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Secret Santa Reveal - Staff - 12-12-2019


Pick up your gifts below! Enjoy and happy holidays to all. <3

RE: Secret Santa Reveal - Staff - 12-12-2019

Enjoy, Akradr!

You've been gifted an Immortality Discount!

RE: Secret Santa Reveal - Staff - 12-12-2019

Enjoy, Dikui!

You've been gifted a Jewelry (Ring or Earrings!

RE: Secret Santa Reveal - Staff - 12-12-2019

Shōli Yakashima

Action | "Speech" | Magic

Awesome Quote Goes Here!

<div style="background: #FFFECA right top no-repeat; border: 1px solid #rgba(250,235,215,0.75); border-radius: 50px 50px 50px 50px; color: #00161B; font: 12px Georgia; margin: 0 auto; text-align: justify; width:409px;"><div style="background-image:url('https://i.ibb.co/zhTxCcM/sholiPS1.jpg');height:130px;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:center;border-radius:50px 50px 0px 0px;"></div><div style="background: #FFFECA; border-radius: 0px 0px 0px 0px; padding: 50px;"><center><font color=#252405><p style="font-size:28px;text-shadow:3px 3px 3px #A5A379;">Shōli Yakashima</p></center></font>

<center>Action | <font color=91B854>"Speech"</font> | <font color=30C066>Magic</font></center>
<center><i><b><p style="font-size:12px;text-shadow:3px 3px 3px #A5A379;">Awesome Quote Goes Here!</p></b></i></center>
</div><div style="background-image:url('https://i.ibb.co/59Ks6Ys/sholiPS2.jpg');height:130px;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:center;border-radius:0px 0px 50px 50px;"></div></div>

RE: Secret Santa Reveal - Staff - 12-19-2019

Enjoy, Amelia!

You've been gifted a Large Creature!

RE: Secret Santa Reveal - Staff - 12-19-2019


OOC⟶ OOC Text here
Fire: 0/2 | Metal: 0/2 | Legend Lore: ∞ | Investigator:
Actions | "Speech" | Magic
Stock from Pixabay | Antlers from Pixabay | Texture by Frostbo@DA | Texture by Hexe78@DA

<div class="akeelatable" style="width:500px; max-width:100%; margin:0px auto; float:center; background: url('https://cdnw.nickpic.host/srdHnF.png') no-repeat bottom center #90d0ce; padding-bottom:350px;box-shadow:1px 1px 3px;border-radius:5px;border:1px solid black;background-size:502px;"> <br> <div style="width:90%; margin:0px auto; float:center; padding:10px; background: rgba(255,255,255,0.75); font: normal 15px 'Bellefair';border-radius:5px;border:1px inset black;color:black;"> <p>
</p><hr> <div class="OC" style="text-align:center; font-size:12px;"> <b>OOC⟶</b> OOC Text here
<b>Fire:</b> 0/2 | <b>Metal:</b> 0/2 | <b>Legend Lore:</b> ∞ | <b>Investigator:</b> ∞
Actions | <font color="darkorchid">"Speech"</font> | <u>Magic</u>
</div></div> </div>
<center> <font style="font: normal 9px times;"> Stock from Pixabay | Antlers from Pixabay | <a href="https://www.deviantart.com/frostbo/art/Texture-14-1600X1200-214796289">Texture</a> by <a href="https://www.deviantart.com/frostbo/">Frostbo</a>@DA | <a href="https://www.deviantart.com/hexe78/art/Free-Texture-Stock-Lights-01-493738201">Texture</a> by <a href="https://www.deviantart.com/hexe78/">Hexe78</a>@DA </font> </center>
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Bellefair&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">

RE: Secret Santa Reveal - Staff - 12-19-2019

Enjoy, Lightwood!

You've been gifted Small Horns/Antlers!

RE: Secret Santa Reveal - Staff - 12-21-2019

Enjoy, Spirited_Away!

You've been gifted Feathers!

RE: Secret Santa Reveal - Staff - 12-21-2019


RE: Secret Santa Reveal - Staff - 12-24-2019

Enjoy, Makao!

You've been gifted Scales!