own creatures.

Stark wasn't sure if he was ready for that. Despite the fact that it was his fifth litter. Or maybe it was the sixth...? He couldn't even recall - wasn't that terrible?

Hallvardr stood beside his father, not at all concerned about the thoughts that were traveling around his head. Partially because the hyena couldn't actually read minds. At the current moment, Hallvardr hadn't had any sort of luck when it came to finding out if he had magic like his father or not. Not that he was truly trying either. So maybe he didn't actually have a reason to be upset about it but that made logical sense and he was still a child. He was going to milk it for as long as he could. What he didn't realize was that he'd be able to milk it for a long time when it came to Stark.

The two of them were in relative quiet as they walked around. Perhaps he should push his luck and see if Stark would be willing to take him outside of the safety of the borders. He considered it when the howl came. The hyena's ears flicked just as both the hyena and wolf glanced up. Stark hadn't actually met the younger sibling - when the sibling had been born, he'd been not in the best state of mind. But there were only so many that had the care to summon the entire Dame family - specifically that of his parents. Before he could make the choice if he should leave Hallvardr behind or not, the boy had already taken off. The hyena giggle the only trail that Stark had.

The biggest sigh that he had pushed out of his lungs as he carefully followed after the cackling hyena. They arrived to the borders, just as Kari spoke her mind. The hyena stepped up to his sister, his eyes wide as he studied the pair of canines. One, it seemed that his sister knew, the other not so much. Stark took more time to appear as he noticed that he wasn't the only Dame that had come to the call.

He heard the words from Frigga - having picked them up when he had arrived - that this wolf was a sibling. Now, it made more sense as to why he had called for the family. "Hi," the hyena said before Stark could even speak, "I'm Hallvardr. The one with the big horns and feathers is my father - Stark." The boy said with a wide grin, his head held high in an arrogant pose.

Sometimes, Stark wished there was a large boulder that constantly followed him that he could smack his head against. Now? Now was one of those times. "Apparently, I'm incapable of introducing myself to my own brother." Stark's words were dry as Hallvardr merely smirked at his father with his little stumpish tail giving a slight wag.

OC: Hallvardr is actually 1.5 (I haven't aged him yet).

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RE: [AW] Family Matters - Soini - 10-18-2019

Soini Dame

Hold on for a second
If words can be weapons
Then what I say can affect it

Soini was near his mother and younger brother but sometimes, it was good to be alone.

For the most part, Soini was relatively happy to be a step in babysitter when his mother and Helu needed it. Considering both of their jobs in the realm, it was often that he needed to do so. Though, most of his energy was poured into babysitting one short attention span monkey. He kept himself near his mother but also far enough away that he still had a sense of being alone.

Unable to make up his mind if he wanted to be with company or not, he settled for a slight in between. Still within ear shot but not close enough that he'd be easily touched. He heard the howl but cared little to actually be summoned to it. He had met the one behind the howl once or twice. He could only vaguely recall the face behind it and so, he figured that it didn't really concern him. He had thought he would be on the same wavelength as his mother and brother. Turned out, he was wrong. Very, very wrong. Shell shocked for a moment, as both mother and sibling turned to call, Soini was frozen. Did he follow after them or give in to his need to be by himself for the next couple of hours?

To his horror, his paws had followed after them and he sighed deeply. It seemed that he wanted to be in company with Kari and Yngvi more than he thought. Cursing himself, Soini headed into the gathering. There, he could see the family meeting merely growing in size. Yeah, not surprising when most of the Dames seemed to have a fertility overload issue. He wasn't sure if he had gotten that issue or not and he didn't seem to be in a very rush to find out.

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RE: [AW] Family Matters - Býleistr - 10-18-2019

Býleistr Dame-Fritjov

'Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Disguise cloaked him in the normal golden rosette pattern, removing any traces of the steel grey coloration. It also removed the blue scales that littered his body. He kept the horns upon his head, not nearly as self conscious about something that seemed more commonplace than not. He also made sure that his eyes remained that demon red. He had been outside of the realm and that was the only reason for the change in appearance. He also made sure that his scent remained the same, and he stayed as a male. He had been out, looking around, exploring when he had decided that it was time to head back home.

He didn't know what happened to his brother but he had been too young to do something about it. And now that he was older, it wasn't like the vanished trail would be easy to follow. So, all he could do was hope that Herleif was out there somewhere. So imagine his surprise when he returned home to find that Herleif was there. He had crossed the borders into the grove, dropping the disguise once he was back on Kingdom lands, to run into the scent of his brother. For a moment, he thought that it was mere imagination. A phantom scent because he had just been thinking about him.

To stem his hope and curiosity, he followed the scent trail, only to find that it was not a phantom scent. It wasn't some cruel joke - or was it? Because there was Herleif - standing like nothing seemed to have happened. With a female at his side. His eyes narrowed as he began to wonder if they had been worrying over nothing. Had Herleif merely wished to find a girlfriend and that was the reason why he had never returned home? His eyes drew together in a frown as he slowly approached. He moved swiftly, though not so silent, as he stomped toward the wolf. Hoping to play it off, the jaguar would attempt to rub against the right side of the wolf (subzero activated on purpose) to give the male punishment in the only grumpy way that Byleistr could think of. "It'd have been nice if you said you were okay," the jaguar sniped at his brother, his eyes narrowed at him in affront.

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RE: [AW] Family Matters - Kjarik - 10-20-2019

The man of hairs of pearl walked across the blossom with his natural calm expression. His steps were firm, without doubt or insecurity, Kjarik was always so collected, so serene that many would include him within what Dames would normally be like. But well, still he loved them, everyone of them, and being different in this wound change anything, he loved them either way. He shared hospitality to everyone , everyone had that right wasn't it?

Leaving that to a side, the young man kept with his March, while bi colored eyes scanned the place with inquisitive airs. But then, at the distance the image of a gathering of sorts took shape within the woods. Curious but still collected, he stoped before using his nose to have a taste of their scent. Family, all from his closest bloodlines, siblings and parents alike there. Cousins aswell.

Smiling a bit, the wolf made his way toward them. "Greetings." He said taking some time to place his eyes upon everyone's shape. And the happiness took over when he spotted Herleif, his older brother. "Long time not see bróðir. I am pleased to see you are back," He said calmly, as his sight landed upon an stranger, one of smaller size but nothing Kjarik would mind. A person was a person regardless of their size and species. "Hello there mis." He greeted before moving to greet the rest of gathered family. "móðir, faðir." Added with a slight bow of his head. And finally he sat down attempting to do so next to his mother. Observing his older sibling Stark. One he had always been curious about, maybe he could use some time for bonding more with him, if he allowed it of course.

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RE: [AW] Family Matters - Herleif - 10-20-2019

Herleif Dame-Fritjov
Settle down and listen to me

It didn't take long before he heard the sounds of movement. His heart started to beat quicker and quicker the closest whomever it was came. First it was his father and a new younger brother. At the first sounds of his fathers voice his breathe rushed out of him. Happiness overcame him as he smiled. "This is Mononoke." he said gently before he listened to his fathers voice in his head and gave a nod. He didn't have his fathers telepathy magic, but he could still reply out loud. "I would never leave forever, I apologize for my absence. As for my place as king, if you'll have me Father. I would like to take my place once more." He responded in old norse. His families language coming to him was quite cathartic.

Then his green eyes moved down to Erling and he smiled even brighter. At this point his face felt like it was numb with happiness. His little brother was a coyote, he wondered if his father changed shape for this batch of pups but that was a question for another time. "Hello, it is very nice to meet you Erling. I look forwards to getting to know you better." He truly did, he'd have to ask his parents if he could have babysitting duty. He loved his siblings more when he got to hang out with them.

His ears flicked as he heard the sound of wings and saw Frigga and he nodded his head towards his older sister. "My systir." He said in old norse before switching to english once more. "When do I get my flying lessons. I do believe i was offered those oh, many years ago." His words came out in a joking manner.

Just then Regalia spoke up and he barked out a laugh. "Me a girlfriend? Pah no one can put up with me." His green eyes gleamed with humor. He looked at Mononoke once more before turning back to Brynjar. "Hello Bryn, I hope you are doing well." He said not seconds before Avrid jumped off his back and hopped towards Brynjar. "You are pretty! I like your scales!" She said in a loud voice like always.

At the sound of his mothers voice he let out a soft sigh and spoke with a softness in his voice. "Móðir" he spoke as she introduced him to another brother. A lion this time. Though now he was thoroughly confused but in this family they had babies of every species. He loved them all the same. Salvi spoke with a confidence he could relate too. Reminded him of his own self when he was younger. "A pleasure to meet you Salvi. Would you and Erling be up to spending some time with your older brother?" He questioned curiously.

Just as he finished speaking he heard Kari's voice. Give it to his older niece to say the same thing as Regalia. Truly that's how he knew he was related to her. He glanced down at the wild dog with a soft grin before he looked back at Kari's smiling face. "More kids? I thought the first time was a fluke. Funny." He tease before hearing more voices. "As for the knot, well about the same time you find someone who can put up with ya." He winked letting her know it was in good fun.

Stark showed up, something that momentarily shocked him silent. He'd seen his older brother once when he was about a year old. Out of all the Dame's he was not expecting to see him. As he looked down he saw a hyena introduce himself and chuckled. "Well Hallvardr, it is wonderful to meet you. I am Herleif. he spoke to the youth before he looked at Stark. "Its nice to meet you as well bróðir." He nodded his head.

He turned a death glare to Avrid as he eyed Stark's horns and feathers. 'Avrid no.' but like any suicidal bird she turned her head back to Herleif before she shouted. "He's got bird perches!" She said looking at Bryn once more before she flew in front of Stark. "May I perch on your bird perches? I could see everyone here so much better on them!" She said as Herleif let out a sigh. "Please ignore the bird. Her name is Avrid and she came with some of my new magic. Shes out spoken. And Avrid they are horns. Not bird Perches" He said on a sigh.

He looked at Soini as he showed up and dipped his head. Last he'd seen of Soini was when he was a cub, but beyond that he didn't know him well. He was just happy that he showed up.

He saw a flash of blue and saw By. His eyes soften as he looked at his little brother. He was probably the one Her missed the most, outside of his parents that is. As his brother brushed against him he inhaled sharply at the tingling spikes of pain and frostbite creeping along his side. His eyes watered before his side went numb. He attempted to brush back against Byleistr. "I was lost bróðir and for that I can only ask your forgiveness. Please." He whisper/begged in old norse. Something like that should not be said in front of anyone who isn't family.

He turned his eyes towards Kjarik and gave another nod. "Hey Kjarik, how are you?" He asked gently before he turned his eyes back to his family. A warmth took place in his heart and he felt like a piece of his heart was filled once more.

He looked at By one last time before his eyes met those of everyone else in his family. "Thank you all for coming to greet me and Mononoke. I also came with some questions and answers. Most of all an apology. I did not mean to be gone so long but i'm back now. Im also curious to see how the kingdom is doing and who is now on the council. But that can wait." He scented unknown creatures on his mother and father and even his sister. The scent was heavy as if they all found new animals to live with. "I think congratulations are in order Systir. When do i get to meet him?" He did not know the males name only that his scent clung to Frigga. He hadn't ever scented a male on Frigga that was that close to her since he could remember. Her kids didn't count. His mother and father also had an unknown scent clinging to them but he hoped that would be the ones to tell him about him without asking.

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RE: [AW] Family Matters - Salvi - 10-21-2019

Salvi kept his posture poised, his eyes staring upon his apparent older brother. That was when he heard the sharp cry of his nephew. The wild dog was a season older and yet, it seemed that he was acting like he was so much younger. Instead of being concerned about the stranger, the wild dog seemed more concerned about doing a happy dance around his parents. Salvi blinked, slightly surprised as his mother heard the words from Loki that came to her via link. It would seem that Herleif was prepared to take the throne back. Of course, Rai had no problem handing the title back to her child. If they wished to lead, she had no reason to continue holding her position. After all, she had come here to retire - though, that seemed forever unlikely now.

She grinned softly at her granddaughter when she teased her uncle, even as her great grandson danced around her paws. "Hello, Yngvi," greeted the wolf, even as her grandson came forward. Rai turned her attention (Salvi keeping a resolute eye upon Herleif) as Hallvardr spoke proudly, introducing Stark, even as Stark replied on his own.

While Rai was distracted by the rest of the family, Salvi was not. He kept his attention upon the brother, even as the male asked if he and Erling would like to spend time with him. "Only if Ruslana can come too." It didn't even phase Salvi that he might not know who Ruslana was.

Rai continued to look amused, even as Soini and Byleistr made their appearances. Not even before Byleistr finished pushing himself against Herleif would Kjarik appear. Rai allowed the commotion to go on, even as Herleif spoke to each party in kind. The elder Dame gave a choked laugh to his response to Kari and she didn't even want to know what her granddaughter would come up with. Because the girl had managed to settle herself down - of course marriage wasn't a topic that had come up just yet - but she was not merely living alone. Her scent was mingled with the second parent of Yngvi. "I'm giving you back the rank of sole leader, Herleif and will stay on the council as a baroness." She said the words first before she would get into the concept of who was leading where. "As for the Verja, it is led by King Xewk and Queen Frigga and the Algiz is still ruled by Queen Kari. Your father and Sribna are Aldarnari's dukes. Thora remains as a baroness."

Anything else she missed, she was sure another one of them would pick it up.

OC Note: Permission from Amelia to say Loki spoke to Rai via link. <3

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